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Phoenix Club Service


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Pursuing Elegance & Healthy Lifestyle

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Phoenix Club Service

  1. 1. Introduction There’s never the most sophisticated demand. Let us provide our expertise to organize your custom tailored holiday, make your wishes come true with our talented team of professionals. We will take care of all your needs - Accommodation of all type: 4 and 5 stars Hotel Rooms and Suites, - Privately catered high-end chalets, deluxe apartments.... - Gastronomic Catering and Housekeeping services, - Transfers by taxi, Limousine, Helicopter.... - Private cars with or without chauffeur onsite, - Ski and Snowboard lessons, equipment rentals, - All Activities and Restaurant reservations in town and on the slopes, - Child minding and babysitting.....and much more! Across the whole year, we organize customized individual holidays (for couples, families or individuals) as well as corporate activities/venues (for seminars, meetings, AGM’s etc); To date, we have many satisfied members who have enjoyed the best possible experience in our global class resorts. The club is able to offer specialized packages for Skiing, Snowboarding, Heli Ski, Golfing, Sailing; And additionally in Canada we offer Hiking, Fishing and Canoeing; or just chose a relaxing package with top of the range relaxation and spa facilities and great Sunbathing. Our professional holiday experience covers nearly all the top comforts possibilities combining all the luxury services offered by resorts and hotels and yachts. Catering to the latest needs, special interests and trends in the vacation market - whilst being able to meet the demands, tastes and practical desires for the new and unique programs that each and every one of our Members requires - is both our passion and our core expertise. The Club resorts list and historical packages clearly shows the high standards and levels of quality and service our Members have come to rely on us to provide.
  2. 2. The best Club Leisure offer Ski To bring the top professionals from all the disciplines of mountain sports our tutors and guides are always on stand-by to offer you personalized and unlimited possibilities. Club is the premier international organization capable of providing all such top level requirements and we are able to do so in a tailored and specialized manner. 午 Golf Cruise Especially when it is mixed with cruise on luxurious sail or motorboats : _ Play golf in the morning, _ Lunch on the boat, _ Dive in the afternoon, _ Sail during the night between beautiful Mediterranean islands (Balearic, Sardinia, Corsica), next to the most beautiful golf Golf You may be a golf aficionado or just getting into the sport so here we could blend these summer pleasures and consider changing the theme of your summer holiday for a Golf. Incredible time with friends or customers,
  3. 3. Sail More than pleased to participate: SAIL. With: Frank CAMAS, Alain GAUTHIER, Frank David. Initiation on a weekend in Brittany, on transatlantic race boats and race around the world. Extremely rare speed boats, built unity with several million Euros. A set sail budgets 100,000 Euros. Boat rental owns non-standard insurance. Cars GT1 Cars GT1 race car (Corvette) TYPE LE MANS (Luc Alphand). Luc has a racing stable "Luc Alphand" type cars, Corvette, which is involved in Le Mans, and race "Le Mans Series." "Stages" of initiation to driving high-level with Corvette in Le Mans with the possibility to be a special invited for the Le Mans Race in June, with also the only one possibility to be drive and drive a car on the circuit (some days before the real race).
  4. 4. Unique Helicopter License Because an exceptional partnership in France, the club is able to offer, to our Members, to get an helicopter license . Imagine to have in a near future the possibility to fly with your own helicopter. You will have to spend some weeks in Valence, to follow the professional helicopter teacher lessons. Chefs from 1 to 3 Michelin star. We propose for the Club Members that, without abdicating the quality of the food and the service, cater our kitchen outside of our restaurant. Fundamental criteria to propose private dinner is to be able to guarantee the care and the attention for the details that every day we reserve to the guests of the Restaurant . A dinner must be organized with the maximum attention for every aspect of his; from the location, to the service, to the type of menu that must mirror the tastes and the necessities of the costumer; from the simple dinner with traditional food of the territory, to that with the new ingredients and international wines, rare and appreciated
  5. 5. Mega Yacht EXCEPTIONAL: One day luxury tour on "Mega Yacht". Minimum 34 meters. LOCATIONS: France - Monte Carlo - Cannes - Monaco. One day total budget: 80 000 to 140 000euros.
  6. 6. Authentic Life More than pleased to participate in: Authentic Life Charlotte and Guy Lihoreau de Mortfontaine. In Baron de Morfontaine, you will receive a week in the Castle Boissimon. Or in a quiet farmhouse comfort (swimming pool, jacuzzi) far away from the noise, Horse Riding, hiking and bicycle rides in the beauty of countryside, visit the castles of the Loire. Locates: Near Saumur - Domaine de France - Morfontaine. 6 days total budget from 1200 to 2500 Euros Helicopter (6 people) available for 3 hours in the day to visit Photograph the castles of the Loire for your pleasure: Budget from 2300 Euros to 4000 Euros
  7. 7. Wine test tour Special VIP wine test tour, in Bordeaux, Bourgogne , Loire, Champagne, in the most exclusive Chateaux,
  8. 8. Real Estate Also, get ready for being pampered: Saunas, Hot tubs, swimming pools, massages in our deluxe chalets with professional staff taking charge and gastronomic Chefs preparing your gourmet meals, served with the appropriate vintage wines from a selected cellar. Our quality standards will ensure a unique enjoyable holiday with the highest level of service. We are pleased to include in our selection a wide range of properties from traditional style houses offering peace and privacy in the countryside, to luxury villas with pools and breathtaking coastal views. We will do everything we can to find the type of chalet that will best suit your requirements and you can be sure of our prompt and personalized attention at all times. The Club is now dedicated to bringing the best overall luxury homes, commercial opportunities and investment properties. In South and West France, luxury villas hotels or wine yards properties, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, In Canada with specialists in West Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler, Italy, palace in Roma, every where you ll need our help.
  9. 9. EVENT CALENDAR EVENT Every year , we will have some VIP offers in very special luxury event, like this year for the Cannes movy festival
  10. 10. Other Tour Operator concierge Program on demand: Nice/Cannes Courchevel Chamonix Paris Groenland Eze Corsica Paris/Louvre
  11. 11. Other Tour Operator concierge Program on demand: Saint Tropez South America Grece Grece Africa England
  12. 12. Other Tour Operator concierge Program on demand: With our new companies partnership tour operator, providing the ultimate holiday experience and service in both luxury and style for wealthy and respected clients. Skiing, sailing, cruising, golfing blending all activities and mainly for a relaxed time, we offer professional and dedicated tailer-made services ensuring repeat business . Enjoy the crystal-like beauty of the Alps, sailing in the Mediterranean sea, skiing in the Northwest Pacific Mountain area, hit the lightest powder in Niseko Japan......Wherever the various and selected spots, “The Club" is always your expert holiday organizer. Whether you want a personal or family holiday, or a team-bonding experience for company associates or valued members, one thing is always in our mind: your personal satisfaction. Global Vision Europe – Italy (Sardinia, Sicilia), France (Corsica), Spain, Switzerland. (Ski resort: Courchevel, Meribel, Chamonix, Tignes Val d'Isere, Megève, Morzine, Cortina d'Ampezzo, St. Moritz, Verbier) (Golf and Cruise: Cannes, Nice, Bonifacio, St Tropez, Bordeaux.) North America – Canada, United States. (Ski resort: Whistler , Aspen , Park City) South America – Chili, Argentina. (Ski resort: Cartagena, Jericoacoara, Morro do S. Paulo, Las Lenas, Bariloche, Valle Nevado, Termas de Chillan) Asia – China, Japan. (Tourism attractions: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Niseko. )