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Using semiotics analysis to impact how consumers think about your brand


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Using semiotics analysis to impact how consumers think about your brand

  1. 1. SEMIOTICS:    HOW  SYMBOLS  AND  SIGNS  CAN  BE  USED  TO  IMPACT  CONSUMER  BEHAVIOUR   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  2. 2. ON  THE  NEXT  SLIDE  FIND  THE  GREEN  SQUARE   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  3. 3. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  4. 4. Easy  wasn’t  it?  •  There  were  40  coloured  shapes  on  that  page  •  You  found  the  green  square  quickly  and  subconsciously  •  You  could  do  this  because  you  understood  the  visual  language  of  a  green   square    •  We  culturally  share  this  language  •  Every  category  has  its  own  visual  language  which  shoppers  share.  They  use   this  visual  language  to  idenCfy  products  and  brands  and  judge  their   relevance  to  the  shopping  mission   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  5. 5. BUT  WHERE  WERE  THE  BLUE  TRIANGLES???   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  6. 6. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  7. 7. Visual  Language…  •  The  blue  triangles  were  not  relevant  to  your  task  •  You  subconsciously  deselect  them  •  Customers  shop  by  automaCcally  dismissing  most  informaCon  as  irrelevant   to  their  shopping  tasks  and  seeing  only  those  things  that  are  relevant   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  8. 8. TODAY  I’D  LIKE  TO  TALK  ABOUT  VISUAL  COMMUNICATIONS  AND  THEIR  IMPACT  ON  PEOPLE   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  9. 9. It’s  about  how  we  can  in8luence   behaviour  change   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  10. 10. What  does  this  mean?   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  11. 11. stop   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  12. 12. stop   apple   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  13. 13. stop   apple   dove   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  14. 14. Signs  are  important  because  they  have  more  meaning  than  the  obvious   danger   health   peace   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  16. 16. IN  OTHER  WORDS,  CULTURE.   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  17. 17. SEMIOTICS  IS  THE  STUDY  OF  SIGNS  –  VISUAL  AND  SENSORY   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  18. 18. Sometimes,  signs  don’t  signify  the  same  thing  to  everyone,  depending   on  context   ...  brands  need  to  provide  that  context  if  they  want  to   use  signs  to  create  meaning  with  consumers   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  19. 19. fruit  from  the  tree  of  knowledge,  with  a  byte/bite   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  20. 20. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  21. 21. What  does  this  mean  to  you?   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  22. 22. How  about  this?   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  23. 23. HOW  DO  WE  GET  CONSUMERS  TO  UNDERSTAND  OUR  BRAND  IN  A  GLANCE?   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  24. 24. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  25. 25. LET’S  START  WITH  COLOUR   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  26. 26. Red  acvates  your  pituitary  gland,  increasing   your  heart  rate  and  causing  you  to  breathe   more  rapidly.  This  visceral  response  makes  red   aggressive,  energec,  provocave  and   a;enon-­‐grabbing.  Count  on  red  to  evoke  a   passionate  response,  albeit  not  always  a   favorable  one.  For  example,  red  can  represent   danger  or  indebtedness.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  27. 27. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  28. 28. Cool  blue  is  perceived  as  trustworthy,   dependable,  fiscally  responsible  and  secure.   Strongly  associated  with  the  sky  and  sea,  blue   is  serene  and  universally  well-­‐liked.  Blue  is  an   especially  popular  color  with  financial   instuons,  as  its  message  of  stability  inspires   trust.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  29. 29. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  30. 30. In  general,  green  connotes  health,  freshness,   environmental  consciousness  and  serenity.   However,  greens  meaning  varies  with  its   many  shades.  Deeper  greens  are  associated   with  wealth  or  presge,  while  light  greens  are   calming.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  31. 31. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  32. 32. In  every  society,  yellow  is  associated  with  the   sun.  Thus,  it  communicates  opmism,   posivism,  light  and  warmth.  Certain  shades   seem  to  movate  and  smulate  creave   thought  and  energy.  