Social realism update 3


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Social realism update 3

  1. 1. Social Realism Film
  2. 2. Today we all need to be able to; -Identify genre conventions within a short sequence -Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and gratifications of the genre, discussing technical conventions. -Demonstrate a clear understanding of the exam formula.
  3. 3. Link cards, What is Social Realism?
  4. 4. SOCIAL REALISM A realistic, hard look at contemporary Britain Convention categories • • • • Character roles Narrative themes Technical conventions Mise en Scene and iconography
  5. 5. Social Realism Character roles The protagonist is typically a working class hero who strives for an improved life and circumstance than the one they find themselves in at the beginning of the narrative.
  6. 6. Social Realism Character roles A non nuclear, often dysfunctional or broken family
  7. 7. Social Realism Character roles - Representation It is widely agreed by critics of the genre that Social Realism has represented females in a negative light. Often representing them as under the authority of and dependent on m
  8. 8. Social Realism Narrative themes Social realism narrative themes represent real life with all its difficulties. The narrative follows the lives of niche under represented groups of people usually through a hardship, struggle or social injustice. The narrative themes are ones that are typically under discussed and are either not or not entirely accepted by society. Typical narrative themes include issues such as; the so called underclass, under age pregnancy, paedophilia, depression, homosexuality and abortion. A common narrative theme is the desire for a better life.
  9. 9. Social Realism technical conventions The genre uses predominantly diegetic sound, hand held camera work, a shallow depth of field alongside a linear narrative and natural lighting. Simple cuts with no effects is accompanied by a slower overall pace. Lots of close ups and POV shots are used. This medium reflects its concept.
  10. 10. Social Realism Mise en scene and iconography • Real unvarnished, typically working class locations • Factories, council houses/blocks, terrace streets or other locations you would traditionally find the working class. • Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. • Graffiti filled run down locations • So called working class fashion that connotes certain subcultures or stereotypes.
  11. 11. Analysing a clip 1 as a class.
  12. 12. Task – How typical is your chosen text of its genre? Each pair has a short sequence assigned in – A2 Media-documents - Fish Tank sequences. View the sequence twice, analyse, make notes and discuss. (10 minutes) Then produce a response to the question on your blogs. These will be marked by your peers. (15 minutes) Just before you get started….
  13. 13. Task – How typical is your chosen text of its genre? • Establish the text, genre and any theories in an introduction. Give a good first impression, add flare. • Apply the exam technique. • Identify a genre conventions present, which makes it typical of its genre and justify it with detailed scene analysis, which refers to technical conventions where ever appropriate. • Use the wording from the question throughout • Conclude your findings. Remember - The exam only gives15 minutes for each text
  14. 14. Task Mark an assigned students work in the comment box of the post. • Is there an introduction which establishes the text, genre and any theories. Does it give you a good first impression, if not what could they add? • Does the written response apply the exam technique – is each convention followed by a narrative description? • Does the response use the wording from the question throughout. Make suggestions for appropriate opportunities if not. • Were there any further conventions the response does not include, make suggestions with narrative examples. • Does the narrative examples refer to technical codes and conventions? Again give examples.
  15. 15. Charlotte. B- Beth-Kirby- Clip 3 Yasmin – Lauren. S – Clip 2 Charlie– Jack - Clip 5 Shannon– Leah- Clip 6 Callum- Sophie – Clip 4 Matt-Michaela–Clip 5 Emma – Charlotte. M- Clip 4 Lauren. B – Amy – Clip 2 Anima – Joe – Clip 2
  16. 16. Marking groups Charlotte. B – Sophie -Anima Beth- Callum Yasmin – Lauren. B Amy- Lauren. S Charlie– Joe Kirby – Shannon Leah- Matt Michaela - Joe Emma – Charlotte. M-
  17. 17. Review peer marking