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Extension team orientation_v6


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Extension team orientation_v6

  2. 2. Extension Team Orientation AgendaWhat is the role of Welcome and Introductionsan Advisor? Extension Team Org ChartWhat are the • Who’s Who on the Teamresponsibilities of • Roles and Responsibilitiesan Advisor? Colonization 101 • Vocabulary and TimelineWhere do I go forinformation or Communicationsupport? • What are the communication expectations and methods within the Extension team?What unique Reports and Deliverableschallenges are part • Colony/Chapter Reportsof the colonization • VST Reportsprocess? Advisor 101 • Tips and Best Practices for being a great Advisor
  3. 3. Host Introduction Christina Morton Minderman  VST member of the Extension Team  Help train officers and advisors for new colonies and chapters  Build and maintain training resources for the Extension Team  Help you with whatever you need!
  4. 4. Welcome to the Extension Team! Webinar attendees  Jessi McPherin – NCDS for Villanova  Alex Klein – NCDS for Lambda Alpha  Mimi Dalaly – NCDS Finance (SME)
  6. 6. Extension Team Roles help define interaction with each other and the chapters VP Extension: Vice President oversees the entire Extension process; makes recommendation for extension voting to International Council Director: Oversees either the Extension side or New Chapter Development side of our team; Communicates with other Directors on status and emerging needs/trends Coordinator: Helps facilitate pre-colony activities and relationships; helps recruit Advisors for the Colony NCDS: New Chapter Development Specialist who advises and assists the colony/chapter in liaison with the Chapter Advisor and the LCs; point of contact for all communications and reporting; reaches out to SME’s for assistance SME: Subject Matter Expert on topics that our newest chapters often need the most assistance with; reaches out to NCDS based on chapter reports and predicted needs of the chapter NCDS Member NCDS NCDS Finance Development NCDS Programs Description Description Description Description
  7. 7. Extension Team Org Chart Liz York Current IVP Extension Adrienne Beckett Pam Young Christina Minderman Director of Extension Director of New Chapter Development Volunteer Development Coordinator Pre- Current Newest Phase I Phase II Phase III Alumnae Training and Chapters Chapters Chapters FinanceColonies Colonies Chapters Recruitment Monitoring Sheila Sola Hope Olsen maternity Campus Alex Klein Therese Marz leave until Patricia Chaffin NCDS – Relationships Volunteer Dev. fall 2012 NCDS for LA NCDS for QY NCDS for BU Jillian Thomas Daphne Daphne Mimi Dalaly Julianne Colonization Olivia Carnaúba Hawkins Everhart Sniekers Coordinator NCDS for QU NCDS – NCDS for LB NCDS for ZW NCDS - Finance A Recruitment Caroline Mahoney Kara Kazazean NCDS for USC Alison Braksick Laura Keath NCDS for DX NCDS – Finance NCDS - LA and LB Member Jessi McPherin NCDS for Laura Development Giamberardino Villanova NCDS for A Dedra Casey Christina NCDS – Finance Minderman NCDS for Univ. of Southern Doreen Kowal USC/ NCDS - California NCDS for DU Recruitment Programs NCDS for San Diego State NCDS for Appalachian St. Last updated Aug 26, 2012
