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  1. 1. Sketch Books Camera Angles, Shot types, Camera Tech I.S.O Aperture Shutter Speed White Balance Own image examples with description of the theory behind them High angle shot; Used to help make the subject look venerable or scared Eye level shot; Used to help make the subject look nutral Description for what it is, when to use It and some of your own images to demonstrate (1)
  2. 2. Sketch Books Genre Overview (Double page) Specific Photographer Analysis (Double Page) Your Own genre images (at least Double Page) Street, Portrait, Landscape, Staged narrative, Human form, Documentary   (2)
  3. 3. Genre Double Page Specific Photographer double page A brief introduction to the photographer, the style and nature of their work, the motives and influences and why you have chosen them in relation to the topic (what inspires you about their work). Print examples of the type of work that inspires you. The more you can write about concept and technique the better A tidy well presented layout A double page that explains what the genre actually is. What separates it from other genres. What are the genres specific goals and conventions? Include images of a variety of different examples from within the genre. Ensure you include artist names and body of work titles. Include brief detail on these collections. Think about alignment and symmetry
  4. 4. Your specific genre images double page Print out 2-4 images of your own that are genre specific. Analyse how these images are a part of the genre. Talk about what you were trying to demonstrate by taking the images. Think about and describe your technical and conceptual practice. Six Pages on each genre Assign pages now in pencil
  5. 5. Landscape What it is; Landscape photography is a genre which demonstrates vast or intimate natural spaces within our world. The genres goal; Much of the genre is shot to capture and show an appreciation for untouched/spoilt natural areas of beauty. In the opposite direction, the genre can be produced to show mans effect on naturally produced landscape. Commercially; it can simply be the documenting of a space.
  6. 6. Natural Beauty or Mans effect?
  7. 7. Natural Beauty or Mans effect? Ansel Adams
  8. 8. Natural Beauty or Mans effect?
  9. 9. If you plan to shoot landscape lighting it crucual. Most photographers shoot at dusk or dawn to gain a more dramatic light.
  10. 10. Burdeny transforms naturally produced scenes into abstract textures and patterns. He takes a natural landscape and gives it a new identity. David Burdeny-Drift Mustard field, Canada Pacific ocean Paris Plague
  11. 11. David Burney- Scars
  12. 21. From its beginnings and continuing into the present era, some of the most important and celebrated landscape photographers have been motivated not only by artistic aims but also by a love of the natural environment, as well as a desire to see it preserved Conceptual Landscape Technical features It is recommended that landscape is shot on high resolution DSLR Cameras in RAW format Usually wide angle lens (24 mm and 35 mm are especially popular) are used to capture the vast scenery of a landscape. Recommended Landscape photographers for sketch books David Burdeny Emma Livinston