RESUME Shanty Augustine 236 A. Aylmer Park, Monread Road, Naas, Co ...


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RESUME Shanty Augustine 236 A. Aylmer Park, Monread Road, Naas, Co ...

  1. 1. RESUME<br />Shanty Augustine<br />236 A. Aylmer Park,<br />Monread Road,<br />Naas,<br />Co. Kildare.<br />Mobile:-0877841873<br />Email<br />OBJECTIVE<br />To secure a full time job in Hospital or Nursing homes which provide,<br />• Convalescent care• Short term Respite Care• Long Term Care• Day/Weekend Care• Post operative/Post surgical Care• Rehabilitation• Nursing Care<br />SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION<br />Eleven and half years experience as Registered Nurse which includes:-<br />September 30th 2007 to still continuing as registered staff nurse in Larch field Park nursing home, Naas,Monread Road, Co Kildare, IRELAND. <br /><ul><li>Five and Half Years experience as Registered Nurse in the Cardiothoracic ICU Royal Hospital, Muscat ,Sultanate of Oman(Middle East)
  2. 2. Three years experience as Registered nurse in ICU St.Elizabeth Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  3. 3. One year Experience as Registered Nurse in Medical and Surgical Ward in Vijay Marie Hospital, Hydrabad, India.
  4. 4. Managed 4-5 patients per shift
  5. 5. Assisted with intubation, femoral, arterial and chest tube insertion.
  6. 6. Worked as In-charge nurse in Royal Hospital for 2 years.
  7. 7. Extensive experience in treating patients with
  8. 8. Cardiothoracic surgeries like CABG,ASD,VSD repair, TOF,TGA,ALCAPA,AV Canal repair, ROSS operation, Valve repair, Pleural effusion,PDA,Pericardiocentesis thorracotomy etc.
  9. 9. Congestive heart failure, pulmonary oedema,COPD,ML,LVF etc
  10. 10. Mechanical Ventilation and IABP
  11. 11. Extensive experience in handling equipment such as ventilators like Evita 4,Servo 900,Servo 300,Cardiac Monitors, Syringe Pumps,Defibrillators,IABP,Puls Oxymeters etc.
  13. 13. November 2008 (One day):Lifting and Handling
  14. 14. April 2008:Basic Cardiac life support
  15. 15. August 2000 (3 weeks):Care of IV infusions
  16. 16. June 2008:Phlebotomy course
  17. 17. December 1999:HIV/AIDS Programme
  19. 19. License:Registered Nurse
  20. 20. Certificate:Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery
  21. 21. Regd. No.:18302 - Certificate of Registration for Nurse
  22. 22. 18207 - Certificate of registration for Midwife
  23. 23. (Andhra Pradesh Nurse, Midwives, Auxiliary Nurse –
  24. 24. Midwives & Health Visitors Council)
  25. 25. EXPERIENCE HISTORY</li></ul>1.Sept 2007 to still continuing:Staff nurse<br />Larch field Park nursing home is 55 bedded nursing home providing nursing care<br />for long term residents, respite care, convalescent care, post operative patients.<br />DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES<br /><ul><li>Providing nursing care for residents with conditions ranging from a fracture to Alzheimer’s disease
  26. 26. Assessing residents health conditions, develop treatment plans, supervise licensed practical nurses and nursing aids.
  27. 27. Planning and implementing nursing care policies for the benefit of residents.
  28. 28. To evaluate ongoing practices and implement changes as necessary to improve the nursing care provided by the nursing home.
  29. 29. To report findings and observation to those in the higher levels of hierarchy in the medical field.
  30. 30. Responsible for performing frequent resident evaluations including monitoring and taking vital signs and administering medications.
  31. 31. Performing difficult procedures such as starting IV fluids, peg tube feeding, bed sore dressing and specimen collection etc. </li></ul> <br />2.March 2000 – August 2005:Staff In-charge plus Staff Nurse,<br />The Royal Hospital, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.<br /><ul><li>The Royal Hospital is Large 650 bedded hospital,teratiary teaching and acute general hospital , providing nursing care in all major specialities including general surgery, vascular surgery , day surgery unit, cardiothoracic unit , urology, gynaecology surgery.
  32. 32. Medical surgery includes cardiac respiratory,haematology,radiotherapy,diabetic,
  33. 33. Neuromedical, renal etc.
