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Download full conference programme - British Trauma Society


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Download full conference programme - British Trauma Society

  1. 1. British Trauma Society Annual Scientific Meeting 20-21 May 2010 PROGRAMME 20th May 2010 08:15 Registration 1A: General Trauma HalleSuite 1 1B: Hip Fractures Halle Suite2 09:00 [1A.1] The efficiency of full body radiography ‘Lodox - Statscan’ in the detection of peripheral skeletal fractures in adult trauma patients. Evangelopoulos DS1,2, Deyle S 1, Brehmer T 1, Benneker LM, Hasler R, Martinolli L Zimmermann H1, Exadaktylos AK1 UniversityHospital Bern, Switzerland [1B.1] Variations in venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention in hip fracture: results from a multicentre audit in the UK Masud, S., Sahu, A., Cook, G., Todd, B. D. Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK 09:05 [1A.2] The impact of full body computed radiography (Lodox-Statscan) in paediatric trauma patients. Can it replace conventional radiography? Evangelopoulos DS1, VonTobelM2, Cholewa D2, Wolf R3, Hasler R1, Martinolli L1, Zachariou Z2 , Exadaktylos AK1 UniversityHospital Bern, Switzerland [1B.2] What is the best management for patients on clopidogrel with a fractured neck of femur? Nwachuku, M. Jones, T. Clough[Wrightington] Wrightington Hospital, Wrightington, UK 09:10 [1A.3] Are there protective and risk factors in horse riding? A case – control study RMHasler1, L Gyssler1, LMBenneker2, H Zimmermann1, AKExadaktylos1 UniversityHospital Bern, Switzerland [1B.3] Initial Assessment andManagement of Fracture Neck of Femur Patients in the Emergency Department and the “Fast Track” System Dr J. Osei-Kufuor, Dr S. RoachandDr A. Patel 09:15 [1A.4] Are there risk factors in snowboarding? A case – control multicenter study RMHasler1, S Dubler1, LMBenneker2,Martinolli L, H Zimmermann1, AKExadaktylos1 UniversityHospital Bern, Switzerland [1B.4] Cancellous screwfixation foradult inracapsularneck of femur fractures: Our 10 years experience from a district general hospital RW Westerman, J Moore, A Yousef. King’s Mill Hospital, Nottinghamshire, UK 09:20 [1A.5] Ankle fractures: Impact of swelling on timing of surgery, length of hospital stay and the economicburden M. Sukeik, M. Qaffaf, G. Ferrier Cumberland Infirmary, UK [1B.5] Cementedvs Uncemented hemiarthroplasty M Asif, D Withers, MEldeen 09:25 [1A.6] Does pre-operative dehydration mask anaemia in hip fracture? G, J Love, P, K Rickhuss Ninewells Hospital, Dundee [1B.6] The use of outcome measures in patients with proximal fermoral fractures L Hutchings, R Fox, TJS Chesser Frenchay Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, UK 09:30 [1A.7] Rehospitilisation following foot and [1B.7] Hip Fracture: Albumin is a significant
  2. 2. ankle trauma surgery Rath NK, Guha AR, Khurana A, Thomas R, Hemmadi S and O’Doherty D. UniversityHospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK predictor of mortality in fractured neck of femur patients whilst age, length of stay and time to operation are not M. Jones, S. Akkena, T. Clough[Wrightington] Wrigthington Hospital, Lancashire, UK 09:35 [1A.8] Functional Outcome following Talar injuries HB. Tan, O. Obakponovwe, E. Karadimas, N. Harris, N. Kanakaris, Professor P.V Giannoudis Universityof Leeds, U.K [1B.8] Fractured Neck of Femur: The effect of fracture fixation and timing on mortality? C R J Jowett, MPrime, I Basu, T Davies, B Levack Queen’s Hospital Romford, Essex, UK 09:40 [1A.9] Is the Young and Burgess Pelvic classification system stillrelevant? The Northern Ireland Perspective G W McLean, D Kealey(T&O), KMcDonald Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland [1B.9] Revision Surgery of FailedDynamicHip Screws L McGonagle, KRandhawa, RA Stevenson, NJ Donnachie Wirral University Teaching Hospitals, Merseyside, UK 09:45 [1A.10] Fixation of Tibial Plateau fractures with SyntheticBone Graft versus Natural Bone Graft, a comparison study JCY Ong, A Mitra, JA Harty Cork UniversityHospital, Ireland [1B.10] Improving surgical precision: The role of continuous surveillance - TipApex Distance measurements in a District General Hospital T Southorn, M Porteous, M Wood West Suffolk Hospital, UK 09:50 [1A.11] Surgical Management of Infected Tibial Intramedullary Nails A Parkar, N Abhishetty, O Lahoti, S Phillips, G Groom Limb ReconstructionFirm King’s College