  8. 8. Extension Team MembersNCDS for Colonies/Chapters Directors, Coordinators, and SME’s  Liz York – IVP-Extension Jessi McPherin – Villanova – Spring 2013  Adrienne Beckett – Dir. of Extension Caroline Mahoney – USC – Fall 2012  Pam Young– Dir. of New Chapter Dev. Daphne Everhart – Lambda Beta Alex Klein– Lambda Alpha  Sheila Sola – Campus Relationships Coordinator Patricia Chaffin – Theta Psi  Jillian Thomas – Colonization Coordinator Olivia Carnaúba – Theta Upsilon  OPEN – Asst. Colonization Coordinator Kara Kazazean – Delta Xi  Hope Olsen – SME VST Recruitment Doreen Kowal – Delta Upsilon  OPEN – SME Volunteer Development Laura Giamberardino – Alpha  Dedra Casey –SME Finance for Delta Upsilon and USC Therese Marz – Beta Upsilon  Mimi Dalaly – SME Finance for Alpha Daphne Sniekers – Zeta Omega  OPEN – SME Finance for Theta Psi and Theta Upsilon  OPEN – SME Finance for Villanova and USCalifornia OPEN - Univ. of South. Cal. - Fall 2013  OPEN – SME Finance for SDSU and ASU  Alison Braksick – SME Finance for Lambda Alpha and OPEN - San Diego State University - 2014 Lambda Beta OPEN - Appalachian State Univ. - 2014  Christina Minderman– SME Programming  Laura Keath – SME Member Development  Julianne Hawkins – SME Recruitment Last updated Aug 17, 2012
  9. 9. Colonization 101HOW A COLONY IS ESTABLISHED
  10. 10. Colonization Vocabulary Colony: First semester, before Installation. Colonization Week: The week where we host our official colony recruitment events. Those events are Open House, Info-Views, and an Invitation Round. This week ends with Bid Day. Info-Views: Information interviews the PNM’s participate in to show official interest in Alpha Gamma Delta. Interview is conducted by VST and LC’s and is based on the dimensions in our Values-Based Selection Criteria. Colony Growth and Development Plan: a planned program of meeting agendas, events and tasks that are completed by the colony prior to installation and are led by the LC with the help of the Advisor Team. Installation: The initiation ceremony of all new members in the colony followed by an installation ceremony that installs the chapter as a chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta.
  11. 11. Goal:Pre-Colonization Process Establish Colonies in areas where the campus culture is a good fit for Alpha Gamma Delta and there is local alumnae support for a great advisor team - Campus invites a group to colonize - Alpha Gamma Delta votes whether to colonize at the location and timeline is established for Colonization- NPC Members evaluate thecampus as a potential colony - Send information packetsto the campus indicatingtheir interest and what they - Alpha Gamma Delta preparescan bring to the campus that for the new colonyis unique - Establishes an Advisor Team - Campus invites top 3 groups to present at the - Send LCs to the campus to generate relationships with campus student leaders and faculty/staff - Top 3 meet with campus leaders, both students and faculty/staff - Campus indicates they are interested in Expansion - Sends statistics about the campus to all of NPC
  12. 12. Leadership Consultant Role during Extension An LC will be staying with the colony throughout the first semester/year. The LC’s role is to connect the support systems to the chapter women  Support the colony meetings and facilitate alongside the Colony President and Advisor Team  Act as liaison with IHQ  Participate in weekly calls with the Extension Specialist and New Chapter Development Specialist to stay updated with resources and challenges within the colony/chapter
  13. 13. Goal:Colonization Process Have enough recommendations on the names list attend Open House, sign up for an info-view, and become a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Events held throughout LC’s build a month to gather “Names List” and interested contact all those women and talk LC’s seek on the list to meet about recommendations them and get to membership of women that know them. before would make great colonization members of Alpha begins ES and LC’s begin to meet Gamma Delta. with campus professionals and student Leadership leaders Consultants Observe Formal (LC) and Recruitment if Extension possible to learn Specialist campus norms (ES) arrive on campus.
