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Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. My name is Tina (ForeverCrystal)
  2. 2. I found another student so I was not talking to myself.
  3. 3. Entrance to SER/VE
  4. 4. Checking out one of the bridges
  5. 5. Waiting for a lecture
  6. 6. Overview of Modules
  7. 7. Grade Distribution
  8. 8. Penalties
  9. 9. Received my BS in Geology from Binghamton University in 2008Am currently working as a Teacher Aid at the Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference (an alternative school) in Binghamton I am a mother of 4 Eric 24 living on his own in Florida Emily 16 sophomore Nicholas 15 freshman Brad 11 5th grade