Hospital, London. [1B.11] Audit of pre-operative echocardiogram in hip fracture patients with a cardiac murmur P. Jettoo, S. Junejo, J. Macdonald, P. Dixon, I.Talkhani Sunderland Royal Hospital, UK 09:55 [1A.12] Outcome of surgical management of post traumatic Tibial Osteomyelitis A Parkar, A Rashid, O Lahoti, S Phillips, G Groom Limb ReconstructionFirm King’s College Hospital, London [1B.12] Total hip replacement in acute displaced intracapsularproximal femoral fractures – The role of large diameterheads and theireffect on dislocation rates G. Cox, S. Kazzaz, M. Deacon John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK 10:00 30 Minutes of Questions 10:30 Refreshments 10:45 [1A.13] Anatomical Description of the Distal Tibial Anatomy in Relation to Fracture Fixation Using Minimally Invasive Plating Techniques Ashique A Ali*, J Gregory, W Goude & NK Makwana Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Shropshire [1B.13]Anticoagulation management in patient undergoing elective andemergency orthopaedic procedures KW Chan1 , HC Koh, AI Zubairy Burnley General Hospital, Burnley, UK
  3. 3. 10:50 [1A.14] An orthoplasticexperience of geriatric open tibial fractures N Bali, K Alo, KPorter, D Chester Selly Oak trauma unit, Birmingham, UK [1B.14] Post-operative reduction in Haemoglobin is relatedto rise in Troponin T following hipfracture surgery W Abdul, A Khurana, S Mukhopadhyay, K Mohanty UniversityHospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK 10:55 [1A.15] Knowledge of leg fasciotomy incisions amongst Plastics surgery and Orthopaedics juniordoctors T Boutefnouchet*, R Jose, G Titley Selly Oak Hospital, UniversityHospital Birmingham, UK [1B.15] Bipolar Hip Arthroplasty – are they ever converted to a THR? S Alazzawi*, W S Sprenger DeRover, J Brown, B Davis Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, UK 11:00 [1A.16] Decreasing Complicationsin Open Fractures with a Novel Bone Graft +1Brown, K V;2Li B; 1Guda, T; 2Guelcher S; 1Wenke J C Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN [1B.16] Acute renal dysfunction following hip fracture S. J. Benneta, , O. M..B. Berryb, J. Goddardc and J. F. Keatingd aCheltenham General Hospital, Cheltenham UK, bRoyal Army Medical Corps UK, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Little France Edingburgh UK 11:05 [1A.17] Risk factors for Infections in Combat- relatedOpen Fractures Kate V. Brown, Maj RAMC,1 ClintonK. Murray, LTC, MC, USA,2 Prof Jon Clasper, Col L/RAMC3 Institute of Surgical Research, San Antonio, TX, USA [1B.17] Femoral Head Histology For Intra- capsular Neck Of Femur Fractures BhangooN.S. , WestermanR.W. , HattonM. Nottingham UniversityHospitals 11:10 [1A.18] Evaluation of the West Riding Trauma Skills Course Davies J, PillingR, Dimri, R, ChakrabartyG [1B.18] Delay to Surgery in Hip Fracture Patients: Effect on Mortality, Length of Stay, and Post-operative Morbidity R.Berber, C. Boulton, Professor C. Moran UniversityHospital, Nottingham, UK 11:15 [1A. 19] Tibio-fibula transposition in high energy closedfractures RA Gledhill, PR Loughenbury, N Evans Scarborough General Hospital, UK [1B.19] SocioeconomicStatus: Influenceon the Incidence, Outcome and Mortality of Hip fractures C. Quah, C. Boulton, C. Moran Nottingham UniversityHospitals, UK 11:20 [1A.20] The Outcome of Grade III Open Tibial Fractures treated at a District General Hospital at 5 years Guryel E, HuddA & Khaleel A The RowleyBristow Orthopaedic Unit, Chertsey, UK [1B.20] The socio-economiccost of reoperation following initialsurgical management of proximal femoral fractures C.Thakar, T Hamilton, J. Alsousou, K. Willett John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK 11:25 [1A.21] The Chertsey Classification of Tibial Plateau Fractures and a Comparison of the Outcome of Treatment with Internal Fixation or an Ilizarov Fine Wire CircularFrame E. Guryel, S. Maret, R. Sharma, K. Newman, D. Elliott, A. Khaleel The RowleyBristow Orthopaedic Unit, Chertsey, UK [1B.21] Can I.V. Paracetamol Reduce the Opiate Usage in Acute Fracture Neck of Femur Patients? A District General Hospital Experience J Page, KTsang, PMackenney James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK
