Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network (NICTN) incorporating the ...


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Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network (NICTN) incorporating the ...

  1. 1. N Ireland Cancer Trials Network (NICTN) incorporating The Cancer Centre and Cancer Units CR UK Clinical Director, NI CR UK Lead Nurse, London Senior Cancer Nurse, BHSCT CRN Craigavon CRN UHD Children’s Nurse Manager = joint appointment/management CRN Antrim Nurse Manager Antrim Lead Cancer Nurse Craigavon Lead Cancer Nurse UHD Lead Cancer Nurse Altnagelvin Sonographer professional accountability, via lead sonogrpaher Lorimer Suite NICCTU, East Podium Lisburn Road TBA – to be appointed, TBC – post to be confirmed CR UK Senior Nurse/ Deputy Director NICCTU Network and NICCTU Lead CRN ECT CRN Team with rotating team Leader x 3 Onc CRN Team with rotating team Leader x 6 +2 secondment Haem CRN Team with rotating team Leader x3 UKCTOCS CRN/CT Co-ord CRN UKCTOCS /UKOPS TBC/TBA UKCTOCS Sonographer Administrative Assistant Palliative CRN CRN RBHSC x2 Clinical Trials Co-ordinator CRN Altnagelvin Cancer Research Nurse(s)
  2. 2. Induction (1) • Meeting with key Network personnel • Mapping schedule of Network Team Meetings and site visits • Meeting with Consultants/Investigators and developing Network Trials portfolio • Data management training (including local exam) • Training on Research Governance processes and documentation • Clinical Trial Practitioner Workshop
  3. 3. Induction (2) • Meeting with R & D Nurse Programme Manager • Meeting with Cancer Research UK Senior Nurse • Meeting with CRUK Senior Lead Manager • Meeting with CRUK Senior Press Officer • Meeting with Key Consultants, Nurse Specialists, Nurses and support staff • Meeting with key personnel from clinical and support departments (laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and pathology) • Schedule of clinics and MDT meetings and other relevant meetings/video conferencing
  4. 4. Other Education and Training • Motivation Skills (Aisheen) • Leadership Skills (Aishleen & Ethna) • Handling Difficult Situations (Aishleen & Ethna) • Organizing and Supporting Meetings (Aishleen & Ruth) • Problem Solving and Decision Making (Aishleen) • Oral Presentation Skills (Aishleen) • Introduction to Audit and Research in Clinical Practice (Aishleen) • Competence in Nursing Roles (Ruth) • The Cambridge Experience (review of quality and practice in paediatric clinical trials) (Sinead)
  5. 5. Research Activities (1) • Identifying potential Network Portfolio for Cancer Units and initiating Research Governance processes • Conference poster on Network • Raising awareness of regional research development through co-authoring poster presentation All-Ireland Cancer Conference, Dec 2008 • Staff education about clinical trials and the new role • Article in Newsletter of the Haematology Association of Ireland Nurses Group about the network and CRN role • Developed trial stickers for medical notes at each unit
  6. 6. Research Activities (2) • Promoted GCP training among staff • Review of SOPs for Network Development • Established Northern HSC Trust (NHSCT) Operational Group and Steering Group • Established Southern HSC Trust (SHSCT) Operational Group and Steering Group • Research Article in Directorate Newsletter (NHSCT) • Acknowledgement in Directorate Annual Report to Chief Executive (NHSCT) • Member of Clinical Research Nurse Forum for NHSCT • Application for Sharing Excellence/leading Quality Awards (NHSCT)
  7. 7. Research Activities (3) • Representation of NHSCT and SEHSCT at the DHSSPS Central Nursing Advisory Committee R & D consultation on CRN competencies • Presentation to Senior Management Team South Eastern HSC Trust (SEHSCT) • SEHSCT Conference Presentation on clinical research and CRN role
  8. 8. Clinical/Professional Development • Co-authors Poster Presentation All-Ireland Cancer Conference, Dec 2008 • NI Cancer Research Nurse Strategy Group • Lecture on Clinical Trials, QUB Chemotherapy Course (Ruth & Ethna) • Lecture on Clinical Trials, Beeches Management Centre (Ruth) • Member of NHSCT Specialist Nurse Working Group (Aishleen) • Maintenance of mandatory training and clinical supervision • Academic Studies: MSc in Nursing, MSc Specialist Practice, BSc Specialist Practice
  9. 9. Specific Achievements • The new posts have greatly enhance the capacity for recruitment to cancer clinical trials at Cancer Units in N Ireland • The Visibility of the role as a result of the extensive awareness raising and networking within the Host Trusts has raised the profile of clinical research • Integration of the CRN as a member of the cancer team having a role as a resource for staff and patients has stimulated research interest
  10. 10. Challenges/Barriers to success (1) • Timing of the introduction of the posts with the Review of Public Administration in N Ireland, there were significant changes in management personnel within Trusts since the initial rounds of communication about the initiative. Hence there was a need to re-establish that knowledge and understanding with new personnel • Fears regarding the service impact of the introduction of clinical trials. To address this, the strategy has been to initiate low impact epidemiological studies in the first instance, to familiarize staff with the research process, while further discussions are on-going towards the introduction of intervention studies
  11. 11. Challenges/Barriers to success (2) • Time required for studies to work through the local approval processes has delayed the development of the portfolio, with recruitment to studies commencing end 2008 start 2009 • Understanding of the role of the Network CRN and the relationship with the N Ireland Cancer Clinical Trials Unit in its role as the co-ordinating centre of the N Ireland Cancer Trials Network has continued to develop among stakeholders
  12. 12. Challenges/Barriers to success (3) • Local line managers were very helpful in establishing resources for the Network CRNs however they did experience changes in accommodation and delays in establishing their computer/phone resources at the Host Trust. Issues of dedicated office space and equipment are still being negotiated in some settings
  13. 13. Aims for the Future • Establish the Operational Steering group in the coming year to increase and formalise stakeholder participation and agreed targets • Consider initiatives to widely promote the establishment of the Network, and develop written information to support this need • Further development of Network Portfolio at each Cancer Unit and increasing trial recruitment
  14. 14. NICTN Recruitment Totals 2008/09 Network section Accrual Cancer Units 43 Centre- Children’s 15 Centre- Adults 645 TOTAL NICTN Accrual 703