  34. 34. The post cardiac surgery unit caters for the Cardio-thoracic patients in entire Oman, PCSU separated for adult and paediatric.2 isolated beds for infected patients. Each patient has one
  35. 35. Nurse to give comprehensive nursing care and to monitor all the time.
  36. 36. As soon as receiving the patient from O.T Asses the patient and support the patient, once the patient stabilized proper planning for transfer the patient to general ward as recommended in the unit protocol.
  38. 38. Giving total nursing care on the operation day. Close monitoring of the vitals, appropriate documentatation in the hourly progress of patient.
  39. 39. Assessment any abnormality of parameters alert the doctor in charge.
  40. 40. Carryout any nursing procedures order according to hospital policy and procedures
  41. 41. Stand by and prepare necessary apparatus for extubation as according to hospital policy and procedures.
  42. 42. Taper and stop the ionotropes according to the improvement of parameters.
  43. 43. Proper planning for transfer the patient to general ward in the unit protocol.
  44. 44. Care of the patient while removing invasive line and chest tubes
  45. 45. Prepared duty schedule for the staff
  46. 46. Managed 4 to 5 patients per shift
  47. 47. Supervised and taught other junior staffs.
  48. 48. Maintained I/O charts, TPR Charts, Nurses record.
  49. 49. Assisted for chest tube insertion, defibrillation, re-exploration IV line insertion, central and arterial line insertion.
  50. 50. Ryle’s tube insertion, Foley’s catheter insertion.
  51. 51. Peritoneal dialysis.
  52. 52. Took ECG and reviewed
  53. 53. ABG analysis and correlation of acidosis
  54. 54. Prepared patients for re-exploration, wound debridement, plueroscopy etc.
  55. 55. Preventive maintenance of equipments.
  56. 56. Checked narcotic drugs in each shift and maintained narcotic register and kept them in locker.
  57. 57. Raised incident reports on unusual events.
  58. 58. Maintained crash cart trolley.
  59. 59. Extensive experience in handling equipment such as ventilators,defibrillator,cardiac monitor, infusion pumps, syringe pumps,ECG machine,puls oxymeter, suction apparatus,glucometers, electronic thermometer,puls oxymetry,ripple mattress, patrol pump, blood warmer,IABP etc.</li></ul>3.February-March 2000:Senior Staff Nurse, Medical and Surgical ICU<br />St. Elizabeth Hospital, Mumbai<br />St. Elizabeth Hospital is a 150 bedded hospital including ICU, CCU, NICU, Medical Surgical and Obstetrics.<br />CASES ENCOUNTERED<br />Cardiac problems such as myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, congestive heart failure, cardio myopathy,arrhythmias,COPD and all genera surgeries.<br />DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES<br /><ul><li>Caring for cardiac, respiratory and all other medical patients.
  60. 60. Providing a high standard nursing care to each patient in meeting his or specific needs.
  61. 61. Placement of patients for admission from A & E department and from other institution.
  62. 62. Continue to maintain high standard of care if patient is on any support equipment and with invasive line.
  63. 63. Act as advocator to patients who enable to express their feeling in related to the nursing care.
  64. 64. Arranged duty schedule and patient schedules for each shift.
  65. 65. Initiated CPR during cardio – pulmonary arrest operated defibrillators as needed.</li></ul>4.October 1995 – December 1996:Staff Nurse in Medical and Surgical<br /><ul><li>Vijay Marie Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA
  66. 66. Vijay Marie Hospital was a charitable institution 250 bedded with medical, surgical, pediatric, gynaec, NICU and general surgery.
  68. 68. Staff nurse on general relief throughout the hospital.
  69. 69. Assessment of patient needs.
  70. 70. Provision of working care on wards and units.
  71. 71. Education and assessment of student nurses at ward level.
  72. 72. Organising transfer of patients to other institutes and within the hospital.
  73. 73. Placement of patients for admissions from A & E Department.
  74. 74. Gastric lavage, gastric gavage, ryles tube insertion.
  75. 75. Tube feeding, colostomy care, bladder irrigation catheterization of bladder.
  76. 76. Experience in using equipment like infusion pump, syringe pump, nebulisers, oxygen and suction apparatus.
  78. 78. College
  79. 79. Alphonsa College (Pre Degree Examination) June 1987 – July 1989
  80. 80. Pala,
  81. 81. Kerala state, India.
  82. 82. High School
  83. 83. St. Sebastian’s High School (Secondary School Certificate) March 1987
  84. 84. Kadanad
  85. 85. Kerala State, INDIA
  86. 86.
  87. 87.