29 july 11 viper friday flight


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Viper Friday Flight July 29, 2011

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29 july 11 viper friday flight

  1. 1. Viper F riday F light For 29 July 2011 C H I L D C A R E F O R F R G M E E T I N GS FRG childcare funding is available to pay for child care provided by Child, Youth and School Services(CYSS) to encourage attendance at official FRG meetings in support of the FRG mission. 3 hours of child careper child, per month, Official FRG meetings, Regardless of ARFORGEN cycle, regularly scheduled FRGMeetings open to all members. Activities not covered fundraising, steering committee meeting, and socialevents. FRG members who misuse this program may be: denied child care for future FRG meetings, required topay for child care prior to reinstating services. ACS will validate child care charges by comparing them withFRG attendance sheets, ACS will send notification letter to Commander with names of no-shows. SA V A N N A H C H A T H A M C O U N T Y PU B L I C SC H O O L R E G IST R A T I O N Registration begins July 27. Your child must complete their school health screenings prior toregistration. School health screenings will be held at Tuttle, July 30 from 8-12, appointment is needed. NewPulaski Elementary School and other Savannah Chatham County schools begin August 22, 2011. For moreinformation please contact the HAAF School Liaison Office at 912-315-6586. Savannah C hatham County Public School C hoice 1-29 July In accordance with House Bill 251, parents of school age children in SCCPSS are given theopportunity to transfer their student to a school of choice based off the 2011-2012 school choice list. Parentswill obtain a transfer request form from the School Liaison Office and mail it to Pupil Personnel NLT July 29,2011. Parents should be aware that they are responsible for transportation to the new school of choice while thechild remains at that school. Pupil Personnel Services at 208 Bull Street, Room 311, Savannah GA 3140, formore information, please contact Autry McGary at 315-6586. SC H O O L H E A L T H SC R E E N I N GS School Health Screenings will be conducted Saturday, 30 July 2011 from 8 a.m. to noon at Tuttle andRichmond Hill clinics and Sat., 20 August 2011 from 8 a.m. to noon at Winn and Tuttle clinics. Appointmentsare required. There are also daily walk-in appointments available for School Health Screenings conducted atthe Winn Family Practice and Richmond Hill clinics during clinic hours. Winn Pediatric and Tuttle ArmyHealth clinics will conduct school health screenings by appointment only! Please ensure you take advantage ofthe available services provided to ensure your children will be ready for school! For an appointment please call(912) 435-6633 or (800) 652-9221. “Caring for the Rock”! Back to School F air @ Tominac F itness Center (H A A F)Fair will be held on 4 August 10 am to 2pm at HAAF’s Tominac Fitness Center.  Local school representatives,CYSS, back to school fashion show, giveaways, and kid’s activities.  For more information please call 315-6586. W I N N A C H Baby E xpo 27 August: Patriot Auditorium, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Open to the Public. Free educational information, doorprizes, baby dance-off and more!
  2. 2. C YSS Youth Sports Registration Registration for tackle football/cheerleading and fall soccer will begin 1July and end 15 Aug, 2011 or when all slots are filled. Registration is open to CYSS members living on or off- post. Football is open to ages 7-12 (age as of Aug.1, 2011), Cheerleading is open to ages 6-13 (age as of 31 Dec, 2011) Soccer is open to ages 4-13 (age as of 1 Aug, 2011). Register online at https://webtrac.mwr.army.mil/webtrac/stewartcyms.html or call Parent Central Services at 912-767-2312, located in building T-0029 (next to post library). Parent Central Services is open by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Walk-ins welcome on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For additionalinformation on sports programs, call the Youth Sports Office at 912-767-4371 or 912-767-9342. Volunteers arealways welcome and needed to coach. If interested, call 912-767-4371 or 912-767-9342 or visit Jordan YouthGym, located at building 608, West 6th Street. All new volunteers are required to submit to a backgroundcheck. D O G D AYS O F T H E M A R N E F O O T B A L L S K I L LS C L I NI CJuly 28-30: CYSS is offering a football skills clinic for CYSS registered youth (ages 8-17). Clinic runs fromJuly 28 thru July 30, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and will be held at the Youth Sports football field located behind SAS(School Age Services), Bldg. 6571 off Davis Ave. There is no charge and space is limited. The clinic focuseson speed, agility, stance and starts, catching and character building. Signup by July 25 at Jordan Youth Gym,Bldg. 608 and for details, call 767-1428 or 767-5079. C H I L D C A R E SP A C E A V A I L A B I L I T Y UPD A T E A T ST E W A R T/H U N T E R Childcare service is available on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Current spaces available atFort Stewart are for 22 Infants, 17 Pre-Toddlers, 37 Toddlers, 90 Preschoolers, and 70 School Age children.Childcare on Hunter has space for 15 Infants, 13 Pre-Toddlers, 11 Toddlers, 30 Preschool, and 90 School Age. H O M E A L O N E C H I L D SUP E R V ISI O N P O L I C Y : According to Army Regulation 608-18, dated October 30 2007, children inGrade 6 and younger (under age 13) require supervision. This is applicable to allSoldiers, Family Members, civilians, and contractors, living and/or working atFort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield. Such supervision may be provided by theirparents, other adults, Child Development Services/School Age Services or insome instances, children who are at least 13 years of age. They will not be leftunsupervised in quarters at any time, nor will they be left under the supervision ofother children for extended periods. To report information about known orsuspected child abuse contact Social Work Services HAAF 315-5236 or ArmyCommunity Service HAAF 315-6816 or Directorate, Emergency Services, at 315-6133. You can also followthis link for additional information: http://www.stewart.army.mil/DMWR/acs/curfew.asp. F O O D DRI V E O NG O ING Now through Aug 31: Federal employees nationwide are stepping up to meet a challenge of gathering 2 million pounds of food for Families in need. Army Community Service staff recently kicked off this food drive locally. Federal employees and others can donate non-perishable items such as canned fruits, vegetables, Hygiene Items, Paper Products and more. In the next couple of weeks, look for collection boxes at ACS locations, and around post at places like the commissaries, chapels, brigade headquarters, and hospitals. If you would like to donate before collections boxes are available, simply drop your items off at any ACS location. All donations collected at Stewart-Hunter will be given to food banks in the local area. For more information, call ACS (Stewart) 767-2467/5058 or (Hunter) 315-6816.