  14. 14. New Chapter Development The period from installation through the first 3 years of a chapter’s life. • Starts when Alpha Gamma Delta votes to colonize at a location; ends when the Colony is installed as a Chapter at the first InitiationPre-Colony • Lots of on location and remote support from IHQ and the Extension Teamor Colony • Covers the first year after a Chapter is installed • Special support from the Extension Team is provided Phase I • Joint EC Report used by the Chapter • Typically Covers years 2-3 after the Chapter is installed • Continued support from the New Chapter Development Team is provided Phase II • Emphasis on normal reporting and chapter operations with decreasing direct oversight • Semester or year-long transition period where the Chapter transitions from New Chapter status to regular Chapter statusPhase III • Is thereafter supported by a different part of the VST known as Chapter Development
  15. 15. New Strategic Vision for Extension Target quality campuses to expand our scope and increase our brand value Goals:  Install two new Alpha Gam chapters a semester; 4 a year!  Evaluate potential colonies with a quantitative matrix  Create strategic wishlist of future colonies  Host pre-colonization alumnae events to connect with alumnae in the area; fill all CA, EC, and Alpha Advisor positions before Colonization Week  Rank in the upper half in relative recruitment strength while also being at 80% of total in the first year
  16. 16.  Extension Opportunities  Selected to present at Tulane University, University of Southern California, Georgia Southern, and Villanova this spring Current  Invited to Colonize at Villanova in 2013  Invited to Recolonize at Univ. of Southern California in Successes 2013/14  Invited to Recolonize at San Diego State in 2013/14  Colonized at St. Josephs College at their Brooklyn and Long Island campuses in February 2012  Asked to consider returning to the University of Denver andCelebrate some great Florida Southern in the next couple of years achievements and  Submitted packet to North Carolina Stateopportunities for the  New Installations Extension Team!  Initiated New Members and Alumna and installed newest Chapter at Austin Peay in December 2011 (Theta Psi)  Installations at St. Joseph’s (Lambda Alpha and Lambda Beta in Spring 2012)  New Chapter Updates  Kappa Delta has increased membership to its highest levels ever  Theta Iota has raised their GPA and their chapter size to be competitive on campus  Alpha has reached total within their first year  Delta Xi has improved their recruitment polish and increased their recruitment numbers to almost twice that of last year
  18. 18. Communication Ground RulesSet rules forcommunication withothersEstablish a regularmeeting / call time(weekly / bi-weekly)Best mode to reach youand her (texting, email,call, lunch)Best times and times thatare bad (before 6, 9-5,after 10)Who is your back-up?Emergency procedures
  19. 19. Where will you host and share information? Google Sites/Documents Wiggio Build a website  Extension Team Optional list serv communications hub Create, edit, and share  Site basics are in place documents  Includes list serv Control access by  Post, edit, and share adding other users to documents each document  Link to Sample Site Link to Sample Document
  20. 20. Guidelines for effective Wiggio Use Do people need to spend time reading this?  When things are posted on Wiggio, there is an option to send a notification to all groups members that is automatically selected  important, but not urgent or relevant at this point in our process – post without notification  time sensitive, urgent, or relative - select the automatic setting that sends a notification  When a message is sent from Wiggio it is sent to all members in that group. Take a minute to consider if your message needs to go to the entire group, or if you can filter it to be more effective.  When sending anything to group members you can unselect people, if needed.  Reply All automatically  When you hit reply to a wiggio email, it is sent to all members of the group as well.  When responding be sure that your response is sent to only those who need it.  Ex: If you want to confirm with the sender that youve received it by saying Thank you! you can unselect the group as a whole, so that the whole group doesnt receive an additional email, only the sender receives it. Instructions for Posts  Post due dates when needed if an item or task is posted that needs to be read or reviewed  Ex: If a chapter report is posted, and you need all team members to read it and give feedback/assistance before formal recruitment, include a Due Date for reviewing in the message when sending the notification.
  21. 21. File Storage and Naming Conventions IHQ standards for naming files  naming convention of chaptername_documentname_year_month Keeping a master copy Files are sent with monthly EC reports
  22. 22. Lines of Communication to the Big Squirrels • As an advisor team, they should seek input from those Colony/Chapter around them who generally are more informed about the Advisor Team chapter or Fraternity policies. • Main point of communication between VST/IHQ and the Chapter Advisor Colony/Chapter • Answer questions regarding polices and procedures, New Chapter clarification of information and membership issues. Development Specialist (NCDS) • Can connect Colony/Chapter with Subject Matter Experts in Finance, Training, Recruitment, Member DevelopmentDirector of Extension (Phase I) • Oversee all new Colonies and Chapters for the first 3 years Director of New • Experience with lots of colonies and chaptersChapter Development • Connections to resources everywhere in Alpha Gam (Phase 2-3) • Oversees the Extension process from first inquiries on International VP campus to transitioning chapters out of New Chapter Extension status International • Head of the International Council President
  23. 23. Team Members should What are your communicationendeavor to: expectations?Respond within 48 hoursRespond cheerfully andwith respect for othersBe honest and openFor lengthy reviews, giveat least 4 days noticeInclude only necessarydetails and participantsDo the Due Diligence--Bring all facts to thediscussion – do yourhomeworkKnow the laws and rulesthat applyDo What You Say You WillDo (DWYSYWD)
  25. 25. Reports are written at the Chapter level and at the Extension Team level Chapter Reports VST Reports EC Report from Chapter  Monthly IC Report  Due to you 3 days after EC  Email to Director within a  Post on Wiggio 7 days after EC week of EC Monthly Chapter Report  Due on Wiggio the 15th of the  Sample report month  Quarterly IC Report  Written by the NCDS  Read by the SMEs when posted  Maintain on Google doc Chapter Documents monthly  Upload everything to Wiggio in  Final update due the Chapter File at end of the month month before quarterly  Officer/Advisor Info meeting  Bylaws, etc.
