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Christina Reeves
NAEA presentation
Student directed learning
Art studio

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  1. 1. Christina Reeves ECE – 5th grade Art Educator Denver Public Schools How I TAB: My Tips for Transitioning to a Choice-Based Arts Studio
  2. 2. What is Choice Based Art Studio? A studio where artists make choices to communicate their ideas, identity, and interests! The studio empowers young artists to find their voice and confidence through meaningful decision making while feeling safe to take risks. This happens by creating structures to support student choice in materials, media, and subject matter.
  3. 3. Use what works for your program! Take What You Need, Make It Work For You… Get your hands on the AMAZING resources out there!
  4. 4. How will I MAINTAIN ORDER with 800 students and a transient population?
  5. 5. You CAN maintain order with many students and lots of classes! Keep it simple! Keep it consistent! Consistent structure empowers students to make meaningful choices and enables students feel safe to take risks!
  6. 6. Maintain Order: Start with Simple Studios
  7. 7. Maintain Order: Label and Provide Instruction in Each Studio Expectations for Material Use and Artist Behavior Description of Available Materials Clearly Labeled Materials (words and images)
  8. 8. Maintain Order: Master One Studio At a Time • “Grand Opening” tour • Model expectations • Opportunity for exploration
  9. 9. Maintain Order: Expected, Purposeful Routines Art Start Whole Group Discussion/ Goal Artmaking Portfolio/ Check In
  10. 10. Maintain Order: Provide a Goal that Promotes Choice StartofYear Midyear
  11. 11. Maintain Order: Store Art Work Efficiently • Set size limits • Assign a storage place for every student, every class, every media • Use codes for clay • Keep your storage consistent 2D Portfolio Boxes 3D Storage Clay Storage2D Cabinet
  12. 12. Maintain Order: Consistent and Explicit Clean Up Expectations • Countdown • Visual Timer • Music • Labels/signs
  13. 13. What if my students don’t have ideas because of their limited world exposure and rare opportunities for choice within school?
  14. 14. Your students do have ideas - you can help them communicate these! Bring the world to them! Provide inspiration! Through meaningful experiences and exposure students will develop and communicate rich ideas!
  15. 15. Inspire Creativity: Provide Authentic, Meaningful Resources
  16. 16. Inspire Creativity: Provide Exposure to the World through Images
  17. 17. Inspire Creativity: Provide Exposure to the World through Realia
  18. 18. Inspire Artists: Provide Exposure to Diverse, Rich Art
  19. 19. Inspire Artists: Provide Supports to Develop Ideas Ask Guiding Questions Main Idea Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3 Setting
  20. 20. What if my students don’t produce “hallway material” or display ready work?
  21. 21. Students WILL create beautiful, meaningful works of art to fill your hallways and art shows! Balance play and complete, display ready work! Artists create different types of work at different times, but all work is equally as necessary and important.
  22. 22. Creating Meaningful Art: Experiment/Challenges Challenge completion earns studio privileges Encourages deeper exploration
  23. 23. Creating Meaningful Art: Work In Progress & Take Home Works in Progress Take Home • Take home gifts, cards • Store works in progress in portfolio • Conference with student who wants to “start over” to learn from mistakes
  24. 24. Creating Meaningful Art: WOW Pieces Wonderful Original Works of art
  25. 25. Christina Reeves christinareeves/tab-32943221