  3. 3. N A T I O N A L PI Z Z A D A Y B O W L I N G SP E C I A L July 31: Purchase a 17" pizza and receive 2 FREE games of bowling from 2-8 p.m. on Sundays in Julyat Hunter Lanes Bowling Center, Bldg. 1280. For more information, call 315-6279. 30 May- 31 A ugust, K ids Bowl F ree ProgramSelect bowling centers and schools around the country are participating in the K ids Bowl F ree program! Thisprogram is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun wayfor kids to spend time this summer. Children 15 years of age and under are able to register for 2 free games aday, all summer long, courtesy of the participating bowling centers along with the schools and organizations!Standard Shoe rental rates apply! For more information on this program, please visit www.kidsbowlfree.com.Participating Local Bowling C enter is:F rames N G ames located at 6 Towne Center C t., Pooler, G A , 31322, (912) 330-5577A vailable Hours: T ues: 10 am – 5 pm; W ed: 10 am – 5 pm; T hurs: 10 am – 5 pm; F ri: 10 am – 5 pm;Sunday 5 pm – close. Or call (912) 961­1535. Lost and FoundFort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield have a lost and found program. If you want to report or check on a lostitem, visit building 280, 354 East Bultman Avenue on Fort Stewart and check with Detective Hooks, 912-767-9596/9026. The Hunter Army Airfield point of contact is Detective Battista, at building 1240, 197 SouthLightning Road at 912-315-5374/2940. Rock n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & 1/2 Register today for the Inaugural Rock n‟ Roll Savannah Marathon & ½! The marathon will be held on Saturday, 5 Nov 11 at 0730 and will start in downtown Savannah and end in Forsyth Park. It will feature a liveband every mile during the race. The cost to participate is $115 per person for the marathon, & $105 per personfor the ½ marathon. The price includes an official race t-shirt, goody bag, refreshments at the start, along thecourse, & at the finish, a finishers medal & certificate, live bands every mile, and admission to the Post-RaceHeadliner Concert. Online registration will close on 30 Oct 11. For more info & to register please visithttp://runrocknroll.competitor.com/savannah -tip Google search coupons and discount codes. I got $15 dollars off my registration fee using a promocode! 2011 J A C K SO N V I L L E J A G U A RS SE ASO N T I C K E TS SA L E K I C K O F F The 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars Season Tickets are on sale at Stewart and Hunter Leisure Travel Servicesoffice. This year we have a limited supply of End Zone tickets in Section 124 ($60 per person), as well as ourregular season tickets in Sections 200 and 400 $43 per person). All tickets are for Jaguars Home Games only.Visit Leisure Travel Services, (Bldg. 419 inside Stewart AAFES Furniture Mall or Bldg. 1286 on Hunter) Mon-Fri, 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and (Stewart location only) Sat, 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. noon. For more information, call767-2841 (Stewart) or 315-3674 (Hunter). BRE W O F T H E M ARNE: The Brew of the Marne Snack Bar is now open, located inside the Tominac Fitness Center, Bldg 919,Hunter Army Airfield, Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm. F R E E SA V A N N A H T H E A T R E T I C K E TS FOR SHOWS RUNNING through Aug 21: Savannah Theatre has provide 2,000 tickets for differentshows (Country Star Revue or The Beat Goes On), that the Savannah Theatre puts on between now and Aug.21. The tickets are for Active Duty Soldier and their Family Members. One thousand tickets are available atboth Stewart and Hunter Leisure Travel Services for pickup on a first come first served basis. Once tickets are
  4. 4. obtained, reservations must be made by calling 233-7764 for the show you want to see. For more information,call 767-2841 (Stewart) or 315-5163 (Hunter). Missoula Children’s Theater Presents: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 25-30 July 2011 open to ages 7-18 at the Hunter Army Airfield Theater (behind the bank). Formore information please call 315-5425 or 767-3781. REGAL MOVIE THEATRES SUMMER MOVIE EXPRESS! Moviegoers of all ages can climb aboard to enjoy a great selection of films. During this 9-week festival select Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres will offer selected G or PG rated movies for only a dollar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00am. Participating local Theatre- SAVANNAH STADIUM 10, 1132-34 Shawnee Street Savannah GA 912-961-1535 Please note--Both movies listed below will be shown on both dates, at the same time (10:00 am) on different screens, you will need to choose in advance which of the two available movies you would like to see! 8/2-8/3 KUNG FU PANDA, TALE OF DESPEREAUX 8/9-8/10 MADAGASCAR 2, RAMONA & BEEZUS For further information, please visit http://www.regmovies.com/summermovieexpress/default.aspx?zip=31405Or call (912) 961­1535. H E L P T H E R E C Y C L I N G E F F O R T , A V O I D C O N T A M I N A T I O N: Contaminating recyclables and some sewage spills can be prevented if grease, fats, and oils are kept out of the recycling containers and the sewer system. Help prevent future problems by not putting grease or oil in your recycling container. Also, do not pour grease down sinks, toilets, or garbage disposals. Instead, scrape grease and food scraps in the trash. Help us protect you, your property, and our environment. For more information, please contact the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division at 767-2010. A CS JU LY-SE P T E M B E R C A L E N D A R O F C L ASSES A N D N E WSL E T T E R:The new calendar of classes is available online, including online registration. Also, check out the ACSNewsletter for great articles, tips, and upcoming events! Simply go to the ACS web page on the Team StewartWebsite located at www.stewart.army.mil/DMWR/acs. Call 767-5058 for more information! O P E R AT I O N R ISI N G STA R TA L E N T SE A R C H SI G N UP,Ongoing: Now is the time to sign up thru Aug. 26 for Operation Rising Star, the Armys version of AmericanIdol sponsored by VFW to be held at Rockys Zone, Bldg. 703. Starting on Aug. 30 (1st Round) at 7 p.m.Participants will compete in follow on rounds of singing competition: Sep 6 (2nd Round), Sep 13 (3rd Round),and Sep 20 (Finals). The winner will receive $500 and advance to the finals, 2nd place $250 and 3rd place$100. To be eligible, you must be Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve from any branch of service or afamily member 18 and older with a valid DoD ID card of the aforementioned to compete. Also, there is a SpiritAward, the unit or FRG with the best supportive presence at all four nights during the competition will receive$300 prize to be deposited into the FRG fund. Any unit can participate in the Spirit Award regardless of
