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We Dance On presentation

  1. 1. Generic Conventions Of‘We Dance On’ By N-Dubz ft. Bodyrox<br />Christina Low 12.10<br />
  2. 2. The video…<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1BkR760o94<br />
  3. 3. Dress<br />The clothes that the cast are wearing are all either sports attire, e.g. tracksuits and trainers, or ballet clothes, such as tights and a leotard.<br />There are a lot of bright colours, one of the most prominent been red. The bright colours give the video a very positive atmosphere.<br />There are a lot of branded clothes, e.g. Nike and Adidas.<br />The clothes could be considered as quite ‘chavy’.<br />The three children who represent a younger N-Dubz are wearing N-Dubz clothes in N-dubz style e.g. Dappy’s hat.<br />
  4. 4. LyrIcs<br /> The lyrics tell a story of determination and how if you work hard enough for something then you will get it. This is highlighted by the line ‘but after weeks of practicing we knew exactly what to do.’<br />The lyrics relate back to the film and explains the main protagonists journey. <br />The lyrics also tell the story that is happening in the music video. This is shown through the young dancer who isn’t allowed to dance in the group, but instead of giving up he carries on dancing and in the end he is accepted into the group. This reiterates the importance of determination.<br />The lyrics create quite a positive atmosphere and also creates a positive representation of youth.<br />
  5. 5. Genre<br />The track is very upbeat and has a strong beat to it. <br />The mise-en-scene of the video matches the artist as N-Dubz come from the streets and from poorer areas. This is shown in the video as the most of it is set in what look likes quite run down areas.<br />The theme of dance mirrors the genre of the song as the song was originally released for ‘Street Dance 3D.’ In which it was danced to.<br />The style of editing also works along side the genre as rhythmic montage is often used in upbeat dance/hiphop/rnbvideos.<br />
  6. 6. Music<br /> The tempo of this track most definitely drives the editing as the shots are cut along to the music, and also the actions on screen match the lyrics of the song.<br />The dancing in the video is also editing in a way that it is all in time with the song, and so that the dancing matches the beat in the song.<br />The song starts off at a slower tempo which is mirrored in the editing also as the shots are longer with less action happening in them. e.g. a view of London with ‘From the movie Street Dance 3D.’ (Anchoring)<br />♪<br />♬ ♪ ♫ ♭♮♪♩♬♭♫<br />
  7. 7. Intertextuality<br /> There are many examples of intertextuality in this music video<br />People who have seen the film ‘Street Dance 3D’ would recognize some of the scenes from the film which are included in the video. Also they may notice that the main dancer in the music video (the boy in red) also has a small part in the film.<br />People could also recognize celebrity dancers/dance troupes included in the video such as Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson. <br />The video also features ‘Bodyrox,’ English house music DJ duo, John Pearn and Nick Bridges.<br />Also the repetition of ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ was inspired from Bob Marley’s song. <br />
  8. 8. The song itself is from ‘Street Dance 3D,’ clips from the film are incorporated in the music video of the film at various points, and the plot of the film is somewhat summarised and played out throughout the video. <br /> This also links into intertextuality as, if you have seen the movie, the short clips which are in the video would make more sense to you.<br />MOV IES<br />
  9. 9. Editing<br /> The editing is mostly cut to the beat, ensuring that the video does not contradict with the music.<br />Parallel editing is used to tell the story from the film and also the story of the boy trying to dance with the other youths.<br />The video uses a rhythmic montage.<br />The use of the rhythmic montage creates a happy, quick paced atmosphere to the video. This in some ways mirrors the style of dancing.<br />The parallel editing also breaks up the two storylines, so that the audience do not get bored with one. It also adds variety to the video.<br />There is also the use of anchoring at the beginning when ‘From the movie Street Dance 3D’ is over an image of London.<br />
  10. 10. Camera Work<br />There are a range of shots used in this video. A lot of which are affected by the genre as some of the shots were from the movie and some were filmed specifically for the music video.<br /> There are a lot of long shots from the film, this is to primarily capture all of the dancer so that you can see the whole of the dancers.<br /> There are also many mid-shots, this shows the body language of the cast and also the facial reactions of the cast, this allows us to connect with the characters and enables us to understand what they are feeling. <br />