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Intern Buddy: AIESEC Way


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Published in: Education
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Intern Buddy: AIESEC Way

  1. 1. what is AIESEC?
  2. 2. To understand what is AIESEC, we explore something that is called the AIESEC Way.
  3. 3. Way The AIESEC Way is an explanation of what makes us distinct from others based on what and who we are and how we do things.
  4. 4. what is AIESEC?
  5. 5. what do we envision?
  6. 6. Our international platform ! – ENABLES – ! young people to explore and develop their ! leadership potential ! for them to have! a positive impact on society. what is our impact?
  7. 7. In what way do we make that impact possible?
  8. 8. what are the AIESEC values?
  9. 9. Together, this makes up the AIESEC way. Our  Activities Our  Goals Our  Strategy is the centre of our organisation. Wherever we go, the AIESEC Way will remain at our centre. Acting as a compass to shape our decisions