  4. 4. 11:30 [1A.22] End-to-side anastomosis forlimb salvage in the single artery of the traumatized extremity MohammadReza Ghazisaidi1 MD, Naser Mozafari1 MD, MasoudYavari1 MD, Seyed Nejat Hosseini 2, 3 MD . Universityof Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran [1B.22]Fibular Locking Nail in the treatment of fragility fractures of the ankle Rajeev, A S , Senevirathna S*, Radha S, KashyapNNS Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, UK 11:35 [1A.23] An Epidemiological Study of Diaphyseal Tibial Fractures: The Belfast Experience. Reasons for re-admission and treatment modalities A, James, D Kealey [1B.23] Treatment of Hip fractures using minimal ivasive approach for bipolar arthroplasty – A randomizedtrial F. Renken, A. Unger, C. M. S. Renken, M. Brahm, A. PSchulz Universityof Lübeck, Germany 11:40 [1A.24] Availability of “in hours” trauma theatres and its effect on the management of open lowerlimb fractures: Experience from a level 1 trauma centre Radha S, Senevirathna S, Aysha R, Baker P, Hui A, RajeevA James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK [1B.24] Early Results fortreatment of Unstable Pertrochanteric fractures in an elderly population with a new Proximal Femoral Locking Compression Plate Stevenson JD, Lever CJ, Ford DJ Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK 11:45 [1A.25] Internal Fixation of long-bone non- union: is bone graft necessary? D Ramoutar, J Rodrigues, CBoulton, CMoran Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK [1B.25] The effect of delayedoperative management on hipfracture patients taking clopidogrel M Webb, B Purushothaman, A Tate, I Wallace James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK 11:50 [1A.26] “Cut and Run”. Rapid life saving amputation using fire service hydrauliccutting equipment in entrapped trauma victims S, Robinson, MJ McNicholas, FRCS (Tr & Orth), I Polyzois, I Dunbar, APPayne, MForrest Warrington Hospital, Warrington, UK [1B.26] Strategies to improve the management of hip fractures within a large teaching hospital Dr S. Graham, N Frew, E Holloway Leeds General Infirmary, UK 11:55 [1A.27] A robotic hexapod external fixatorfor the correction of angulardeformity of long bones Wendlandt, R;Seide, K; Schulz, A P;Mueller, N. ; Jürgens, C UniversityHospital Luebeck, Dep. Of Biomechanics and Academic Orthopaedics BG Trauma Hospital Hamburg [1B.27] Subtrochantericfractures of femur: fixation using proximal femoral nailing R. Gupta, Y. Shenava, S. Orakwe Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London 12:00 30 Minutes of Questions 12:30 Phillipe Hernigou – Key Note Lecture 13:00 Industrial Symposiums andLunch 14:00 [1A.28] Implant development optimization using a real CT bone data base for a novel distal fibular plate (Lateral VariAx Fibula Plate) A P Schulz, V Burgherr, A Homeier, N Reimers, Prof. C Jürgens [1B.28] Fragility fractures and socio- economicstatus T. W. Hamilton, K. M. Willett John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford, UK 14:05 [1A.29] SuccessfulBilateral LowerLimb Replantation Surgery [1B.29] Reverse oblique intertrochanteric femoral fractures treatedwith the
  5. 5. Syed Shah Intramedullary Hip Screw(IMHS) D TS Chou, A M Taylor, CBoulton, CG Moran 14:10 [1A.30] Tibial nailing, An Innocent procedure ? Ten year study A.P Singh, Mahale, BKSingh [1B.30] Outcome of Total Hip Replacement for Subcapital Neck of Femur Fracture in Younger Active Patients – Our Experience in a Non- SpecializedCentre K Campbell, U Munir & N Emms St Helens and KnowsleyTeaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Liverpool. U.K. 14:15 [1A.31] Outcome of single stage treatment of Chronic Osteomyelitis J Singh, S Marwah, A Platt, G Barlow, R Raman, H K Sharma Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals, UK [1B.31] Hip precautions after hemiarthroplasty for intracapsular fractures– what is happening in the UK and at what cost? R. Fox, R Halliday, S Barnfield, J Roxburgh, J. Dunford, TJS. Chesser Frenchay Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, UK 14:20 [1A.32] Management of Open Tibial Fractures – Implication of BOA/ BAPRAS guidelines to acute trauma service in a district general hospital S Srinivas, H Versey, A N Murty Northumbria healthcare NHS Trust [1B.32] Day 1 Surgical Failure in DHS fixation for intertrochantericfractures R Badge, A Whitehouse, H Mamoowala, J Doyle, B Ilango Fairfield General Hospital, Bury, UK 14:25 [1A.33] Prophylactic fixation of donor site in radial forearm osteocutaneous free flaps using locking reconstruction plate augmentedwith mineral cement F Yaish, PJettoo*, A Waton, H B’Durga, A Nanu [1B.33] The Cephalocervical Proximal Femoral