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Christie reed using photoshop to enhance images


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Published in: Education
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Christie reed using photoshop to enhance images

  1. 1. Using Photoshop to Enhance Photographs<br />
  2. 2. I used the dodge and burn tools to increase the depth in the tree. I increased the blue scale to affect the branches. I also used the dodge tool to lighten the blank spaces in between the leaves in the background and expanded them to create more balance.<br />I think the change in colour makes the tree stand out more as the main focus of the image and increasing the depth of the hole in the tree creates more interest because it gives the impression that there could be something more inside it.<br />
  3. 3. I increased the saturation of the red parts where the paint had peeled. I used the burn tool to darken the glass then went over the cracks with the dodge tool to make them stand out. I lightened the white wood to remove the blemishes then darkened the larger cracks.<br />The increase in contrast in the colours of this image makes it look more sinister which is what I hoped for . It also makes the red stand out and look deliberate rather than messy. <br />
  4. 4. In this image I decreased the saturation of the whole image then lightened the edges of the paints whilst darkening the centres using the doge and burn tools. I also sharpened the wood on the wall in the background and blurred the paint in the foreground . I increased the contrast and decreased the brightness in the lower part of the image.<br />I wanted this image to look less garish and for it to be less obvious at first what the image is. <br />
  5. 5. I used the smudge tool to stretch the tips of the petals into points. I also increased the contrast and brightness of the image. I used the burn tool to darken the wood outlining the petals and shadows and increased the concentration on the stems and red petals.<br />I elongated the petals and enhanced the wood supporting them so that it was apparent that they were models not drawings. Also to show how delicate they are as with real flowers.<br />