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United Nations Questions


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United Nations Questions

  1. 1. UNITED NATIONS – Background Information – HOW DOES THE UN WORK?Instructions: Use the links provided to answer the questions which follow. Type your answers directlyinto the space after the questions. Answer all parts of the question in your own words. It will be easyto see if you have just copied and pasted information.Due – Tuesday.Link for the following questionsUN AT A GLANCE 1. When was the UN created and by how many member states? /1 The UN was created in 1945 by 51 member states. 2. What were the 3 main goals of the original members of the UN as a group? /3 Their three main goals was to keep the peace throughout the whole world, make friendly relationships with other nations, and to encourage social progress, (to make living standardsand human rights better). 3. How many member nation-states does the present day UN have? /1 There are now 192 member states in the UN. 4. List 6 of the “wide range” of world issues that that modern UN works on with its member states./3 The UN works on… - Peacekeeping - Disaster relief - Conflict prevention - Gender equality - Counter terrorism - Human rights 5. Look in the bullet box on the right side of this page and list the 4 main goals of the modern UN. / 2 The 4 main goals of the UN… - To keep world peace - To make friendly relationships with other nations - To help nations improve the overall quality of life for their people - To achieve these above goals by using harmonizing methods
  2. 2. The Secretary General of the UN 6. What is his name and where is he from? Paste a picture of him below. /3 The Secretary General’s name is Ban Ki- Moon, he is from the Republic of Korea. 7. What are four of his resoultions as General secretary of the UN? /2 He resolves to… - Lead by example - Seek excellence with humility - Set the highest ethical standard - Pursue dialogue and engagement 8. What are the Secretary Generals 8 categories of priorities for action? /4 The 8 priorities for action are climate change, disbarment, combating the financial process and poverty, global health, peace and security, women(equality), responsibility to protect, and UN reform and accountability.Structure and Organization – an overview 9. Looking at the blue underlined headings on this page, what are the 6 main structural parts of the UN? /3] The UN is composed of the General assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social council, Trusteeship council, International Court of justice, and the Secretariat. General Assembly 10. Under the heading “forum for multilateral negotiation” explain in your own words the 2 main functions of the General Assembly. /2 The General assembly makes policies and is also responsible for setting standards for international law. 11. Summarize the 8 main functions and powers of the General Assembly in your own words (look at the bullet points). /4 The General Assembly … - Maintains international peace and security.
  3. 3. - Discuss questions that concern international peace and security. - Discuss any questions that concern any other part of the UN body. - To study and improve the overall quality of life . - Settle arguments peaceably. - Get and discuss reports from other parts of the UN body. - Elect officers to be a part of the UN. 12. The Search for Consensus – Read the final 2 paragraphs on the General Assembly Page and explain their gist in your own words. /2 Decisions are made by voting, the majority wins, for the most part. However the UN has decided more recently to gain a consensus instead of voting.Security Council 13. Who are 5 permanent members and the current 10 non-permanent members of the Security Council? /5 The 5 permanent members are: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States. The 10 non permanent members are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Columbia, Germany, India, Portugal, and South Africa. 14. How do the non-permanent members get a position on the Security Council and how long do their terms last? /2 They are elected by the General assembly for a term of 2 years.Functions and Powers of the Security Council 15. In your own words type out the meaning of the 10 functions and powers of the UN Security Council. /5 To maintain world peace, investigate and solve disputes, recommend and vote new members in.Economic and Social Council 16. What is this council responsible for? (4 points) /2 They are responsible for improving living standards, finding solutions for international problems, getting international support for educational and cultural purposes, obtaining the world’s respect for freedom issues.
  4. 4. 17. What 3 powers does the UN Economic and Social Council have and what percentage of all UN human and financial resources can it draw upon? /4 The 3 powers are: the UN can make studies and reports on the summarized issues in question 16; they are also able to assist preparation of major international conferences, and make follow ups to those conferences.International Court of Justice 18. Where is it located? /1 The Court is located at the Peace Palace in the Hague 19. What is its main functions? /2 The court is supposed to settle disputes in accordance with international law, as well as give advice on such disputes. 20. How many judges does it have and how long do they serve for? /2 The Court has 15 judges that serve for 9 years.Secretariat 21. Who is the head of the Secretariat? What is the main function of the Secretariat? /2 The head of the Secretariat is the secretary general (Ban Ki-moon). The Secretariat must help out when needed- sending out peace keeper s etc. 22. List 4 jobs that members of the Secretariat may perform as duties for the UN? /2 The Secretariat informs the media of the UN activities, organize conferences for world wide concerns, translate documents into official languages, and interpret speeches. 23. How many staff did the Secretariat have around the world as of 2010? /1 The secretariat had 44,000 members in 2010. 24. What is the gist of the oath that members of the Secretariat take? /1 They must do exactly what they are told from the correct person(s) and take responsibility for their actions. 25. Where is the UN’s headquarters? Where are 7 other places in which the UN maintains a significant presence? /4
  5. 5. The UN’s headquarters are located in New York, they are also located in Addis Ababa, Bangkok,Beirut, Geneva, Nairobi, Santiago and Vienna.