Compression Nail - Early experience, complication rates and TAD comparison with the DynamicHip Screw R. Barksfield, P. McCann, I. McFadyen Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Gloucestershire, UK 14:30 [1A.34] The helicopteremergency service in the transport of trauma patients: a systematic review of the evidence D P Butler, KWillett John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK [1B.34] Percutaneous Femoral Nail Failures Following Fixation of Extracapsular Fractures of the Hip - Incidence, Causes and Prevention Craik JD, Lloyd J, Koziol L, O’Hara L Poole General Hospital, UK 14:35 [1B.35] Correlation between MRI and Arthroscopic findings in pathology of the Menisci: Closing the loopwith a Re-Audit W. S. De Rover1, D. Klass2, A. Toms3, T. Marshall4, J. Cahir5, R. Goodwin6
  6. 6. 14:40 [1A.36] Intra- and Inter-observer Reliability of Jones Patellofemoral Assessment after medial compartment UKR WB Sprenger De Rover1, S Alazzawi2 , S.Kang3, TO Smith4 ,NPWalton5 [1B.36] Establishing a new trauma and emergency medicine department n a level 1 hospital covering 3 million persons R Jafari , Z KBamdad Beheshti Universityof Medical Sciences , Iran 14:45 [1A.37] Peripheral nerve injury following combat extremity trauma – does plantar sensation return? *RamasamyA1, BrownKV1, EardleyWGP1, Etherington J2, Clasper JC1 , Stewart MPM3, Birch R4. 1Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma, RCDM, Birmingham. 2Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, Epsom, Surrey. 3James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough. 4Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex. [1B.37] The Fall of IM Nail. The Changing Pattern of Tibial Shaft Fracture Surgical Management and the Impact on Training K Tsang, J Page, PMackenney James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK 14:50 [1A.38] Intra-medullary nailing fortibial shaft fractures: shouldit only be done by trauma specialists? M A Nazar, B Narayan Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, Liverpool, UK [1B.38] Is “Softcast” (3M) strong enough foracute potentially unstable paediatricforearm fractures? G Wansbrough, L Wilson, G Donald Queenland Universityof Technology, Brisbane, Australia and Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia 14:55 [1A.39] Do we always need24 hour observation for patients with small intracranial bleeding? Martinolli L, Schaller B, Evangelopoulos DS, Müller C, PouljadoffMP, ZimmermannH and Exadaktylos AK UniversityHospital Bern, Switzerland [1B.39] Preparation and outcome of the emergency medical services in the hospital and prehospital fieldduring the EUFA Euro 2008 in Bern Switzerland Martinolli L,TanyeliE, RuppP, Hasler R, Bähler H, Neff F, Exadaktylos AE UniversityHospital Bern, Switzerland 15:00 [1A.40] Multipurpose use of Reamer Irrigator Aspirator system: early experience N.K. Kanakaris, HBTan, S. Britten, P.V. Giannoudis Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Academic Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Leeds, UK [1B.40] Outcome of distal tibial metaphyseal/pilon fractures treatedwith a polyaxial lockedplating system H B Tan, N KKanakaris, N Harris, PV Giannoudis Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Leeds, UK 15:05 [1A.41] Patients in an unstable/extremis physiological state with femoral shaft fractures: An analysis of outcomes Peter V Giannoudis, AshishSoni, HiangBoon Tan, NikoloasKKanakaris Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust University of Leeds, U.K. [1B.41] AO approved nailing system; is it effective? KW Chan1, J Wong, NW Thompson Altnagelvin Area Hospital, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  7. 7. 15:10 [1A.42] Judet Osteo-PeriostealDecortication For Treatment Of Non And Mal Union: The Cornwall Experience K Naik, PMGuyver, C Wakeling, MNorton Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro [1B.42] Bone Defect Augmentation in Tibial Plateau Fracture J Kozdryk, R Muthukrishnan, PGriffiths Wirral University Teaching Hospital 15:15 [1A.43] Inter-surgeon variation in skin incisions fortibial nailing in relationto the infrapatellarnerve A.L.A. Kerver2, M. Leliveld1, H.P. Theeuwes2, M.H.J. Verhofstad1, G.J. Kleinrensink2 Elisabeth Hospital, Tilburg, the Netherlands and the UniversityMedical Center. Rotterdam, the Netherlands [1B.43] Distal Tibial Fractures: is the role of locking plates understood? S McKenna, Prof AJ Johnstone Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 15:20 [1A.44] Infrapatellarnerve damage, a possible cause for chronic anteriorknee pain after tibial nailing M. Leliveld, M. Verhofstad St. Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg, The Netherlands [1B.44] The relationshipbetween time to surgical debridement and incidence of infection in grade III Open fractures J Singh, Z Hashim, S Marwah, R Raman, H K Sharma Hull Royal Infirmary, East Yorkshire, UK 15:25 [1A.45] Evaluation of delay in operative fixation and outcome of closedankle fractures M Spiteri 1, MAbela 2 Mater Dei Hospital, Malta [1B.45] Percutaneous management of asepticfemoral fracture non union F Yaish, A Nanu, A Cross Sunderland Royal Hospital, UK 15:30 30 Minutes of Questions 16:00 Emil Schemitsch – KeyNote Lecture 16:30 [1A.46] Complications associatedwith the use of ilio-sacral screwfixation in posteriorpelvic ring injuries AJB Tasker, A Odutola, R Fox, CMorrey, AJ Ward, TJS Chesser Frenchay Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, UK [1B.46] TrimalleolarFracture of Ankle Joint Clinical Outcome Study R A Stevenson, S Hakkalamani, MS Hennesy Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Wirral, UK 16:35 [1A.47] Management of simultaneous fractures of the acetabulum and pelvic ring: Clinical andfunctional outcomes H Boon Tan, O Obakponovwe, N KKanakaris, PV Giannoudis Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK [1B.47] The Modified Brostrom Procedure – early results using a newly described surgical technique H A Kazi, A PMolloy Aintree university Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Long Lane, Liverpool, UK 16:40 [1A.48] Lower Limb Traumatic Amputation – the importance of pelvic binding for associated pelvic fractures in blast injury A M Cross, W de Mello, J J Matthews [1B.48] Wound Complications afterOpen Reduction and Internal Fixation of Calcaneal Fractures – A Case Series K Malhotra, T Nunn, CMann 16:45 [1A.49] Haemorrhage Control in Emergency Pelvic Fractures – A Survey of Surgical Capabilities K.Davies, A.J.Metcalfe, B.Ramesh, A.O’Kelly, R.Rajagopal North Wales NHS Trust (Central Division), Glan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales, UK [1B.49] The financial impact of diastasis screw fixation versus tight-rope fixation of injuries to the syndesmosis with fractures of the ankle Craik JD, RajagopalanS, Lloyd J, Sangar A, Farrar MJ andTaylor HP Poole General Hospital, UK
  8. 8. 16:50 [1A.50] Loosening of anteriorpelvic metalwork following open reduction and internal fixation of a traumatic pubic diastasis S E Putnis, R Pearce, U J Wali, MD Bircher, MS Rickman St. George’s Hospital, London, UK [1B.50] Fractures of the base of Vth metatarsal- shouldwe treat them? R. Kakkar, P. Akimau, CMitchell, P. Fearon Northern Deanery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 16:55 [1B.51] Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal base or an avulsion fracture – do we really needto distinguish between them? R. Kakkar, PAkimau, P. Fearon Northern Deanery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 17:00 [1A.52] The Biomechanics Of Lag Screw Insertion: A Comparison Of The Synthes DynamicHip Screw, DynamicHelical Hip Screw, Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation And The StrykerGamma 3 Lag Screws M J H McCarthy, J McFarlane, R Long, R Weston, S Gheduzzi, J Keenan andA Miles Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, UK [1B.52] Evaluation of the syndesmotic-only fixation for Weber-C ankle fractures associatedwith syndesmoticinjury R Mohammed, S Syed, S A Ali Selly Oak Hospital, UniversityHospital Birmingham NHS Trust 17:05 [1A.53] A Biomechanical Analysis of Lag ScrewPosition in the Femoral Head for Cephalomedullary Nailsusedto fix Unstable PeritrochantericFractures 1Kuzyk, PRT;1Higgins, G; 2Zdero, R; 2Shah, S; 2Olsen, M; 1Waddell, JP; 1Schemitsch, EH Universityof Toronto, and St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada [1B.53] Pragmatic treatment of ankle fractures of uncertain stability: clinical features and risk of displacement S Akhtar, A Fox, J Barrie East Lancs Hospitals Trust, UK 17:10 [1A.54] A Biomechanical Comparison of Static versus DynamicLag ScrewModes for Cephalomedullary Nails 1Kuzyk, PRT;1Higgins, G; 2Zdero, R; 2Shah, S; 2Olsen, M; 1Waddell, JP; 1Schemitsch, EH Universityof Toronto, and St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada [1B.54] Evaluation of