  26. 26. Reporting Deadlines For a detailed calendar, refer to The E Team Calendar of Responsibilities NCDS:  Upload chapter EC reports and docs to chapter wiggio - due 7 calendar days after EC  Upload NCDS report to chapter and NCDteam wiggio – due the 15th of every month  Update the IC google doc – due the 15th of every month (keep all old items on there until each IC meeting)  Upload advisor contact list to chapter wiggio – due at the end of every month For SMEs who dont have EC as a benchmark:  Upload any chapter specific goals and plans to wiggio - due 7 days after the meeting outlining the goals and plans  Upload a general summary of all tasks and challenges to NCDteam wiggio - due first of the month  Update the IC google doc - due the first of each month IMPORTANT NOTE:  the NCDTeam wiggio includes lots of people from other teams  part of our desire to be transparent  updates always need to be written in such a way that anyone could read them and not be offended  Fact based statements are best  “I contacted Susie Q on x date, y date and z date and she has not responded - I need dates of her planned visit by date so I can coordinate with chapter. Assistance needed to get a response.”
  28. 28. What Do Advisors Do?Provide EDUCATION Set EXPECTATIONS EMPOWER Collegians
  29. 29. What is an Advisor?• Leader • Supporter• Resource • Facilitator• Guide • Role Model• Listener • Visionary• Diplomat • Director
  30. 30. Benefits of Being an Advisor Connection with Alma Mater Working with Youth to Stay Young at Heart Develop and Grow Leadership Skills  "... because the type of leadership at the top is akin to being a leader of volunteers, it is not about carrots and sticks but about persuasion and getting people to grasp and follow your vision." Build and Improve the Fraternity for the future Prepare to hold a future VST position “Because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied”
  31. 31. Recommended Reading List for the Advisor in the Know*I Heart Recruitment: The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility for Sororities by Jessica GendronGood to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Dont by Jim Collins100 Ways to Motivate Others: How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results Without Driving PeopleCrazy by Steve Chandler and Scott RichardsonYoure in Charge, Now What?: The 8 Point Plan by Thomas J. NeffThe Magic of Thinking Big by David SchwartzThe Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm GladwellThe 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. MaxwellThe Networking Survival Guide: Get the Success You Want By Tapping Into the People You Know by DianeDarling20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-life Womans Guide to Balance and Direction by Christine HasslerAlpha Girls: Understanding the New American Girl and How She Is Changing the World by Dan KindlonPhD * Partial list; Click here to access the entire list
  32. 32. Common Mistakes Advisors Make During Learning As a Leadership Opportunities… Example… Doing the work for the  Quick to judge and blame officer  Choosing sides and Controlling and dictating encouraging cliques rather than facilitating  Applying rules inconsistently, unfairly or Giving answers instead of arbitrarily teaching to find answers  Being unavailable  Being irritable, harsh, unsympathetic or even mean-spirited
  33. 33. Chapter Advisor Team Org Chart 8 Executive Council Advisors Chapter Advisor 17 Chapter Council Advisors MemberPresident’s Scholarship Recruitment Operations Campus Development Finance Team Team Team Team Team Relations Team Team VP Member VP Campus President VP Scholarship VP Recruitment VP Operations VP Finance Development relations Alumnae Sisterhood Social COR Correspondence Philanthropy Activities Relations Risk Alpha Membership Publications Property Public Relations Management Experience Gamma Ritual Website Purchasing Experience Delta Experience
  34. 34. What if I need help?There are Fraternity Website –many login for all advisorresources documents and resourcesavailable ifyou need Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternityhelp. COLLEGIATE LEADERSHIP MANUAL The CLM is the first resource for questions about chapter policies, procedures and officer responsibilitiesClick on a Online resourcepicture to for leadershipvisit the training ideas and materialsresource
