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  • I believe that my main product fits in well with the genre and style of other similar teaser trailers, posters and websites. From my audience feedback I was able to take on any constructive criticism which helped me improve on my teaser and appeal better to my target audience which was my ultimate aim. I used other similar texts to help me create my own product, however all the stimulus which I used was American and aimed at an international audience, this made my work harder as I had to interpret this in ways which would appeal to a national and British audience. I was unable to find any British films which was of a similar genre, storyline, target audience,
  • These were my first drafts and different attempts I tried for my poster. However I felt that I could improve and I experimented a bit more to come out with my final draft.
  • This was my first draft, I decided to stick with the codes and conventions with only having the two main characters on the front cover of the poster, which is what you would usually expect to see. Originally I chose to have a plain white background but found that it looked more appealing to keep the original background of the picture, as I though the first one looked a bit too plain even though many other posters stick to the plain background conventions i felt it did not compliment my poster well. I also decided to change the font of “No Typical Love Story” as i found a font which I thought would be more appealing to my young target audience. I also change the style and position of the PG sign.
  • This was my first draft, again I felt it was a bit plain and that a bit more could be added to it and the structure was a bit typical of other websites. Although it went well with my first poster draft as they both complimented each other well. I also wanted to keep the same picture on my new draft for the website.
  • This is my final draft which I was happy with, as I changed the structure and some of the font and I added a bit more to it, like the heart on the top left hand side.
  • This was my first draft, my second draft was very similar however I changed the font of “No typical love story” which goes well with my final poster draft.
  • For my poster and website pages which I designed for my teaser trailer, I decided to get some audience feedback and see if my final draft was indeed the preferred one. This helped me easily which to choose as my final product.
  • My audience ( the people I asked) were students from St Marylebone school, mostly from my year aged between 16-18. They would be the ones who I would expect to watch and use my products. If possible I would have liked to ask more people and have a wider sample from younger students, however as there wasn’t much time I was unable to ask them, also due to not having much interaction and communication with the younger years in Blanford building. They were quite useful as they were able to give me their unbiased opinions and see faults and areas of improvement I my not have noticed myself. Some changes I had enough time to implement such as a change in music choice and increasing the sound and also making some shots shorter. However at the later stages I was unable to act upon the feedback given such as “Bad Acting” and “Changing shots”. This is because all the filming had been concluded before Christmas and I was unable to re-shoot in February/march
  • This was the audience feedback I obtained, from this i was able to make a few final changes to improve the final version of my teaser trailer. Positive points included things such as having an interesting storyline and that it was easy to understand which was encouraging and could mean that my target audience would want watch it if it ever cam out in the cinema as a real media product. The music also got some good feedback which showed I made the right decision when choosing from the three choices i had. On the other hand bad points included things such as bad acting, this I was unable to change so late in the editing stage. My choices of actors was not mainly based on their acting abilities, however more on their reliability and availability during my filming stage. This made my options very limited and in the end this was the most convenient solution and I believe the acting was ok. On the other hand there were a few constructive comments which i was able to take on board such as having the music too loud in the background and the dialogue too low. This the editor was able to change which i think did improve the quality of our final product.
  • In the end I conducted another survey and asked both males and females from the target audience.
  • My preferred song was “Rainjune” and as I was in charge of music I was sure that I would be the song I would use. However I decided to get some audience feedback, and it was clear that “It was a joke” was more poplar with the audience. I therefore decided to agree with the audience even if their choice differed from mine.
  • I used “Vimeo” to upload my teaser trailer and presentations I did during the year. I was able to then embed them easily on my blog.
  • D:\Presentation\Presentation1

    1. 2. I decided to put the billing box on my poster, Steel Tongues font. Main colours used are pink, blue and black.
    2. 3. I used the same sans serif font called Berlin sans FB.
    3. 4. I used the same masthead for both my poster and websites. Font of the Title is called Neurochrome.
    4. 5. PG
    5. 8. House style colours
    6. 12. Title towards the top of the page, challenges conventions. Others at bottom. Main image dominates page. Background on picture is kept. Pink, blue, black and white colours are used.
    7. 13. Quote from magazine. Actor credit. Tag line. Date of release at bottom of page. Conventional. Main colours, pink, blue and white. Plain white background, kept simple and clear.
    8. 14. Tag line- Relates to the title Actor names: well know actors used, which will appeal to the target audience. Title- Towards the bottom of the page. Includes date of release in cinema Billing box : it is split into two Sans serif font Two main characters Image: is kept simple and clear Main colours: Blue, pink and white
    9. 15. Two main colours used: red and black, this is kept simple. Serif font: makes it look a bit more traditional (Shakespeare) Tag line- “Everybody has secrets”. Synopsis- Does not fit with conventions, unusual to see. Billing box- it is usual to see the billing box. Title A plain and simple background is used Main characters: All 5 main characters are on the poster.
    10. 16. Dark background, challenges conventions Main character on cover Actor credit Title towards the bottom half of page. Title is not coloured, includes pictures. Billing box at bottom, fits in with conventions, however pink not grey. Tag line
    11. 18. Timing of release in cinema is available on the website, “NOW”. Shows cinema’s it will be showing in.
    12. 19. This includes the trailer, cast synopsis and gallery/pictures just like on my website. Includes Facebook and Twitter just like mine. Includes a billing box and age requirements. Includes music from the film in the background.
    13. 20. The trailer is available on the front page of the website, unlike mine as the teaser is on a separate page.
    14. 21. This site offers the DVD purchase Pink, blue and green colours.
    15. 22. Again DVD promotion Pink, blue and green colours. Pictures available
    16. 23. Quote form magazine, also on poster. Blue, white, and pink.
    17. 24. Blue, white, and pink. Navigation bar is at the bottom Again DVD promotion Same picture as poster
    18. 25. My Final Product
    19. 32. Preferred Draft
    20. 33. Audience “ I found the story line very interesting.” “ I would want to watch it if it came out in the cinema.” “ It was quite funny, especially the locker scene.” “ The music was a bit too loud.” Feedback
    22. 35. Females Males
    23. 36. Songs
    24. 38. I used this to upload information onto my blog.
    25. 39. I used this to create a mood board for my teaser trailer. I was also able to add music in the background.
    26. 40. I used “Vimeo” to upload my teaser trailer and presentations I did during the year. I was able to then embed them easily on my blog.
    27. 41. I used blogger to upload all my work so that it could be seen as a portfolio on my profile .
    28. 42. I used excel to create a time plan and contact list. <ul><li>I also used it for making graphs in the process of my research/planning. </li></ul>
    29. 43. I used Photoshop during the editing stages of my poster and website pages.
    30. 44. I used the rubber to have the fading affect around the picture. I used this to keep the same colours.
    31. 45. I used Apple final cut pro for the editing process and also for the sound editing.
    32. 47. I used power point, to create presentations which was a helpful visual aid when presenting my ideas.