Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 22 - 31 October 2008


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Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 22 - 31 October 2008

  1. 1. TES 31/10/2008 1 V4 DRAFT / 31 October 2008 Life Sciences Taskforce A meeting of the Life Sciences Taskforce was held on Monday 27 October 2008 at 3:00pm at New Kings Beam House Professor Paola Domizio Registrar Minutes Present: Professor Adrian Newland Professor Sue Hill Professor Shelley Heard Dr Celia Aitken Professor Peter Furness Professor Goura Kudesia Dr Jo Sheldon Dr Paul Sinnott Dr Tim Wreghitt Ms Nicky Fleming Dr Geraldine Hartshorne Dr John Old Dr Trevor Gray Dr Julian Barth Dr John Stevens Professor Lesley Southgate President, Royal College of Pathologists, Co-Chair Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Co- Chair Director, Training and Educational Standards Chair, Virology Sub-Committee Chair, Histopathology SAC Chair, Virology CATT Immunology Chair, Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Sub-Committee Virology CATT MSC Professional Advisor Embryology Chair, Genetics and Clinical Embryology SAC Director of Examinations and Assessments President, ACB President, IBMS In attendance: Mrs Jenny Maddocks Training and Educational Standards Co-ordinator Apologies for absence: Dr David Bailey Dr Danielle Freedman Dr Martin Gill Dr Brian Shine Dr Siraj Misbah Dr Archie Prentice Dr Helen Williams Chair, Histopathology CATT Chair, Chemical Pathology SAC Chair, Medical Microbiology CATT Chair, Chemical Pathology CATT Chair, Immunology SAC – JRCPTB Chair, Intercollegiate Committee on Haematology Chair, Medical Microbiology SAC
  2. 2. TES 31/10/2008 2 V4 DRAFT Dr Graham Beastall Dr William Egner Dr Ian Watson Ms Joanne Brinklow Ms Terri Hobbs Dr Anthony Cumming Dr John Foster Dr Mike Scott Ms Shirley Fletcher Dr Mike Greaves MSC Professional Advisor Chair, Immunology SAC ACB Chair Head of Educational Standards, Royal College of Pathologists Modernising Scientific Careers Haematology Chair, Toxicology Panel of Examiners Haematology Educationalist, Modernising Scientific Careers Chair, Haematology Panel of Examiners LS 18/08 Welcome and Introduction The Co-Chairs welcomed the committee to the meeting. In particular they welcomed Dr Julian Barth and Dr John Stevens to their first Life Science Taskforce meeting. LS 19/08 Minutes of the meeting held on 22 July 2008 These were agreed as a correct record. LS 20/08 Matters arising from the minutes not raised elsewhere on the agenda a. LS13/08: Curricula development This was discussed under item LS23/08. b. LS15/08 Embryology and MSC Dr Beastall provided an update on reproductive science for the committee. It was reported that the MSC team had meetings with representatives of the Association for Clinical Embryologists (ACE) and the Association of British Andrologists (ABA). It was proposed that embryology and andrology be combined into a programme called Reproductive Science which could be included in the Cellular Science theme of the HCS rotational training programme. It was reported that there were concerns that basic semen analysis was not carried out to the same standard across the country as it is handled by different pathology disciplines. It was reported that practitioners in Reproductive Science welcomed the MSC proposal that basic semen analysis should be standardised within one pathology discipline and suggested that this should be cytology. The committee agreed that further information and details would be needed if this was ultimately to be reflected in service changes. Action: Nicky Fleming to write a short paper on how to take this issue forward. LS 21/08 Workforce planning and implementation arrangements for HCS in the context of the NSR It was reported that that a Centre of Excellence would be established to support workforce strategy and planning in the NHS. The aim of the Centre of Excellence is
  3. 3. TES 31/10/2008 3 V4 DRAFT to ensure that workforce strategy and planning is supported by evidence and analysis at every level in the health and social care system. Dr Barth reported that there was a need for provision of specialist services in laboratory medicine to support patient care. These services are also necessary for the delivery of training of future scientists and this needs to be factored into the planning structure. Action: Dr Barth to circulate his proposals for revitalising specialist services in laboratory medicine LS 22/08 Specialty Reports It was reported that Clinical Biochemistry, Histopathology, Immunology and Virology had already circulated draft roles and responsibilities of doctors and scientists for their specialties. It was reported that the Virology Sub-committee had produced a document which considers the contributions of each of the staff types to the provisional of a Virology service. The Sub-committee agreed that the virology document on generic roles and responsibilities could be used as a helpful template for the other specialties and would circulate it to the other specialities. The Co-chairs thanked Dr Aitken and the members of the Virology subcommittee on their work on this useful document. Action: Virology paper to be circulated to other specialties. LS 23/08 Update on the MSC Training and Career Framework Professor Heard presented a detailed presentation on the MSC model for the training and career pathway for healthcare science assistant, healthcare scientist practitioner and healthcare scientists. LS 24/08 Update on the Genetics/Life Sciences Pilot It was reported that Val Davidson has been confirmed as the MSC Professional Advisor for the Genetic pilot and was the Chair of the Steering Group. The aim of the Steering group is to oversee the development and implementation of the pilot programme with a focus on genetics and make recommendations from the pilot to support the development of the wider MSC programme. It was reported that there would be a request for “expressions of interest” from training department to take part in the pilot. The request would go to all NHS Genetics departments which would co-ordinate the expression of interest locally with the other specialties involved. It was anticipated that the pilot would start in September 2009. The committee commented that to have a draft curriculum by July 2009 was challenging. Work on the curriculum and the assessment strategy is underway. LS 25/08 Stem Cells and Tissue Development A meeting was held on 13 October with representatives from MSC, Haematology, Transfusion Science and Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics to discuss transfusion science. It was reported that Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics did not want to amalgamate with Transfusion Medicine. It was reported that link between haematology and transfusion science worked for the delivery of services in standard NHS laboratories but was not necessarily
  4. 4. TES 31/10/2008 4 V4 DRAFT appropriate for specialist transfusion centres, as transfusion science is more closely associated with Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics and areas of immunology than it is to haematology. Marion Scott recommended the creation of a cross- disciplinary specialty of ‘transfusion and transplantation’ as being appropriate for Healthcare Scientists working in such centres. It was notes that the Universities of Bristol and Edinburgh now offer MSc courses in ‘transfusion and transplantation’ which were well subscribed. It was noted that the potential existed within the MSC proposals for ‘stem cells and tissue development’ to be developed as an area of accredited specialist expertise within MSC. Ms Fleming had sought the views of the committee. The committee felt that further discussions were needed and this would be picked up at the curricula development workshops. LS 26/08 SHA Engagement events on MSC It was reported that the SHAs were actively involved in MSC developments. LS 27/08 Histopathology service review Professor Furness pre-circulated an update on Healthcare Scientists’ careers in Cellular Pathology. It was felt that there would be a need to train Consultant Healthcare Scientists in Molecular Biology, as applied to Cellular Pathology. Therefore it was proposed that Higher Specialty Scientific Training (HSST) curriculum should be developed to FRCPath level for healthcare scientists in the molecular aspects of cellular pathology. This would be further considered through the curriculum development process. LS 28/08 Next Steps document It was reported that the Next Steps consultation document would be published in November. LS 29/08 Any other business There was no other business to report. LS 30/08 Dates and times of meetings in 2009 It was reported that some dates would be emailed shortly to the committee.