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What to Know As A Traveling Vegan


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What to Know As A Traveling Vegan

Published in: Health & Medicine
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What to Know As A Traveling Vegan

  1. 1. Christina Galioto WHAT TO KNOW AS A TRAVELING VEGAN
  2. 2. The world is big and as long as we are on it, we should explore it. These are words that world traveler and vegan, Christina Galioto, lives by. From a young age, Christina has travelled all over the world and she still never misses an opportunity to travel and explore new lands and cultures. However, there is one thing that Christina has noticed in her travels, and that is the limited availability of truly vegan options in certain parts of the world. Christina doesn’t believe in limiting her travelling experiences because she chooses to live a healthy and vegan lifestyle, and neither should you.
  3. 3. Trying to figure out your food situation is one thing that’s relatively easy to manage. But to figure out your toiletries and beauty products is another thing. Many countries don’t realize that being vegan goes beyond what you eat. It includes the products that you use and the clothing that you wear as well. You’ll find that many countries still allow companies to test their products on animals. This is a huge no-no as a vegan and we need to stay away from those products. To avoid these sticky situations, it’s advised that you bring as much of your own toiletries and cosmetics that you can. PACK YOUR TOILETRIES
  4. 4. As you travel more, you’ll soon realize that even though we are in 2017, veganism is not as widely understood as one would hope. Do your research and find which countries are knowledgeable about veganism and those that still need some catching up to do. This will help you plan your trip accordingly. Additionally, sometimes, waiters, staffers, and other merchants may not know exactly what you’re looking for. The word “vegan” does not directly translate into every language, so you should know different ways to communicate your needs. CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION WISELY
  5. 5. No one likes feeling hangry, and travelling around the world as a vegan, that often happens. The best way to combat that is to pack your own snacks. Many restaurants think vegan options are simple lettuce and tomato salads. One cannot simply live on these two foods alone. You’ll find that as food options become limited, your already packed snacks will be a life saver. ALWAYS PACK SNACKS
  6. 6. A big travel hack for travelers with special diets (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, allergies, etc.) are the local farmer’s markets. Open air- fruit and vegetable markets are a great source to get fresh fruits and vegetables for cooking. You know exactly what you’re buying and how your food is prepared since you are preparing it on your own. Exploring the farmer’s markets is also a great way to explore your area even further and see a side of the town that you otherwise would have probably never explored. UTILIZE LOCAL MARKETS
  7. 7. Christina Galioto is a chef and world renowned model who uses her voice and brand to advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Through her brand “Vegan Gypsy”, she shares recipes, tips, and advice to others to help inspire and guide them. Christina has travelled all over the world and uses her experiences to come up with fresh and new recipes that she shares for everyone to enjoy. Featured Recipe on Front Page: ABOUT CHRISTINA GALIOTO