The  eye  sees  bright   yellows  before  any  other  color,  making  them   great  for  point-­‐of-­‐purchase  displays.   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  33. 33. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  34. 34. Purple  is  a  color  favored  by  creave  types.   With  its  blend  of  passionate  red  and  tranquil   blue,  it  evokes  mystery,  sophiscaon,   spirituality  and  royalty.  Lavender  evokes   nostalgia  and  senmentality.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  35. 35. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  36. 36. Pinks  message  varies  by  intensity.  Hot  pinks   convey  energy,  youthfulness,  fun  and   excitement  and  are  recommended  for  less   expensive  or  trendy  products  for  women  or   girls.  Dusty  pinks  appear  senmental.  Lighter   pinks  are  more  romanc.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  37. 37. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  38. 38. This  earthy  color  conveys  simplicity,  durability   and  stability.  It  can  also  elicit  a  negave   response  from  consumers  who  relate  to  it  as   dirty.  Certain  shades  of  brown,  like  terraco;a,   can  convey  an  upscale  look.  From  a  funconal   perspecve,  brown  tends  to  hide  dirt,  making   it  a  logical  choice  for  some  trucking  and   industrial  companies.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  39. 39. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  40. 40. White  connotes  simplicity,  cleanliness  and   purity.  The  human  eye  views  white  as  a   brilliant  colour,  so  it  immediately  catches  the   eye  in  signage.  White  is  oMen  used  with  infant   and  health-­‐related  products.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  41. 41. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  42. 42. Black  is  serious,  bold,  powerful  and  classic.  It   creates  drama  and  connotes  sophiscaon.   Black  works  well  for  expensive  products,  but   can  also  make  a  product  look  heavy.    source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  43. 43. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  44. 44. Cheerful  orange  evokes  exuberance,  fun  and   vitality.  With  the  drama  of  red  plus  the  cheer   of  yellow,  orange  is  viewed  as  gregarious  and   oMen  childlike.  Research  indicates  its  lighter   shades  appeal  to  an  upscale  market.  Peach   tones  work  well  with  health  care,  restaurants   and  beauty  salons.  source:   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  45. 45. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  46. 46. WARM  COLOURS   COOL  COLOURS  (red,  yellow,  orange)   (blue,  green)   outgoing,  energeCc   calmer,  more  reserved   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  47. 47. HOW  DOES  SEEING  A  SOFT  SHAPE  AFFECT  YOU  VERSUS  A  HARD  SHAPE?   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  48. 48. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  49. 49. SHAPES  COMMUNICATE.   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  50. 50. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  51. 51. Designers  use  shape  to...   •  Organise  informaCon  through  connecCon  and  separaCon   •  Symbolise  different  ideas   •  Create  movement,  texture,  and  depth   •  Convey  mood  and  emoCon   •  Emphasise  and  create  entry  points  and  areas  of  interest   •  Lead  the  eye  from  one  design  element  to  the  next  (source:­‐design/visual-­‐grammar-­‐shapes/)   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  52. 52. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  53. 53. Circles  have  no  beginning  or  end.  They   represent  the  eternal  whole  and  in  every   culture  are  an  archetypical  form  represenng   the  sun,  the  earth,  the  moon,  the  universe,   and  other  celesal  objects  between.    Circles   suggest  familiar  objects  such  as  wheels,  balls   and  fruit.    They  suggest  well-­‐roundedness  and   completeness.    Circles  are  graceful  and  their   curves  are  seen  as  feminine.    They  are  warm,   comforng  and  give  a  sense  of  sensuality  and   love.    Their  movement  suggests  energy  and   power.    Their  completeness  suggest  the   infinite,  unity  and  harmony.    Circles  protect,   they  endure,  they  restrict.    They  confine   what’s  within  and  restrict  what’s  without.     They  offer  safety  and  connecon.    Circles   suggest  community,  integrity  and  perfecon.    hYp://­‐design/visual-­‐grammar-­‐shapes/   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  54. 54. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  55. 55. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  56. 56. Squares  and  rectangles  are  stable.  They’re   familiar  and  trusted  shapes  and  suggest   honesty.  They  have  right  angles  and  represent   order,  mathemacs,  raonality,  and  formality.   They  are  seen  as  earthbound.  