  5. 5. contestant participation. For more information and details on how to sign up, call 767-4316 and go towww.stewartmwr.com for a copy of the application and rules. W I L D L I F E P H O T O C O N T EST R E G IST R AT I O NRegistration is ongoing and is open until Nov. 3 at Stewart Pass & Permit Office, Bldg. 8093 for amateurphotographers (ages 4 and older) to compete in the 2011 Wildlife Photo Contest. There is a youth and adult group. The entry fees are $5 per photo (ages 4-15) and $10 per photo (ages 16 & older). Photograph entries must be turned in to Stewart Pass & Permit Office by Nov. 3 and winners will be selected on Nov. 16. For details and contest rules, call 435-8061. M ARNE BO O K C LUB (for adults 18 & over), July 20: Join fellow readers (Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees & Army Civilians) at George P. Hays Library, Bldg. 411 starting at 7 p.m. and be introduced to new authors, ideas and participate in book discussions. Julys book is "Cleopatra" by Stacy Schiff. For more information, call 767-2828. UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTSDATE/TIME EVENT LOCATION25-29 Jul, 0900-1500 “Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs” Production Auditions & Practice, Bldg 1289; Performance at HAAF Theater (Missoula Children’s Theater – Open to ages 7-18) (Performance is 30 Jul, 1500)29 Jul, 0900 Chaplain’s Corps Birthday Holbrook Pond, FS29 Jul, 1300 Ft Stewart Garrison Commander’s Golf Scramble Taylors Creek Golf Course, FS30 Jul, 0800-1200 School Health Screenings Richmond Hill & Tuttle Clinics (Appointment Only)1-31 Aug Women’s Equality Month1-31 Aug Anti-Terrorism Awareness Month1 Aug-30 Sep Hunter Club Closes for Renovation of A/C and Electrical1 Aug Bullock County First Day of School1,8,22,29 Aug, 0900-1200 Master Resilience Training for Family Members ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF2 Aug, 0900-1100 Resume Writing Workshop ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF3 Aug Bryan County Public Schools First Day of School3 Aug, 0600-2100 Adventure Landing Trip (SAYS MST)3 Aug, 1300-1400 Overseas Briefing Korea and Germany ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF4 Aug USCG Birthday4 Aug Liberty, Effingham, Evans County First Day of School4 Aug, 0900-1100 Resumix: Insiders Tips ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF4,11,18,25 Aug,0900-1100 Scream Free Parenting ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF4 Aug, 0900-1200 FRG Treasurer Training ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF4 Aug, 1000-1400 HAAF Back to School Fair Tominac Fitness Center, HAAF4 & 11 Aug, 1300-1500 The Five Love Languages ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF5 Aug Long County Public Schools First Day of School5 Aug, 1930-2230 First Friday Oyster Roast and Fireworks Riverside at The Westin, Savannah6 Aug, 0900-1800 First Saturday on the River River Street, Savannah
  6. 6. 8 Aug FS DoDEA Schools First Day of School8 Aug, 1000 Pulaski Elementary School Ribbon Cutting Hunter AAF Ceremony8-9 Aug, 1300-1700 GED Registration Dates Education Center, Rm 228, FS9 Aug Effingham County First Day of School9,16,23 Aug, 0900-1100 10 Tools for Your Parenting Toolbox ACS, Bldg 1286,HAAF9 & 23 Aug, 0900-1030 Financial Planning for PCS ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF9-10 Aug, 0900-1500 Army Family Team Building Level I Education Center, Rm 18, HAAF9 Aug, 1300-1500 Hearts Apart ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF9 Aug, 1700 CYSS Parent Advisory Meeting CDC, Bldg 1284, HAAF10 Aug, 0800-1900 Carowinds Trip (SAYS MST)10 Aug, 0900-1100 Living on a Plan: How to Create a Budget That ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF Works10,17,24 Aug, 0900-1100 Before Baby Arrives ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF11 Aug Glynn County First Day of School11 Aug, 0900-1030 Volunteer Management Training: Volunteer ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF Placement12 Aug, 0800 HAAF Garrison Commander’s Golf Scramble Hunter Golf Course, HAAF13 Aug, 0600-2100 Tanger Outlet Center Trip (SAYS MST)16 Aug, 0900-1100 Four Initial Steps to Employment ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF17 Aug, 0500-2100 White Water Trip (SAYS MST)17 Aug, 0900-1100 Keeping Your Bank Account in Check ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF17 Aug, 1300-1500 Cdr/1SG FRG Training Course ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF17 Aug, 1430-1530 Overseas Briefing Alaska & Hawaii ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF18 Aug, 0900-1100 Interview Workshop ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF18 Aug, 0900-1100 3 C’s of Credit ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF18 Aug, 0900-1400 Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself/ ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF Keys to Managing Stress18 Aug, 0930-1100 Post Windshield Tour ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF th18 Aug, 1000 224 MI Bn Change of Command Ceremony Truscott Air Terminal, HAAF th19 Aug, 1100 4 IBCT Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 4IBCT HQ, Bldg 8433, FS20 Aug, 0800-1200 School Health Screenings WACH & Tuttle Clinic (Appointment Only)22 Aug Savannah-Chatham County Public School First Day of School22 Aug Effingham County Public Schools First Day of Pre-K22-26 Aug, 0800-1700 CYSS Provisional Training Soldier/Family Service Center, Bldg 1286, HAAF22 Aug, 1100-1300 Foreign Born Spouses Support Group ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF23 Aug McIntosh County First Day of School23 Aug, 0930 3SB Change of Command Ceremony Cottrell Field, FS (0830 – Awards Ceremony Bldg 1 Foyer)24 Aug, 0900-1100 Transition to Teachers Information Session Education Center, FS23 Aug, 1100 Hunter Spouses’ Club Luncheon Richmond Hill City Center24 Aug, 1130 Women’s Equality Day Observance Club Stewart, FS
