Xocai Business Opportunity 5min Introduction Cocoa4You


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Xocai The Healthy Chocolate http://cocoa4you.com
Xocai is the healthiest chocolate in the world!
The best business opportunity in the health and wellness industry!

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Xocai Business Opportunity 5min Introduction Cocoa4You

  1. 1. Healthy ChocolateIntroduction to the health benefits of raw cacao and a great business venture
  2. 2. As the person who invited youto view this presentation,I believe in ethical, responsiblebusiness. I believe in healthyliving, fun and prosperity.
  3. 3. This presentation will takeno more than 5 minutes of yourtime. You’ll get an introductionto the benefits of eatinghealthy chocolate and howyou can make a significantlong-term residual income fromthis business.
  4. 4. Another global financial downturn?How would you like to be in theposition of never having to worryabout your finances again?
  5. 5. This is an opportunity to eathealthy chocolate and developa business that could bring youfinancial independence.
  6. 6. It’s a business that will require someeffort, take action and you will berewarded. The income you earn will bedirectly related to the effort you put in.
  7. 7. Here’s how...
  8. 8. The Product
  9. 9. A range of greattasting healthychocolate productsmade fromcold-pressed cacao,acai berries andblueberries.
  10. 10. Cacao is a superfoodwith many naturalhealth benefits. Usingcold pressed Cacao tomake our healthy Xocaichocolate means thatour products retain allof these health-givingproperties.
  11. 11. Our chocolate has thehighest antioxidantrating of any foodavailable. Weight forweight it has anantioxidant rating thatis over 22 times higherthan raw spinach.
  12. 12. ‘The amount ofantioxidants that youmaintain in your body isdirectly proportional tohow long and healthyyou will live’Dr Richard CutlerDirector Anti-agingNational Institutes of Health Washington DC
  13. 13. The other keyingredients, acaiberries and blueberries,both classified assuperfoods are alsovery high inantioxidants. Acai isalso rich in Omega 3,6 and 9 essentialfatty acids.
  14. 14. Health Benefits
  15. 15. ‘Epicatechin (present in cacao)is a strong antioxidant. TheKuna indians, who live onthe San Blas Island Chain inPanama drink high quantities ofcocoa drinks, have a lower riskof stroke, heart failure, cancerand diabetes compared to theIndiansliving on the mainland.’Dr. Norman HollenbergHarvard Medical School
  16. 16. ‘The health benefits ofepicatechin, a compoundfound in cacao, are sostriking that it may rivalpenicillin and anaesthesiain terms of importance topublic health’Marina MurphyChemistry & Industrythe magazine by theSociety of Chemical Industry
  17. 17. ‘Epicatechin couldpotentially get rid of 4 ofthe 5 most commondiseases in the westernworld; stroke, heart failure,cancer, type 2 diabetes...’Dr. Norman HollenbergHarvard Medical School
  18. 18. Our chocolate containsessential traceelements and nutrientssuch as Iron, Calcium,Potassium andVitamins A, B1, C, Dand E.
  19. 19. Cacao is the highestnatural source ofMagnesium.Magnesium deficiencyis linked with hyper-tension, heart disease,diabetes, joint problemsand pre-menstrualtension.
  20. 20. Clinical studies of raw, coldprocessed cacao suggest that itmay help with: Weight loss – natural appetite suppressant Cardiovascular function Respiratory function – asthma Joint flexibility & ease of motion Regulating blood pressure Lowering cholesterol levelsand....
  21. 21.  Allergies Serotonin levels Dental health Skin conditions Pre-menstrual tension Diabetes and hypo-glycaemiaand is a natural sexual stimulant!
  22. 22. The Business
  23. 23. ‘The richest people inthe world look for andbuild networks.Everyone else looksfor work.’Robert Kiyosaki
  24. 24. This is a networkmarketing businessowned by MXI Corp,makers of Xocai(pronounced sho-sigh).Xocai chocolate ismarketed directly toconsumers byindependent MXIdistributors.
  25. 25. People don’t like to besold to but love to buy.These great tastingproducts are marketedthrough the process ofsharing, education andrecommendation.It’s easy – It’s healthychocolate!
  26. 26. Rather than pay outlarge distribution andmarketing costs to retailoutlets, MXI passesthese savings on todistributors through alucrative compensationplan.
  27. 27. Treat this like a hobbyand you will be paid likea hobby. Treat this likea business and you willbe paid like a business.The average MXIdistributor earns 100times the networkmarketing average.
  28. 28. The time is now!It’s a business that’s ina rapid growth phaseand you can be a partof it. Great wealth isgenerated by thosethat have the vision toget involved in asuccessful businessfrom the outset.
  29. 29. Do your research, tradeout the bad chocolatefor the good and beginbuilding your long-lasting health andwealth through HealthyChocolate.
  30. 30. ‘Network marketing hasproven itself to be aviable and rewardingsource of income.’Donald Trump
  31. 31. You will receive all thesupport you need to besuccessful in buildingyour business andachieving financialfreedom, having a greattime in the process…You will get to spendyour life on your terms!
  32. 32. Thanks for taking the time toview this presentation.If you want to know moreemail info@cocoa4you.com
  33. 33. Healthy Chocolate