Variable Locking Plate (VLP) fixation of lateral malleolus fractures of the ankle N Peterson, G Kumar, B Narayan Royal Liverpool UniversityHospital, Liverpool, UK 17:15 [1A.55] Fixing Eggshells? – some comparative results forthe performance of three different condylar fracture fixation devices. C.J.Brown, R.A.MacInnes, P.Procter, G v.Oldenburg, I.D.McDermott, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK [1B.55] Shouldthe PosteriorTibial Tendon be routinely exploredfor damage in displaced medial malleolarfractures? A James, A Wilson 17:20 [1A.56] A novel form of electrical stimulation increases osteoblast activity: potential implications forenhancedfracture healing M. GriffinBSc;Dr A, Sebastian, PhD;Dr A, Bayat MD, PhD Universityof Manchester, Manchester, UK [1B.56] How good is our ankle fix? RowanC, Geddis C, WilsonA Royal VictoriaHospital TraumaUnit, Belfast
  9. 9. 17:25 [1A.57] Can DCP and LCP plates generate more compression? F Yaish, MSukeik, A Nanu, A Cross Sunderland Royal Hospital, UK [1B.57] Do undisplacedstable ankle fractures ever displace? V Selvaratnam, V Shetty, T Manickavasagar, V Sahni Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, UK 17:30 [1A.58] Extraction of high numbers of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from intramedullary cavities of long bones G.Cox BMBS, P. V GiannoudisMD, S. Boxall PhD, C. BuckleyPhD, E. Jones PhD, D. McGonagle PhD Universityof Leeds, NIHR Biomedical Research Unit and TrinityCollege, Dublin [1B.58] Management of geriatricAnkle & Distal Tibial Fractures with Percutaneous Tibiotalocalcaneal Nail V Upadhyay, S Rajagopalan, D Panchal, A Sangar, MDunning, MFarrar, H PTaylor Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK 17:35 [1A.59] The Reamer- irrigator-aspirator (RIA): A systemicreview G. Cox, E. Jones, D. McGonagle, P.V Giannoudis Universityof Leeds and Leeds NIHR Biomedical Research Unit [1B.59] Rupture of Achilles tendon: Operative and non-operative management R Kearney, ML Costa, J Achten, N Parsons UniversityHospitals Coventry& Warwickshire/ Universitypf Warwick* 17:40 [1A.60] Comparing the Prognostic Performance of S100B with Prognostic Models in Traumatic Brain Injury M M Lesko1, T Rainey2, CChilds2, O Bouamra1, Sa O’Brien3 , F Lecky1 Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK Salford, UK 40 Minutes of Questions 17:45 [1A.61] Massive blood transfusion practice in the UK G. Fuller, O. Bouamra, M. Woodford, F. Lecky Universityof Manchester, Hope Hospital, Salford, UK 17:50 [1A.62] Comparing Model Performance for Outcome Prediction Using Total GCS and Its Components in TraumaticBrain Injury Mehdi Moazzez Lesko1, Tom Jenks1, SarahJ O’Brien2, Charmaine Childs3, , Omar Bouamra1, Fiona E Lecky1 Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK Salford, UK 17:55 [1A.63] Major incident tabletop exercises: a high tech, low cost evolution JS Mooney*+;PA Driscoll* & LS Griffiths+ Salford Royal Hospital Foundation Trust Universityof Salford, UK 18.00 20 Minutes of Questions 18:20 AGMof BTS 19:35 Symposium Dinner
  10. 10. 21st May 2010 08:15 Registration 2A: General Trauma HalleSuite 1 2B: Hip Fractures Halle Suite2 08:30 [2A.1] Failure analysis of the arthroscopic tightrope technique for ACJ dislocation A Adimonye, EO Pearse, TD Tennent St George’s Hospital, London, UK [2B.1] Volar Locking Plates: How much rigidity is neededfor adequate fracture fixation? S Baliga. A J Johnstone Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland 08:35 [2A.2] External rotation splint to prevent recurrence in young anteriorshoulder dislocators S Venkatachalam, R Pratt North Tyneside General Hospital, North Tyneside, UK [2B.2] Intramedullary nailing of pathological fractures of the ulna S Bennet, P McCann, I McFadyen, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Brighton& Sussex UniversityHospitals, NHS Foundation Trust 08:40 [2A.3] Clinical Decision Analysisin the management of displaced mid-shaft clavicle fractures: The patient’s perspective S Kalra, H Sprot, S Mukhopadhyay, KN Subramanian, A Robertson UniversityHospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, UK [2B.3] A retrospective study of the position of immobilisation andfunctional outcome of metacarpal & phalangeal fractures, with subgroup of 5th metacarpal neck fractures H B Colaco, PArumugam, S Patel, A Khan Whipps Cross UniversityHospital NHS Trust London, Eastbourne District General Hospital East Sussex and University College Hospital London 08:45 [2A.4] Radiological Outcomes of Distal Radius Extra-Articular Fragility Fractures Treated with Extra-Focal KirschnerWires C Kennedy(1), MT Kennedy(2), D Niall(2), A Devitt(1) University College Hospital, Galway, Republic of Ireland and Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore, Co Offaly ,Republic of Ireland [2B.4] Lateral Clavicle Fixation using a locking T-Plate C Kerin, O Ennis, KD Smith, D McClelland UniversityHospital of North Staffordshire, UK 08:50 [2A.5] InnerCity Gunshot Injuries: South London Experience Mansouri, R.