Fw day deck jan 30 2014


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Fw day deck jan 30 2014

  1. 1. January 30th FEMININE WEAPON DAY Honoring Your Conscious Light and Beautiful Self ! ! Celebration at The Cutting Room 44 East 32nd Street New York City 7-10pm ! Feminine Weapon * 646-315-2195 * cw@feminineweapon.com
  2. 2. Letter from the Original Feminine Weapon ! Dear World, Allow me to introduce: January 30th - Feminine Weapon Day! A day that we’ve designated to “Honor Your Conscious Light and Beautiful Self.” So often we get caught up in our own minds that we forget to see the bigger picture. We forget that the universe wants us to have all our heart desires. And to have it all, it takes time, work, patience, good karma and community. On the 30th day of the New Year, we commit to staying awake to all of the possibilities that life has to offer. We appreciate our strengths, powers, and the light that brightly shines from within. We also look around and see the jewels that exist within our neighbors. I invite New York to celebrate this day with us at The Cutting Room. Our host committee and musical performers are working hard to manifest this occasion for your enlightenment. Please join us for an evening of fun, wisdom and unconditional love. See you there! ! Christina Weber Founder & Chief Visionary Feminine Weapon 2
  3. 3. FEMININE WEAPON: THE BEST YOU It’s an identity, a lifestyle; a movement. Every woman has the potential to be a Feminine Weapon. She’s the superhero within you - your inner goddess, avatar, rockstar, and the peak expression of you. By channeling her, you can accomplish all that your heart desires. !
  4. 4. Feminine Weapon Day ! Honoring Your Conscious Light and Beautiful Self The Cutting Room (44 E 32nd St) Concert, Fierce Host Committee, Photography & Interview Series and Crowdfunding Launch 7pm Cocktail Hour, 8pm Showtime 300 tickets available / $30 per ticket FeminineWeaponDay.com The event is a collaboration of many talents and elements to engage an audience: Concert: Feminine Weapon most recently co-produced Women Rock NYC and ever since, we haven’t been able to get the music out of our heads. There are so many beautiful vocalists that embody the ideals of Feminine Weapon and we are so thrilled to be able to share just a few of them with you. (page 5) Fierce Host Committee: Some of the most influential and enlightened New York City women have come together to contribute to the creation of this event. Through their talents, skills and network, they’ll help to market the event and create a remarkable event. (page 6) Photography & Interview Series: Our hosts and performers have stories to share. Prior to the event, Feminine Weapon will sit with each one of them to listen to their tales, hear their words of wisdom and photograph the duality of their character. During the month of January, we’ll release the photos and interviews on feminineweapon.com. The images, along with a quote from their interview, will be showcased at the event. (page 7) Launch of the Feminine Weapon Crowdfunding Campaign: This event will serve as the platform to take the Feminine Weapon elevate the movement. Through a campaign launched on indiegogo, we will offer the first brand products available for pre-sell. The program will also provide us with the funds to operate the business and produce items that can be delivered upon order. (page 8) Are men invited? Absolutely! Men desire to make women happy. They share their light with us in many ways and together, through gender intelligence; we make the best of partners. 4
  5. 5. The Concert. Music is therapy for the soul. Through the lyrics, we connect, while the sound puts our bodies in motion. Feminine Weapon Day will feature five female performers who relish in sharing their passion. Margot B: Starring as Daughter Maitland in HBO’s hit series Boardwalk Empire, Margot’s voice has been enjoyed by millions. She will be blessing us with her sultry sound and poetic tunes. Syndee Winters: Most recently starring as Nala in Disney's Hit Musical The Lion King, returns to energize the NYC music scene. Her high octane performance is guaranteed to move the audience right out of their seats. Nancy Danino: Born in Israel and raised in France, Nancy will officially release her first solo album, Testify, with us in celebration of Feminine Weapon Day. She’s unstoppable and her passion for music is contagious. Stella Santana: Once a life coach and now on a mission to share her sound with the world, Stella infuses her thoughts and creative ingeniousness into the music she creates. Dila Jelen: When she’s not working to save the people through through The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, Dila is singing. Once an American Idol runner-up, she’s now recording an album that will take as on a journey through the minds of the people she touches. (photo to come) 5!