  7. 7. 25 Aug, 0900-1200 Social Media ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF25 Aug, 1330 Monthly Retirement Ceremony Club Stewart, FS26 Aug Chatham County First Day of School26 Aug, 1000-1600 Historic Savannah Church Tour Meet at Hunter Post Chapel, HAAF26 Aug, 1300 FS Garrison Commander’s Golf Scramble Taylors Creek Golf Course, FS27 Aug, 1000-1400 WACH Baby Expo Patriot Auditorium, FS27 Aug, 1800-2100 Old Fort Jackson Auction & Low Country Boil Old Jackson Auction, Savannah29-30 Aug Deployment Fair Main Post Chapel, FS30 Aug, 0900-1500 Home Buyer’s Workshop ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF30 Aug, 0930 HAAF FRG Meeting Truscott Air Terminal, HAAF30 Aug, 1000-1400 Liberty County Chamber of Commerce Vendor Fair Club Stewart, FS30 Aug, 1400-1600 Boot Camp for Dads ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF30 Aug, 1900 Operation Rising Star Rocky’s Zone, FS31 Aug, 0930 FS FRG Meeting Club Stewart, FS31 Aug, 1800-1930 Facebook Town Hall Meeting Crisis Management Center, FS1 Sep-18 Nov CFC Campaign1-30 Sep Suicide Prevention Month1 Sep, 0900-1100 Resume Writing Workshop ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF1 Sep, 0900-1100 Resumix: Insiders Tips ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF1 Sep, 0930 4IBCT Change of Command Ceremony Cottrell Field, FS (0830 – Awards Ceremony Bldg 1 Foyer)1 & 8 Sep, 1300-1500 10 Great Dates ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF2 Sep Division Training Holiday5 Sep Labor Day Federal Holiday5-6 Sep Hunter Commissary Closed in Observance of Labor Day6,13,20 Sep, 0900-1100 Before Baby Arrives ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF6,13,20 Sep, 0900-1100 10 Tools for Your Parenting Toolbox ACS, Bldg 1286,HAAF6 Sep, 1900 Operation Rising Star Rocky’s Zone, FS7 Sep, 0900-1100 FRG Fundraising ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF (Registration is required)7,14,21 Sep, 1400-1600 Infant Care ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF7 Sep, 1500 Savannah Chatham County Public Schools Board Whitney Admin Complex, Meeting 2 Laura St, Savannah7-8 Sep, 0830-1630 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training SFSC, Bldg 1286, HAAF8,15,22,29 Sep,0900-1100 Scream Free Parenting ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF8 Sep, 0900-1030 Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF Workshop8 Sep, 1800 HAAF 9/11 Freedom Walk Hunter Club Parking Lot9-10 Sep Case Lot Sale at HAAF Commissary HAAF Commissary9 Sep, 1800 FS 9/11 Freedom Walk Cottrell Field, FS10 Sep, 1000-1200 Hunter Chapel Back to School Bash Hunter Chapel11 Sep Grandparents Day12,19,26 Sep, 0900-1100 Fly Families Class ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF12 & 19 Sep, 0900-1200 Master Resilience Training for Family Members ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF
  8. 8. 13 Sep, 0830-1400 VA Stand Down for Homelessness Savannah Civic Center Parking Lot13 Sep, 0830-1500 FS/HAAF FRG Leader Rally Richmond Hill City Center13-15 Sep, 0900-1430 Army Community Service (ACS) Instructor HAAF Chapel Annex Classroom, Training (3 Sessions) Bldg 129, HAAF13 & 27 Sep, 0900-1030 Financial Planning for PCS ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF13 Sep, 1900 Operation Rising Star Rocky’s Zone, FS14 Sep, 0900-1100 Living on a Plan: How to Create a Budget That ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF Works14 Sep, 0900-1100 HAAF RISF Soldier & Family Service Center (H)14 Sep, 1030-1430 Community Showcase/Travel Show Tominac Fitness Center15 Sep-15 Oct Hispanic Heritage15-16 Sep, 0830-1630 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Main Post Chapel, FS15 Sep, 0900-1100 Key Caller Training ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF15 Sep, 0900-1100 Interview Workshop ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF15 Sep, 0900-1400 Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself/ ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF Keys to Managing Stress16 Sep, 0800 Hunter Garrison Commander Golf Scramble Hunter Golf Course16 Sep, 1800 Hinesville POW/MIA Observance FS Museum, FS16 Sep, 1900 Savannah POW/MIA Observance Emmet Park, Savannah17 Sep Citizenship Day17 Sep, 0700-1000 HAAF Kids Fishing Event Hallstrom Lake, HAAF17 Sep, 0800 FS Top of the Rock 5K Fun Run Race starts in front of Newman Fitness Center, FS17 Sep, 1000-1400 FS/HAAF Kids Day FS School Age Services, B 6571; Hunter Splash Park, HAAF18 Sep Air Force Birthday20 Sep Savannah Chatham County Public School System First Day of Pre-K20 Sep HAAF CYSS First Day of Pre-K20 Sep, 0900-1100 Four Initial Steps to Employment ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF20 Sep, 1100-1300 FS CFC Kickoff Club Stewart, FS20 Sep, 1900 Operation Rising Star Rocky’s Zone, FS22 Sep, 0900-1100 Thrift Savings Plan ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF22 Sep, 1100-1300 HAAF CFC Kickoff Tominac Fitness Center23 Sep First Day of Autumn24 Sep National Hunting & Fishing Day24 Sep, 0700-1100 FS Family Fishing Event Pond 30, FS24 Sep, 1600 Hinesville Blues & BBQ Bradwell Park, Hinesville25 Sep, 1300 Gold Star Mother’s Day Ceremony Ft Stewart Main Post Chapel, FS27 Sep, 0930 FS FRG Meeting Club Stewart, FS27 Sep, 1400-1600 Boot Camp for Dads ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF28 Sep, 0930 HAAF FRG Meeting Truscott Air Terminal, HAAF29 Sep, 0900-1200 FRG Leader Training ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF (Registration is required)29 Sep, 1000 & 1400 FS Happy Hour Tour Main Post Chapel, F
  9. 9. 29 Sep, 1330 Monthly Retirement Ceremony Club Stewart, FS30 Sep, 1000 & 1400 HAAF Happy Hour Tour HAAF Theater30 Sep, 1300 FS Garrison Commander Golf Scramble Taylors Creek Golf Course, FS1-31 Oct Red Ribbon Month1-31 Oct Child Abuse Prevention Month1-31 Oct National Fire Prevention Month1-31 Oct Domestic Violence Prevention Month1-31 Oct National Disability Employment Awareness Month7 Oct Division Training Holiday th9 Oct 27 Annual All Army 10-Miler Washington, DC10 Oct Columbus Day Federal Holiday11 Oct, 0930 Community Mayors Meeting Gar Conf Rm; VTC HAAF GCR11-12 Oct Army Soldier Show – Ft Stewart Newman Gym, FS11-14 Oct, 0800-1630 Strategic Planning Workshop Education Center, FS13 Oct Navy Birthday14 Oct, 0800 HAAF Garrison Commander Golf Scramble Hunter Golf Course, HAAF14-16 Oct Richmond Hill Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival Richmond Hill15 Oct – 15 Dec Toys for Tots Campaign18-25 Oct, 0800-1700 CYSS Provisional Training Soldier/Family Service Center, Bldg 1286, HAAF19 Oct, 1230-1430 HAAF Shred-It Day HAAF PX Parking Lot, HAAF19 Oct, 1900 Army Soldier Show – HAAF Tominac Fitness Center, HAAF20 Oct, 1300-1500 FS Shred-It Day FS Furniture Store Parking Lot, Bldg 419, FS22 Oct National Make a Difference Day22 Oct FS/HAAF MWR Yard Sale22 Oct GSU Military Appreciation Day Statesboro, GA23-31 Oct Red Ribbon Week25 Oct, 0930-1100 FS CLIF Club Stewart, FS26 Oct, 0930 HAAF CLIF Tominac Fitness Center, HAAF27 Oct, 1330 Retirement Ceremony Club Stewart, FS31 Oct HalloweenR E L O C A T I O N R E A D I N ESS PR O G R A M :Service/E vent: P OST W I N DSH I E L D T O U RDate: 18 AugTime: 0930 -1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315-2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees and Civilian employeesBrief Description: If you are new to the area or relatively new, come take a ride and learn about your new community and the manyprograms and services that are available to you on HAAF.HEARTS APARTDate: 9 Aug 