*, Tsitskaris, K., Gudipati, S., Kavarthapu, V. King's College Hospital, London, UK [2B.5] Do Precontoured Locking Clavicle Plates Fit? L K Milnes, D Boardman, T D Tennent, E O Pearse St George’s Hospital, Tooting, UK 08:55 [2A.6] Routine laboratory tests in adult trauma – are they necessary? SMJ Duggan, L Ghosh, PA McCann Weston General Hospital, Weston-Super-Mare, UK [2B.6] Precontoured clavicular locking plates for acute displaced clavicle fractures and establishednon-unionsas day cases L K Milnes, T D Tennent, E O Pearse St George’s Hospital, Tooting, UK 09:00 40 Minutes of Questions [2B.7] The impact of rotator cuff status on the outcome of shoulderarthroplasty for proximal humerus fractures M Mansha, D Mackay, G Broome Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle 09:05 [2B.8] Split paediatricforearm POP casts
  11. 11. do not needreinforcing G Wansbrough, L Wilson, G Donald Queenland Universityof Technology, Brisbane, Australiaand Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia 09:10 30 Minutes of Questions 09:40 Bob Handley 10:10 Refreshments 10:30 [2A.7] Re-operation for tendon adhesions following open reduction and internal fixation of metacarpal fractures Syed, S, MohammedR, Hussain, S, Waldram, M, Power, D, Tan, S UniversityHospital Birmingham NHS Trust [2B.9] Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing forBoth-bones Diaphyseal Forearm Fractures in Children. Is a Radius-only Fixation Sufficient? AlnaibM, Taranu R, Lakkol S, AlcelikI, Tulloch CJ UniversityHospital of North Tees, Stockton- on-Tees, UK 10:35 [2A.8] Retrospective review of primary total elbow replacement (TER) for osteoporotic fractures of distal humerus in the elderly over ten year period G Abbas, GSJ Chuter, JR Williams Newcastle General Hospital and Newcastle Upon-Tyne UK [2B.10] Management and outcome of paediatric femoral fractures: 10 years experience at a London Trauma Centre Bridgens A, Mangwani J, Shanker S, KeyS, Ramachandran M, BarryM& PatersonM The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, UK 10:40 [2A.9] Internal fixation for intra-articular distal humeral fractures in the elderly – results and causes of failure Sivardeen, Q Ajmi, W Holdsworth. Homerton UniversityHospital, UK [2B.11] Remanipulation rates in paediatric fractures: a review of 593 manipulations J Craig*, J Ballard Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Ireland 10:45 [2A.10] The numberof instability markers is a significant predictorof outcome in distal radial fractures and can be usedas a guide to devise a standardized management strategy for these fractures R Bhattacharyya, B S Morgan, PMukherjee, S Royston Northern General Hospital Sheffield and Rotherham District General Hospital Rotherham UK [2B.12] Dorsal Cortical Comminution As a Predictor of Re-displacement of Distal Radius Fractures in Children Sharma S, Bowe D, Walters S, Flowers MJ Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK 10:50 [2A.11] Are they tough enough? A comparison of how the shearmechanical properties of rotator cuff repair patches match normal and torn rotator cuff tendons S. Chaudhury, C. Holland, F. Vollrath, A.J. Carr 
 Oxford, UK [2B.13] Paediatric forearm fractures - Are we doing justice in treating them? R. Vaidyalinga Sharma1, A. Keightley2, A. Unnithan3 Brighton and Sussex UniversityHospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, UK 10:55 [2A.12]Characterisation of differences in shear mechanical properties between torn and normal rotator cuff tendons S Chaudhury1, CHolland2, F Vollrath2, A Carr1 1 Nuffield Orthopaedic Center, Oxford and2 Universityof Oxford, UK [2B.14] Trampoline Trauma P Wall, PBuddhdev 11:00 [2A.13] Coracoclavicular fixationusing arthrex tightrope fixation device S R Giri [2B.15] Management of displaced radius and ulna shaft fractures in children- shouldwe be afraid of surgical intervention?