  6. 6. Some are Born to Host. As Cindi Lauper first sang in 1983, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 30 years later, this ideal hasn’t changed. Our host committee has been curated to include dynamic women of all ages, ethnicities and talents who love connecting, sharing, and having a good time. Each member will help to market the event by inviting their individual communities and by sharing their skills to make the event a success. Host Committee: Anne Marie Vignola: Social Media Maven + Entrepreneur Lover Danielle Diamond: Founder of Xen Strength Yoga Erin Ralph: Co-Founder of Serene Social + Magazine Publisher Evie Philips: Founder of Cultures of Love Gretchen Cruz: Fashion Designer + Health Food Activist Jehan Sanders: Banker + Entrepreneur Karen Sanchez: Co-Founder of HimAdditions + Mother Kesha Nichols: Television Personality + Founder of Sugar & Spice and BlenDiva Kristin Aytona: Art Director + Graphic Designer Mia Morgan: Renowned Stylist + Spiritual Thought leader Michelle Lanfrank: Trend Spotter + Brand Builder Michelle Smoller: Comedian + Entertainment Personality Millana Snow: Co-Founder of Serene Social + Project Runway Model Natalia Jackson: Educator + Author Raffaella Cuviello: Artistic Visionary + Set Designer Ritika Mehta: Mover + Shaker Roslyn Harte: Lingerie Designer + Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Sarah Anne Stewart: Health Coach + Co-Founder of Bliss Out Retreats Ssanyu Nutt-Birigwa: Love Healer + Energy Practitioner 6
  7. 7. A Feminine Weapon is a Gift to the World. There are so many women to praise and stories to share. In preparation for the event, we’ll spend time with our performers and host committee members to reveal their spirit, thoughts and passions through the Feminine Weapon interview and photography series. Portraits of each of these women will be captured to represent their individual expression of Feminine Weapon. Interviews and images will be released at feminineweapon.com in January and displayed on site at the event in January. 7!
  8. 8. Through Contribution We May Create Together. The Feminine Weapon crowdfunding campaign will launch on Indeigogo on or around January 30th. Our goal will be to raise $15,000-30,000 so that we can continue producing events and seminars to enrich the lives of women and develop our first product category: tanks, tees, jewelry and other items featuring our brand messages. Feminine Weapon wants to collaborate so we’ll also look towards this funding to give us the ability to partner with brands that speak our language (think licensing and co-branding). ! During the event, we’ll present the 2-3 minute video with the audience so that they’re aware of the campaign and can choose to contribute if they so please to do so. 8!
  9. 9. No one stands behind the curtain here. Together, we’re coming together to ensure this event is a success through dedication, determination and a great appreciation for one and other. Christina Weber, Chief Visionary: Christina has been moving Feminine Weapon forward since it’s inception in 2011. Inspired by a nickname she received, Feminine Weapon is organically growing into a lifestyle brand and movement. The .com recently launched on the Eden Network by engageSimply where Christina curates content and integrates brands that share similar values and characteristics of Feminine Weapon. In order to prepare herself for her role as the Original Feminine Weapon and an entrepreneur, Christina’s spent the majority of her ten year career in New York City working in sales and marketing with agencies, start-ups and various established brands. Trell Thomas, Publicist: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam hendrerit suscipit urna eget lacinia. Proin ut tempor eros. Cras pulvinar augue eu vehicula dictum. Sed sodales felis sed sapien commodo varius. Phasellus dictum mi vitae aliquam sollicitudin. Etiam ac velit ante. Nam nec venenatis nunc, ac tristique turpis. Proin id ornare sem. Aenean in mattis augue. Curabitur a nulla sit amet felis sollicitudin iaculis. Praesent sit amet metus in nisi fringilla adipiscing. Integer nec velit augue. ! Ashley Fairfield, Writer: Ashley (aka A.E. Fairfield) was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. After attending New York University she remained in New York to pursue a career in writing. When not writing the next Capelli & Ford mystery or a piece for Feminine Weapon, she can be found horseback riding or reading the latest thriller. ! Manuela Rana, Photographer: Manuela recently moved to New York City from Italy. She’s had the opportunity of assisting established photographer Antoine Verglas (Vogue, Elle, GQ, Forbes Magazine,Victoria’s Secret) and enjoys working in the fashion and lifestyle photography industry. ! Syndee Winters, Music Director: Syndee is not only a featured performer at Feminine Weapon Day, but also our Music Director. Her recent projects include Nala in Disney's The Lion King (B'way & Nat'l Tour), New York Knicks City Dancer, and National Anthem Vocalist at Madison Square Garden. Spiritual connected, she honors the universe and her community of light sources in her daily life. 9!
  10. 10. This is a community initiative and likeminded partners are requested. Does your brand or spirit share our passion for life, music and empowerment? We’d love to have your support through a custom sponsorship. We’re accepting participation in the form of money, media, gift bag contributions and products/services. In return for your support, we’re offering: • Logo/name inclusion on invitations and all event communications • Integration on feminineweapon.com (see hereineden.com) • Inclusion in articles and photo shoots • Opportunity to repurpose/republish content • Placement on step + repeat • Presence at event. Setup a table and bring signage and products • Bulk tickets • Verbal appreciation • Lots of love As a first year event, our goal is to raise $10,000 from sponsor contributions, which will help to cover our event expenses – venue minimums, design, printing, staffing, photography, and other miscellaneous costs. Through our efforts we will reach many, therefore strong media partners are a must. If your outlet covers events and inspires people, we want to share our interview and photo series with you. We may give you full permission to republish our content. Lastly, we’re expecting 250-300 guests and we’d like to send them away with a gift bag of goodies that will enhance their journey into the New Year. We’re seeking five plus items that our guests will be excited by, want to share with their friends, and totally appreciate. 10!
  11. 11. ~ THANK YOU ~ ! We appreciate you and your participation in making Feminine Weapon Day a reality. Together, we can create and make dreams come true. ! Feminine Weapon 646-315-2195 * cw@feminineweapon.com