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Induction project photography


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Induction project photography

  1. 1. Induction task 1 – Considering the relationship between Aperture, I.S.O and Shutter Speed. Objective – To understand and demonstrate how aperture, shutter speed and I.S.O only work in conjunction with one another, hence, the exposure triangle. Stage 1 – Practical Capture three portraits which use the aperture F/22, F/8 and F/4.5, which are correctly exposed and focused. You must consider the relationship between the 3 settings and work out whilst shooting how the key settings need to interact to ensure correct technical images. Whilst shooting always consider; 1.Composition 2. The location you use (background) 3. The aims of the portrait genre 4. What equipment you will need 5. White balance 6. Directing your subjects, remember they cannot see themselves. 7. Where is your light source? Can you use it to your advantage, shade, highlights etc. Stage 2 – Write up and presenting in sketchbooks 1. Define aperture, shutter speed and I.S.O in your sketchbooks and discuss how they can change the visual characteristics of an image. Also discuss they all work in conjunction with each other. If you change one you usually have consider what you need to do to the other to ensure correctly exposed images. 2.Ensure the pages in your sketchbook are correctly titled 3. Only stick in technically perfect images in as your final piece 4. Discuss how you had to adjust the shutter speed and I.S.O accordingly to correctly expose the image in relation to the aperture setting. 5. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses surrounding framing, composition, positioning of subject in relation to ambient light and portrait genre objectives. Deadline –17th September,