  35. 35. Help in hurry!Written Resources Training Resources Past Chapter Reports  AGD Online Advisor Training Collegiate Leadership Manual  The Leadership Institute Web Constitution/Standing Rules site Chapters Governing  The Alpha Gamma Delta Documents Advisory Advisor and Team Handbooks  The Leadership Conference Resources on the Alpha Gam  Convention Web site  Training offered by Volunteer Fraternity/sorority Service Team members information on the Web  Regional Training Events Leadership Books
  36. 36. Getting started with your chapter Call or email your CA to introduce yourself. Use this conversation to set up a time to meet in person and talk in depth. Meet at a time and place that is very convenient for her and not inconvenient for you. Get to know each other before you start talking AGD business. Discuss her goals for the chapter and the best way you can support her in these goals. Discuss communication ground rules
  37. 37. Your part in achieving their goals How the chapter is evaluated What the stakeholders The advisor (sisters, team’s Panhellenic, responsibilities parents) and goals count as success The chapter women and their Get to know the Your goals chapter role as personally an advisor
  38. 38. Advisors areessential to a chapter’sstrength and growth. Anadvisor is an importantpart of the Fraternity.Chapters may not growand flourish as theyshould without thesupport of advisors.An advisorcommunicates to thechapter the Fraternity’sexpectations andreinforces itsstandards.She encourages thechapter to strive forexcellence. She In the eyes of the chapter,reinforces the positive,thus instilling you representconfidence. Alpha Gamma Delta.
  39. 39. Self Paced LearningMY ALPHAGAM Login for alumni/collegians/advisors Document resource center for team handbooks and all formsTHE ALPHA EXPERIENCE Familiarize advisors with the booklet and activities Give time to brainstorm first few weeksGREEK LIFE EDU Advisors shall complete the Greek Life Edu training on their ownOMEGA FINANCE Advisors can attend a sponsored OmegaFi webinar
  40. 40. My AlphaGam Resource CenterGo towww.alphagammadelta.orgClick on Login to MyAlphaGam (red tab)Log in or follow steps tocreate an accountClick on Resource Centerunder the Communicationsheading on the left sideFind, Download, and Readthe Member DevelopmentTeam Resource Guide –Alpha Experience Section*Ask your Director for thefiles if you do not haveaccess to them. You mightnot be listed as a VSTmember yet.
  41. 41. The Alpha Experience Booklet, styled like a magazine, that all New Members will be given at pledging Guide through 14 Pearls Program Read through to see what they will be learning this fall and to gather ideas for planning meetings and activities with them Email Christina to get instructions on how to download the file
  42. 42. GreekLifeEduGo to the New User box onthe right, enter the NewUser ID: 11GAGDDEMOClick SubmitCreate your profileComplete the modules,quiz, and surveys to learnwhat all new memberswill be completing laterin the year.
  43. 43. Omega Finance Tool for managing and collecting chapter dues Each chapter has a member number and users will request an account for that number Explore the website to learn about their features Training to come for the Finance Team with login information
  44. 44. Homework – Attend a Webinar this Fall Complete an OmegaFi webinar to learn the basics of the system General Chapter Desktop Webinar To sign up to attend, contact:  Keely Ullman, Senior Account Manager at OmegaFi  800.276.6342 x 1117 
  45. 45. Extension Team Orientation AgendaWhat is the role of Welcome and Introductionsan Advisor? Extension Team Org ChartWhat are the • Who’s Who on the Teamresponsibilities of • Roles and Responsibilitiesan Advisor? Colonization 101 • Vocabulary and TimelineWhere do I go forinformation or Communicationsupport? • What are the communication expectations and methods within the Extension team?What unique Reports and Deliverableschallenges are part • Colony/Chapter Reportsof the colonization • VST Reportsprocess? Advisor 101 • Tips and Best Practices for being a great Advisor