  10. 10. Time: 1300 ‐1500Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315‐2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Family Members Brief Description: Brief Description: Hearts Apart is setup to help those Family Members who are separated  from their loved one cope with separation, so while you wait for your loved one to come  home, it helps to have a friend. Come join your Hearts Apart Support Group.Service/Event: FOREIGN BORN SPOUSES SUPPORT GROUPDate: 22 Aug Time: 1100 ‐1300Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315‐2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Foreign Born Spouses Brief Description: If you are feeling lonely, homesick or isolated and want to talk to someone from your part of  the world, come join this group from various cultures and countries to network, share  experiences, discuss the American way of life, develop friendships, and learn about the  many resources available to make your new life a positive experience.Service/Event: OVERSEAS BRIEFING KOREA AND GREMANYDate: 3 Aug Time: 1300 ‐1400Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315‐2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members and Civilian employees Brief Description: If you’re moving to Korea or Germany, come learn about your new duty station! You will  receive a packet of information pertinent to your new duty station, as well as learn  about services that will help make your move a smooth one. Family Members are highly  encouraged to attend.Service/Event: OVERSEAS BRIEFING ALASKA AND HAWAIIDate: 17 Aug Time: 1430 ‐1530Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315‐2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members and Civilian employees Brief Description: If you’re moving to Alaska or Hawaii, come learn about your new duty station! You will  receive a packet of information pertinent to your new duty station, as well as learn  about services that will help make your move a smooth one. Family Members are highly  encouraged to attend.Service/Event: SPONSORSHIP TRAININGDate: As Requested August Time: TBD
  11. 11. Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315‐2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers and Civilian employees Brief Description: Classes are designed to train Soldiers in how to be an effective sponsor who can be  requested by units and individuals. Sample Sponsorship Packets are provided as well as  information about available resources.Service/Event: PRE‐DEPARTURE COUNSELINGDate: As Requested August Time: TBDLocation: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Larry Stanley (315‐2746)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees and Civilian employees Brief Description: If you are moving CONUS to CONUS or OCONUS, come learn about your new duty station!  You will receive a packet of information pertinent to your new duty station and  concerns; this briefing provides essential information that will prevent you from making  uninformed and costly decisions before your move. Family Members are highly  encouraged to attend.FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM:Service/Event: Before Baby ArrivesDate: 27 Jul; 10, 17, & 24 Aug; & 6, 13, & 6, 13, &20 SepTime: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF POC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: Before Baby arrives is a course designed to foster strong bonds between both parents and  their unborn child. The course also gives pregnant women the tools to have a healthy  lifestyle and ultimately, a healthy baby.Service/Event: Boot Camp for DadsDate: 30 Aug & 27 Sep Time: 1400‐1600Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: Caring for a brand new, tiny, fragile baby can be the most challenging job a dad will ever  have to face. This interactive class is for men who are expecting a baby or have children  up to age 1. Network with other fathers, build confidence in your ability to parent, and  enhance your nurturing side.Service/Event: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself/Keys to Managing StressDate: 18 Aug & 15 Sep Time: 0900‐1400
  12. 12. Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: This workshop teaches methods to manage your emotions, develop positive communication  techniques and methods for dealing with anger.Service/Event: Families in Action Date: By appointment Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military CommunityBrief Description: This course is open to teenagers and parents. This three week course addresses common  issues such as: independence, the risks of drugs and violence, discipline,  communication, and problem solving.Service/Event: Fly Families ClassDate: 12, 19, & 26 Sep Time: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: this is a support and self‐help group that offers advice and tips to assist people in keeping  their homes tidier, especially for those suffering from “CHAOS” (Can’t Have Anyone  Over Syndrome). Subjects include clutter, routines, weekly cleaning with focus on the  zone of the week, self‐esteem, and letting go of perfectionism. Service/Event: Infant Care Date: 7, 14, & 21 Sep Time: 1400‐1600Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: Infant care is a hands on workshop that provides and strengthens the basic skills that are vital for newborn care.Service/Event: Infant Massage Date: By appointment Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military CommunityBrief Description: Parents bring your babies (6 wks.‐9 mos.) to this three session series to learn the delicate art  of infant massage which promotes better sleep, boosts baby’s immune system, relieves  teething pains, and makes baby feel loved and secure. Dads are especially welcome!
