Paying attention and the effect on me


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Paying attention and the effect on me

  1. 1. Calm Customersvintag friends & couples Impulse items near cashe register browsing and touching merchandise atmosphere that makes you feel goodColorful & warmstore High ceiling.. you Unique breath… products eco Cash register friendly Packaging Open doors you feel a smell that welcomed a takes you doorknob never away noticed before…
  2. 2. PayingattentionsometimeshasNegativefeelings not Free delivery neverfelt before noticed before..!!!
  3. 3. GREAT SMELL BUT… WHY WHY WHY so many “delicious” flowers in an so untidy and disordered store???  the owner said that he is going to give up everything and move to an island... Too slippery
  4. 4. In Greece in a cloudy and windy day…very few wash their car…why? There is an OPPORTUNITY somewhere here… In the store Impulse itemsEmployees are really bored or paid to be waiting… so I thought to wash mine… By paying attention and wondering… I got the chance to wash my car in a day that I probably wouldn’t… and identify an opportunity…
  5. 5. A little bit of everything!... WARNING: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PAY ATTENTION ?small and fully packed don’t go unless you have a need for something specificwith merchandise don’t go with your kids don’t stay for long because you will get fat and it’s also not good for your health
  6. 6. WARNING: DO OBSERVE DO PAY ATTENTION One of my favorite stores and so many The Store Window things never noticed? How can it be? Have a seat and relax with a book? Where was that? An Art point? You can have a tea while browsing the endless variety of books or while relaxing with a book. Really?16 round lamp lights Well, I had never asked before… A corner of high qualityhanging from the ceiling gourmet organic products next to the cash register and never seen before? Was I blind?
  7. 7. A yellow light hidden in a minimal modern construction of natural reedLet’s go to the first floor Two couches to read and relax Was it yellow? A palette that instead of color has light! A book shelve display Little colorful puzzle tables through the whole stair The view from above
  8. 8. …but apart from the nice atmosphere, the overall feeling that really keeps youin this store and all the things noticed or not.. what makes the differencein every business and every project are the people working thereand for me in this bookstore is EftihiaEftihia is a historian and an archeologist and she is always there for meto ask her advice or opinion. She completes the image of the store andmaybe she is the reason why I never felt the need to observe all those thingsthat I should have of course, and that were so obvious around me in plain sight.
  9. 9. Paying attention and the effect on me Paying attention and really seeing must be a part of my everyday life, it really gives food for thought. No matter if what you observe will give negative or positive feelings.., the thing is that it will definitely give you something. Something for you to decide, to think over, to laugh, to reject, to remember, to innovate, to excuse, to evaluate, to recognize, to make your life more interesting to find a solution, to challenge yourself, to uncover an opportunity... Thank you Christina Tampourea