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Christina Galioto


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Get to know a little more about one of the most inspiring models in the industry, Christina Galioto.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Christina Galioto

  1. 1. Writer. Model. Vegan Chef. World Traveler ABOUT CHRISTINA
  2. 2. MODELING Fascinated by the lights, luxury, and fashion, Christina Galioto started her modeling career at a young age. This fast-paced life in front of the camera gave her the opportunity to travel all over the world and is what launched her into becoming the global citizen she is today. Christina has modeled for some of the most popular and luxurious brands around, including Gucci, Fernando Alberto Atelier, and Betsey Johnson. Her print work includes Elle, Vogue, LA Fashion and so many more. Christina currently works most often in the LA Market, but remains signed to agencies in NYC, Miami, and Milan.
  3. 3. VEGANISM Christina has spent nearly a decade learning what makes a truly healthy life. Through education, blogging, and cooking, she shares this information with the world. Christina’s love for animals, mixed with her desire to live a whole and healthy life, are the inspiration for her vegan lifestyle. When your way of life consists of constantly being on the go, to lands local and abroad, it can be hard to find foods that fit your specific dietary needs. With her passion for writing, Christina blogs about her vegan lifestyle: sharing travel inspired recipes, tips, and recommendations for all to try. Through her blogging and lifestyle, Christina wants to serve as an inspiration to others to live their best life possible.
  4. 4. Beyond the model features and the chef’s hat lies a woman who is as skilled with a pen as she is in front of a camera. Christina discovered her passion for writing at an early age and hasn’t looked back. Aside from her travel blogging and recipe writing, Christina also writes poetry inspired from life events, different places, and observations. A natural born writer, Christina uses the fire in her heart to convey a message that many find relatable. WRITING I Once Knew A Man Trap Queen
  5. 5. “I believe in Rock n Roll, doing everything with passion, and the transformative power of dressing up and celebrating life every single day. With wanderlust in our veins, let’s laugh ‘til we cry, live ‘til we die, and never stop chasing the stars in the sky.” PERSONAL MESSAGE