  13. 13. Service/Event: Play Morning Date: Sep, & Aug every Tuesday Time: 1000‐1130Location: Youth Center, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: Children ages 0‐36 months and parents (parents must attend) can participate in interactive  play which incorporates music, stories, crafts, and of course toys! Includes activities  Mommy and/or Daddy can do at home with their child or children.Service/Event: Scream Free Parenting Date: 28 Jul; 4, 11, 18, & 25 Aug; & 8, 15, 22, & 29 SepTime: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: Scream Free Parenting is the principle‐based relationship approach that will move parents  beyond many of the child‐focused, technique based approaches that ultimately fail.  Scream Free Parenting compels you to instead focus on your own behavior for the  benefit of your children.Service/Event: 10 Great Dates Date: 1 & 8 SepTime: 1300‐1500Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: This two session class helps couples to energize their relationships. Couples will also learn to  reclaim that same spark, connection, and creativity in their marriage through ten  intentional memory making dates.Service/Event: 10 Tools for Your Parenting Toolbox Date: 9, 16, & 23 Aug; & 6, 13, & 20 SepTime: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: A three session workshop that will help parents with children ages 5‐12 improve  communication with their children and utilize effective non‐violent discipline techniques  that work.Service/Event: The Five Love LanguagesDate: 4 & 11 Aug Time: 1300‐1500
  14. 14. Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAFPOC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: A class for couples to learn practical ways to communicate their love to their spouse. Start by learning the “Five Love Languages”, and then identify your own love language and that of your partner. Once you have determined your individual love language, your relationship can be enriched by practicing communicating in your partner’s love language.Service/Event: Master Resilience Training for Family MembersDate: 1, 8, 22, & 29 Aug; & 12, & 19 Sep Time: 0900‐1200Location: ACS, Bldg 1286, HAAF POC: Deborah Riley (315‐6816/6172)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Military Community Brief Description: Master Resilience Training allows participants to learn about resilience and the  competencies that support or contribute to resilience. Self Awareness, Self Regulation,  Optimism, Mental Agility, Strengths of Character and Connection are the six  competencies that participants will learn in Master Resilience Training. Employment ReadinessService/event: Resume Writing Workshop Date: 2 Aug & 1 SepTime: 0900‐1100Location: Bldg 1286POC: Jemel SawaTarget market: Family MembersDescription: Need help starting your resume? This workshop helps you identify your skills to enhance your  resume, including components, structure, production, and distribution, and how to  write an effective cover letter.Service/event: Resumix: Insiders TipsDate: 4 Aug & 1 SepTime: 0900‐1100Location: Bldg 1286POC: Jemel SawaTarget market: Family MembersDescription: Learn how to input your resume in the Federal governments electronic resume system, search  jobs, strategies for maximizing your skills foe the most impact, and how to track the  status of your application. Service/event: Interview WorkshopDate: 18 Aug & 15 Sep Time: 0900‐1100Location: Bldg 1286POC: Jemel SawaTarget market: Family Members
  15. 15. Description: Do you know the proper way to prepare yourself for a job interview? This class offers helpful  information on preparing you and how to conduct yourself during and after the  interview is over. Service/event: Four Initial Steps to EmploymentDate: August 16, September 20 Time: 0900‐1100Location: Bldg 1286POC: Jemel SawaTarget market: Family MembersDescription: Find your job! Learn the four critical steps towards landing your job. This class gives you detailed  information on self assessment, research, steps to take before your job search begins,  and finally executing your job search.Service/event: Job FairDate: October 12 Time: 1000‐1400Location: Hunter Club POC: Jemel SawaTarget market: Family Members, Veterans, and RetireesDescription: Provide employment opportunities to Family Members, Veterans, and Retirees. FINANCIAL READINESS PROGRAM (HAAF):Service/Event: Financial Planning for PCSDate: 9 & 23 Aug, 13 & 27 SeptTime: 0900‐1030Location: ACS, Bldg 1286POC: Michelle Roper (315‐6816)Cost: FreeTarget Market AllBrief Description: Mandatory for E‐4 and below, and always open to others. Teaches how to plan monthly  expenses during a PCS move and to avoid pitfalls during a move. Spouses are  encouraged to attend with Soldier.Service/Event: Keeping Your Bank Account in CheckDate: 17 Aug Time: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286POC: Michelle Roper (315‐6816)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: This workshop focuses on bank account management, debit cards, overdraft fees and  balancing your accounts.Service/ Event: Living on a Plan: How to Create a Budget that WorksDate: 10 Aug, 14 SeptTime: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286POC: Michelle Roper/ 315‐6816Cost: FreeTarget Market All
