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A2 exam section A advice


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A2 exam section A advice

  1. 1. A2 Media Exam Section A Film industry
  2. 2. For our film texts we need to be able to answer any question on… Genre Representation Narrative
  3. 3. Only 2 of these 3 areas will actually appear on your exam and then you decide which one area you will answer the question on. Genre Representation Narrative Genre Representation Narrative 2012   2011   2010  
  4. 4. Past examples of exam questions for our film texts.   A1.  Explore  the  narra2ve  structure  of  your  three  main  texts.    [30]   Or,   A2.  'Most  texts  today  mix  genres.'  How  true  is  this  of  your  three  main  texts?.  [30]     A1.  To  what  extent  are  your  chosen  texts  typical  of  their  genre?  [30]   Or,   A2.  Explore  the  different  representa2ons  of  either  women  or  ethnicity  in  your  chosen   texts.  [30]     A1.  Explore  the  ways  in  which  your  chosen  texts  reinforce  or  challenge  typical   representa2ons  of  gender.  [30]   Or   A2.  How  do  your  chosen  texts  use  genre  conven2ons?  [30]   A1.  Explore  the  different  representa2ons  of  either  men  or  age  within  your  three  main   texts.  [30]   Or,   A2.  How  important  are  characters  to  the  narra2ve  of  your  three  main  texts?  [30]  
  5. 5. The strategy you use to answer the question is very important. Structuring your answer and the language you use is vital. You must follow the identify and justify model. You firstly identify a point that you beleive answers the question but you must follow it by Justifying it with a narrative description, you have to refer to the text. For example for the question, “How stereotypical are the representations of gender in your chosen texts?” You could answer The representation of females in my chosen text Fish Tank both conforms and opposes the generic stereotype. For example we see non stereotypical representation due to females often being represented as violent. A clear example of this is when the protagonist Mia argues with a group of girls from her school over their dancing and Mia’s non inclusion. The argument spirals into insults and when Mia is offended she responds by head-butting one of the girls in the nose. You could argue cinema often represents male with this type of behaviour and therefore this is a non-stereotypical representation of a female.