Rectangles  are   the  most  common  geometric  shape   encountered.  The  majority  of  text  we  read  is   set  in  rectangles  or  squares.   Squares  and  rectangles  suggest  conformity,   peacefulness,  solidity,  security,  and  equality.   Their  familiarity  and  stability,  along  with  their   commonness  can  seem  boring.  They  are   generally  not  a;enon  ge;ers,  but  can  be   lted  to  add  an  unexpected  twist.  Think  of   web  pages  that  lts  framed  images  to  help   them  stand  out.    hYp://­‐design/visual-­‐grammar-­‐shapes/   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  57. 57. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  58. 58. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  59. 59. Triangles  can  be  stable  when  siQng  on  their  base   or  unstable  when  not.  They  represent  dynamic   tension,  acon,  and  aggression.  Triangles  have   energy  and  power  and  their  stable/unstable   dynamic  can  suggest  either  conflict  or  steady   strength.  They  are  balanced  and  can  be  a  symbol   for  law,  science,  and  religion.Triangles  can  direct   movement  based  which  way  they  point.  They  can   be  used  to  suggest  familiar  themes  like  pyramids,   arrows  and,  pennants.  Spiritually  they  represent   the  religious  trinity.  They  can  suggest  self-­‐discovery   and  revelaon.The  strength  of  triangles  suggests   masculinity.  Their  dynamic  nature  make  them   be;er  suited  to  a  growing  high  tech  company  than   a  stable  financial  instuon  when  designing  a  logo.   Triangles  can  be  used  to  convey  progression,   direcon,  and  purpose.  hYp://­‐design/visual-­‐grammar-­‐shapes/   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  60. 60. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  61. 61. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  62. 62. Spirals  are  expressions  of  creavity.  They  are  oMen   found  in  the  natural  growth  pa;ern  of  many   organisms  and  suggest  the  process  of  growth  and   evoluon.  Spirals  convey  ideas  of  ferlity,  birth,   death,  expansion,  and  transformaon.  They  are   cycles  of  me,  life,  and  the  seasons  and  are  a   common  shape  in  religious  and  myscal   symbolism.  Spirals  move  in  either  direcon  and   represent  returning  to  the  same  point  on  life’s   journey  with  new  levels  of  understanding.  They   represent  trust  during  change,  the  release  of   energy  and  maintaining  flexibility  through   transformaon.  Clockwise  spirals  represent   projecon  of  an  intenon  and  counterclockwise   spirals  the  fulfillment  of  an  intenon.  Double   spirals  can  be  used  to  symbolize  opposing  forces.  hYp://­‐design/visual-­‐grammar-­‐shapes/   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  63. 63. or  just  swirly  mixing  of  chocolate!   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  64. 64. Crosses  symbolize  spirituality  and  healing.  They  are   seen  as  the  meeng  place  of  divine  energies.  The  4   points  of  a  cross  represent  self,  nature,  wisdom,   and  higher  power  or  being.  Crosses  suggest   transion,  balance,  faith,  unity,  temperance,  hope,   and  life.They  represent  relaonships  and  synthesis   and  a  need  for  connecon  to  something,  whether   that  something  is  group,  individual,  self,  or  project   related..  hYp://­‐design/visual-­‐grammar-­‐shapes/   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  65. 65. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  66. 66. CURVED  SHAPES   SHARP  SHAPES   rhythm  and  movement   energy,  violence,  anger  happiness,  pleasure  and  generosity   lively  and  youthful   feminine   masculine   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  67. 67. OTHER  SENSES  TRIGGERED  BY  SYMBOLS  AS  WELL  –  TOUCH,  SOUND     da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  68. 68. Semiotics  investigates  emergent   cultural  meaning  Research     Semiocs  •  talking  to  consumers   •  culture  and  •  consumers’  feelings   communicaCons  •  conscious   •  analysing  adverts,  packs,   communicaCons   •  un/subconscious  •  As  it  is  now  –  dominant   •  As  it  will  be  –  emergent   codes   codes   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  69. 69. SO  HOW  ARE  BRANDS  USING  THESE  ELEMENTS?   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  70. 70. LOGOS  ARE  THE  EASIEST  PLACE  TO  LOOK,  BUT  THE  STUDY  OF  SEMIOTICS  GOES  BEYOND  LOGOS   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  71. 71. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  72. 72. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  73. 73. da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  74. 74. BRANDS  ARE  FUSING  THEIR  IDENTITY  WITH  BROADER  CULTURAL  SIGNIFICANCE   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands  
  75. 75. FOR  MORE  INFORMATION,  PLEASE  CONTACT    CHRISTINA@DA-­‐PAO.COM   da-­‐  |  powering  Vancouver  brands