  16. 16. Brief Description: This workshop focuses on how to create and maintain an accurate and effective personal  budget.Service/ Event: 3 C’s of CreditDate: 18 AugTime: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286POC: Michelle Roper/ 315‐6816Cost: FreeTarget Market AllBrief Description: This class will teach student how to access their credit reports. Students will learn how to  read and understand their credit report, correct errors and understand their rights as a  consumer when it comes to creditors and collection agencies.Service/ Event: Thrift Savings PlanDate: 22 SeptTime: 0900‐1100Location: ACS, Bldg 1286POC: Michelle Roper/ 315‐6816Cost: FreeTarget Market AllBrief Description: This class is going to discuss the basics of the Thrift Savings Plan and why you should  participate. You will learn how to enroll, tax advantages , importance of starting early  and the different types of funds available and information on loans from the Thrift  Savings Plan.Service/ Event: Home Buying WorkshopDate: 30 AugustTime: 0900‐1500Location: ACS, Bldg 1286POC: Michelle Roper/ 315‐6816Cost: FreeTarget Market AllBrief Description: This workshop is a day‐long series of informative sessions to assist Soldiers and their Family  Members to decide if buying or renting is best for them. We start with some basic  budgeting and money management skills then move into the ABC’s of credit, credit  report, mortgage loan application, and the legal aspects of purchasing a home.Hunter AAF CommissaryService/Event: Hunter Commissary ClosureDate: 5 & 6 SepTime: All DayLocation: Commissary, Bldg 6025, HAAFPOC: Ann‐Marie Wyatt (315‐5007)Cost: N/ATarget Market: All Brief Description: The Hunter AAF Commissary will be CLOSED in observance of Labor DayDMWR Hunter Lanes: Service/Event: Sunday Family DayDate: 7, 14, 21, & 28 AugTime: 1400 ‐ 2200Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280
  17. 17. POC: Idalene Elbert (315‐6279)Cost: $2 per game, $1.75 shoe rentalTarget Market: All Brief Description: Sunday Family DayService/Event: Kids Zone PartiesDate: 7, 14, 21, & 28 AugTime: 1400 ‐ 1800Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280POC: Idalene Elbert (315‐6279)Cost: $4 per personTarget Market: All Brief Description: Kids Zone Parties, Slice of Pizza, 1 game of bowling & shoe rental, ages 4 to 12yrsService/Event: Teen Pizza PartiesDate: 7, 14, 21, & 28 AugTime: 1800 ‐ 2100Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280POC: Idalene Elbert (315‐6279)Cost: $6 per personTarget Market: All Brief Description: Teen Pizza Parties, 2 games of bowling, shoe rental, ages 12 to 18 yrs oldService/Event: Mom’s Morning OutDate: Mon ‐ FriTime: 1000 ‐ 1200Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280POC: Idalene ElbertCost: $1 per game, .75cents shoe rentalTarget Market: SpousesBrief Description: Mom’s Morning outing Service/Event: Single Soldiers Rock – N – Bowl Theme bowling nightDate: 6, 13, 20, & 27 AugTime: 0900 ‐ 1200Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280POC: Idalene Elbert (315‐6279)Cost: $2 per gameTarget Market: Soldiers Brief Description: Single Soldiers Rock –N – Bowling to MusicService/Event: Red Pin BowlingDate: 5, 12, 19, & 26 AugTime: 1900 ‐ 2200Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280POC: Idalene Elbert (315‐6279)Cost: $2 per gameTarget Market: All Brief Description: When a red pin appears in the #1 position, bowl a strike and win a free game. Service/Event: After School Special Date: Mon ‐ FriTime: 1400 ‐ 1700Location: Hunter Lanes, Bldg 1280POC: Idalene Elbert (315‐6279)Cost: $1per game, .75cents shoe rentalTarget Market: Children Brief Description: School summer special K to 12grade
  18. 18. Tuttle Army Health ClinicService/Event: SCHOOL HEALTH SCREENINGDate: 30 Jul / 20 Aug 2011 Time: 0800 ‐1200Location: Tuttle Army Health Clinic, Bldg 1440, HAAFPOC: Central Appointments (435‐6633)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members, Retiree family members Brief Description: The Georgia Certificate of Immunizations and Certificate of Ear, Eye, and Dental Screenings  (EDD Form 3300) are required for all Children entering Georgia School Systems for the  first time or have been absent for >1 year.SFC Paul R. Smith Army Education Center – Fort Stewart & Hunter Army Airfieldhttp://www.stewart.army.mil/services/education/education.aspUpcoming Events/Classes/Activities: Service/Event: GED Registration DatesDate: 8‐9 AugTime: Two day 1300‐1700 Registration Sessions Location: Ed Center Bldg 100, Room 228, Ft. Stewart POC: Carrol Ann Coleman, GED/ESL Coordinator, 368‐7322Cost: FreeTarget Market: All adults (under18 have additional requirements) Brief Description: Adult Literacy and GED preparation courses are offered by the Liberty County Adult  Education Program. The classes will prepare you to take the GED or refresh your skills in  basic education subjects. You must be present both days from 1300‐1700 to complete  the registration process. Please bring a black pen, a #2 pencil and a government‐issued  picture ID with birth‐date and proof of legal status. An Official Withdrawal Form or  Letter of Non‐Enrollment is required for all students 16, 17, 18, 19 years old. You may  select from the following class times (space available): Mon – Thu 0900‐1200 or Mon –  Thu 1300 – 1600 or Mon & Wed evenings 1800 – 2100. GED testing is offered quarterly  in Liberty County and twice a month in Savannah. GED Test Fee: $95Service/Event: Transition to Teachers Information SessionDate: 24 AugTime: 0900‐1100Location: Ed Center, Fort Stewart, Bldg 100 POC: Bill Kirkland 1‐800‐745‐0709 Cost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers & Spouses Brief Description: The Georgia Troops to Teachers Program provides federal funding of up to $10,000 to  qualified service members to become public school teachers. Mr. Bill Kirkland conducts  monthly Transition to Teaching seminars that include an overview of programs,  registration procedures and Georgia teacher certification options. Military spouses  interested in becoming certified are invited to attend. The official TTT website is  www.tttga.net. Service/Event: College Registration/Term DatesDate: Classes begin in August Time: N/ALocation: Ft. Stewart and Hunter Education Centers