  12. 12. K S Wronka, CCorbin, S Richards Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Dorest, UK 11:05 [2A.14] Outcome following clavicular hook plate C.R. Jackson, A. A. Faraj [2B.16] Clinical outcome following internal fixation for displaced lateral humeral condyle fractures in children T Singh, R Vadivelu, PGlithero, E Bache Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, UK 11:10 20 Minutes of Questions 11:30 Paula Richards 12:00 Industry Symposium 13:00 [2A.15] Does the DVR plate recreate normal anatomy following fractures of the distal radius? P Menéndez, S Patel, H B Colaco, F S Hossain, E J Taylor, MH Lee UniversityCollege Hospital, London, UK [2B.17] The ‘Cushion Effect’ of humerus M Chong, D Mahadeva, G Broome, S Wang Royal Wolverhampton Hospital, UK and Universityof Michigan, USA 13:05 [2A.16] Use of Tutobone to augment internal fixation of three and four part proximal humeral fractures S. Patil, S. Ahmad, M. Ismail andR. Liow James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK [2B.18] Anatomically contoured locking plate fixation for unstable fractures of the lateral clavicle N K Rath, R S Kotwal, H Pullen, R Evans UniversityHospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK 13:10 [2A.17] Do we needcontoured plates for clavicle fractures? Sadiq, S. Mahmood, T. Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester, UK [2B.19] Ulnar shortening osteotomy: Are complications underreported T Singh, S Chan, S Tan, MCraigen The Birmingham Hand Centre, Birmingham, UK 13:15 [2A.18] The pattern of Upper Limb Injuries following Motor Vehicle Crashes M Chong, G Broome, S Wang Cumberland Infirmary ,UKand University of Michigan, USA [2B.20] Does splintage methodfollowing volar plating of the distal radius influence length of inpatient stay? D Kalloo, MHakimi, G Eastwood, A Lavender 13:20 [2A.19] Outcomes of distal radius fracture fixation with APTUS locking plates and variable angle locking screws T Singh*, N Jagodzinski+, R Norris+, S Tan*, V Rajaratnam*, J Jones+, D Power* *The Birmingham Hand Centre, Birmingham UK and +Peterborough District Hospital, Peterborough UK [2B.21] Alcohol and hand trauma – an opportunity for alcohol misuse education? Rakowski K, DhillonB, Baker R andDheansa B Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, UK
  13. 13. 13:25 [2A.20] Functional outcome of proximal humerus fracture treated by Philos plate M.Al-Najjim, A. Mustafa, S. Lipscombe, M. Waseem Macclesfield District General Hospital, UK [2B.22] Surgical Management of Distal Tibial Metaphyseal Fractures with a Locking Plate L McGonagle, J Kozdryk, J Stamer Wirral University Teaching Hospitals, Merseyside, UK 13:30 [2A.21] Surgical Management of Distal Tibial Fractures with an External Fixator J Kozdryk, L McGonagle, J Stamer Wirral University Teaching Hospitals, Merseyside [2B.23] Explosion-mediatedfracture pattens relate to environment; a forensic biomechanical approach A Ramasamy1,2, A MHill2, I Gibb3, S Masouros2 , A MJ Bull2, J CClasper1 Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham UK, Imperial College London UK and Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport, Hampshire UK. 13:35 [2A.22] Fractured Hip: The effects on coagulation and, The outcome for those on warfarin P Wall, CLever, PRoberts [2B.24] A Recent Dataset of Traumatic Brain Injury Demonstrates That Brain Swelling andBrain Stem Injury Are the Only Significant Predictors of Outcome Among Various Computed Tomography (CT) Findings M Moazzez Lesko1, CChilds2, SO’Brien3, O Bouamra1, F Lecky1 Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK 13:40 [2A.23] A comparison of accuracy of different Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS)- like models in different trauma populations M AC de Jongh1 , MHJ Verhofstad1 , L PH Leenen2 Traumacenter Brabant St. Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg and UniversityMedical Center Utrecht 13:45 15 Minutes of Questions 15:00 Conference Closes