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Post modern

  1. 1. Post ModernismToday we will be studying the theory– “Postmodernism” and inparticular within Media texts. We will analyse the theory and its variousstrands, this is so we can apply the theory to the texts studied inpreparation for the exam and more urgently texts studied and analysedfor your investigation.1.The general theory2.The Remix3.The Hybrid4.Intertextuality5.Parody/Pastiche6.Hyperreality; Post modern representation of reality
  2. 2. Post Modernism – The theory Postmodernists claim that in a media-saturated world, where we are constantly immersed in media, 24/7, on the move, at work, at home, the distinction between reality and the media representation of it becomes blurred or even entirely invisible to us. We have come to the stage where we are copying copies and reality and identity is becoming blurred. In other words, we no longer have any sense of the difference between real things and images of them. The theory suggests everything now has been made and all we can now do to find glimpses of originality is to mix two old things together. Post modernism is also blurring the object to time identity.50’s 60’s The present 70’s
  3. 3. Post Modernism – The ReMix - HybridPost modern texts are ‘remixed’ through pastiche, hybridity, parody andintertextual references. By mixing texts together you gain value and characteristicsfrom the ones that came before. This can be cleverly used to your advantage.For example if I create a Hybrid film, how does that benefit me, as a director,who’s aim is to make money? Youtube
  4. 4. Intertexuality •Is the relationship which are forged between different texts •This could be classified simplistically as a texts influence•The concept of intertextuality reminds us that each text exists in relation to others. In fact, texts owe more to other texts than to their own makers •A television program, for instance, may be part of a series and part of a genre, thus some of the text is already created before it begins •Texts provide contexts within which other texts may be created and interpreted Youtube How does Stellar add value to their product?
  5. 5. Post Modernism is helping us deconstruct texts• In order to make sense of the Absolut Vodka advertisement you need to know what to look for. Such expectations are established by reference to ones previous experience in looking at similar advertisements. Once we know that we are looking for the shape of the bottle, it is easier to perceive it. Modern visual advertisements make extensive use of intertextuality in this way. Sometimes there is no direct reference to the product at all. Instant identification of the appropriate interpretative codes serves to identify the interpreter of the advertisement as a member of an exclusive club, with each act of interpretation serving to renew ones membership.
  6. 6. Parody/PasticheThese films do not belong on themselves, they are copying copiesThey imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comedy
  7. 7. Traditional media representation of realityThe mass media were once thought of as holding up a mirror to, and therebyreflecting, a wider social reality to what you the individual would see in yourlocal environment
  8. 8. Post Modernism representation of reality Now that reality is only definable in terms of the reflections of that mirror. It is no longer a question of distortion since the term implies that there is a reality, outside the surface simulations of the media, which can be distorted, Now we are copying copies and representing hyper reality as reality and thus being influenced by a fake reality, the actual reality seems to have been lost, so what is reality now?‘Pure’ reality is thus replaced by the hyperreal where any boundary between the realand the imaginary is eroded. What we see on television, we see as the real and thuscopy it within our lives, so the real is being lost unconciously. This influenced the filmthe Matrix.
  9. 9. youtube