Everyday is Earth Day in Delray Beach, Florida


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Everyday is Earth Day in Delray Beach, Florida

  1. 1. MEDIA RELEASE For Publication/Circulation on or about Earth Day, April 22, 2010 For Questions, Comments, please contact: CHRISTINA MORRISON PEARCE 561.573.7083 ChristinaPearce@comcast.net Ocean water in Delray Beach, Florida is cleaner than ever thanks to the City’s new water initiatives. “Green” industries are being sought to bring their businesses to the City. IN DELRAY BEACH, EVERYDAY IS EARTH DAY Delray Beach, Florida: In several coastal cities throughout the country, waste water and sewage are dumped into the Ocean – not the best scenario for beach towns looking to enhance Quality of Life for their residents and visitors – including the fish swimming in that ocean. In one coastal “Village By The Sea”, this is no longer the case. Delray Beach, Florida, over the past few years, has been “greening” itself – and the changes in waste water management are just the beginning of what this vibrant, future-thinking City has accomplished. Now the City is seeking “Green” and “Eco-Friendly” companies to move their businesses to the City and commercial Realtors are helping in the efforts. In 2007, the City Commission appointed a “Green Task Force” with the responsibility to assist in the review of City operations and policies to ensure they meet Delray Beach's environmental sustainability goals to lead the City into a “greener” future. In addition, the GTF was tasked to provide financially-effective ideas and recommendations. The results of this Team so far are astounding – and have permanently changed the way in which the City operates. A 32-page report, detailing recommended changes to each department and City property, is tracked on a monthly basis and includes such “planet-saving” ideas as:
  2. 2. • Partnering with Florida Atlantic University to complete a Green House Gas Inventory at no cost to the City • Providing a paperless option for Public Records requests • Installing various building retrofits, including energy-saving light and water fixtures in ALL City-owned properties • Securing and receiving "green" grants totaling $638,500 for future planet-saving projects • Installing “small-scale” solar systems at the Lakeview Golf Course for irrigation and in City Bus Shelters for lighting • Establishing environmentally friendly landscaping codes • Developing on-line versions of all Public Information Office materials and information, including press releases, newsletters and other documents, thereby drastically decreasing paper use. And these are just the start. Other “Green” programs & projects implemented and/or started by Delray Beach recently include:  Creating a Sustainability Officer position to coordinate the City’s green effort  Working to revise the City’s Special Event Permit Application and Special Event Policy to encourage green practices, including recycling and education  Incorporate Green Practices (i.e., Recycling, Energy Efficiency, Water Usage, water reclamation, etc.) for City’s Tennis Facility and Golf Course  Began an aggressive Pilot Recycling Program within City Hall (started with 2 Departments) and early result show an almost 50% reduction in weekly garbage sent to the landfill. Will implement City wide and promote to business community  Implemented a tiered water rate structure to encourage water conservation  Established environmentally friendly landscaping codes within the City’s Land Development Regulations (LDR’s) and  Implemented energy-saving procedures and systems throughout the City’s parks and buildings in order to cut down on the City’s “carbon footprint”. And what’s next for this vibrant, forward-thinking City? It’s working with local Commercial Realtors to bring more industry – especially “Eco-friendly” types – into the area. “Delray is working on incentives for new employers. These will be in addition to those currently offered by Palm Beach County and the State of Florida,” says Commercial Real Property Consultant Christina Morrison Pearce. “The amounts and conditions are still being finalized but Delray Beach is serious about securing new businesses and we’ve got space for them”, says Morrison Pearce. Commercial Realtor Ted Ciaccia echoes these thoughts: “This is the perfect time to re-locate business to Delray – because of the sluggish economy, industrial space is available from 2100 to 70,000 square feet – all well-located near I95 and most within a stone’s throw of public transportation. Delray has it all”. Getting ready for a “green” future is a City priority, so research is being done on installing electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle rental kiosks like those that are so successful in European cities, furthering the storm water irrigation program and so much more. And what else is in the works? You’ll just have to come and see for yourself…
  3. 3. Christina Morrison Pearce is a Commercial Real Property Consultant and Commercial Realtor based in Delray Beach and Lake Worth, Florida.