  19. 19. Cost: VariesPOC: See phone numbers belowTarget Market: All adultsBrief Description: The Fall I college term dates both on‐post and distance learning classes are listed below.  Many courses are offered during the day. Please contact the college directly for course  schedules and enrollment information. College classes are open to all adultsCentral Texas College – 767‐2070/ HAAF 315‐409015 Aug– 9 OctColumbia College – 767‐5336/ HAAF 352‐863515Aug– 9 Oct Embry Riddle University – 355‐0644/ HAAF 315‐52528 Aug– 9 OctSavannah Tech College – 408‐2430/ Savannah Campus 443‐570024 Aug– 12 DecWebster University – 767‐5357/ HAAF 354‐003315 Aug– 13 OctNew Services/Policies/Benefits/Other:Service/Event: Hope Grant Program is changingDate: Savannah Tech has ongoing admissions & placement testingPOC: Ed Ctr‐408‐2430, Hinesville‐408‐3024, Savannah‐443‐5700Target Market: All Brief Description: The Georgia HOPE grant is available to Georgia residents, active duty military assigned to a  military installation in Georgia and their Family members. There will be significant  changes to the HOPE program beginning in Aug. For details, go to:  www.savannahtech.edu/cwo/Financing_Your_Education/Hope. Of special interest to  those who cannot use My CAA at this time, Savannah Technical College has the  Technical Communications Specialist program, which is a great option to fulfill the  General Education Requirement courses for your degree. Under this particular  certificate program, the Hope Grant will now cover 90% tuition for Composition and  Rhetoric, Literature and Composition, College Algebra, Public Speaking, and other  courses. These classes can later be transferred to most other colleges and universities.  Many other HOPE eligible diploma and certificate programs are offered by Savannah  Technical College, Airport Rd in Hinesville. Some classes are available in the Ft. Stewart  Education Center! For more information click on www.gsfc.org and  www.savannahtech.eduService/Event: My CAA GuidelinesDate: On‐goingPOC: Military One Source 1‐800‐342‐9647Target Market: Military Spouses of Active Duty PersonnelBrief Description: The Department of Defense has resumed the Military Spouse Career  Advancement Accounts, MyCAA, program for qualifying spouses only. There are new  restrictions, so MyCAA is no longer open to all Military Spouses. The program now  assists spouses of Active Duty service members in the pay grades of E‐1 to E‐5, W1‐W2,  and 01‐02 achieve portable careers. The approved education programs are now only  associates degrees, licensures, and certifications. Funding assistance will not exceed  $4,000 with an annual cap of $2,000 per fiscal year. To apply, go to the secure website,  https://aiportal.acc.af.mil/mycaa . All spouses (even if you no longer qualify for the 
  20. 20. MyCAA program) that have had a MyCAA account can still access all your course  information by logging‐in into the MyCAA website. If information is needed on other  sources of financial assistance please contact a Military OneSource consultantService/Event: Free Tutoring with “tutor.com” Date: OngoingPOC: 800‐411‐1970 or 212‐528‐3101Target Market: School children, Soldiers and SpousesBrief Description: The Department of Defense now provides eligible U.S. military families the ability to get help from a professional tutor anytime you need it —  FREE. You and your children can work with a professional tutor online  24/7 to get help with homework, studying, test prep, resume writing and more. School subjects supported are all grade levels of math, science, English, and social studies. Also available are study sources for Standardized Tests to include all GED, college entrance exams and state standardized exams. In addition, there are helpful links for career transitions, writing resumes, studying for exams and helping children with homework. Best of all, it is very easy to access and get started. Just go to http://www.tutor.com and click on the purple “Military” symbol.Service/Event: Free Online Academic Skills CourseDate: OngoingPOC: Education counselors: Ft. Stewart 767‐8331/Hunter 315‐6130Target Market: Soldiers and Spouses Brief Description: The Petersons Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) is now available to all the Services, DoD  Civilians, and Family Members. OASC is designed for individuals who want to build their  math and verbal skills to excel in their jobs, pass their exams, advance their careers, or  continue their education. The course will diagnose the individual’s current level of  reading comprehension, vocabulary, and math abilities and teach the concepts and skills  needed to increase proficiency in each of these academic areas. To register, click on  http://www.petersons.com/dantes.Service/Event: Spouse Opportunity Scholarship – Columbia CollegeDate: Ongoing POC: Columbia College 877‐3406 (352‐8635 Hunter)Target Market: Spouses Brief Description: Spouses of military personnel can take their first Classroom Course free while they complete  their financial aid paperwork and enrollment procedures with Columbia College. The  Active Duty Member does not have to be enrolled with Columbia College. In addition,  Columbia offers spouses a 20% tuition discount for “in‐seat” (classroom) courses.Service/Event: Guidance Counseling for SpousesDate: OngoingPOC: Education counselors: Ft. Stewart 767‐8331/Hunter 315‐6130Target Market: Soldiers and Spouses Brief Description: Army Education Counselors are available to provide guidance in areas including civilian  educational goal setting, educational requirements, educational instruction, alternative  course delivery options, funding and financial aid, college admissions requirements and  general education information. Service/Event: Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Center at Fort Stewart; Bldg 100Date: OngoingPOC: Blondell Francis, Room 165 or call 767‐9569
  21. 21. Target Market: Soldiers and Spouses Brief Description: Spouses can take advantage of on‐site IT certification testing and hundreds of other  professional certification and licensure exams right on Fort Stewart. Just go to  www.pearsonvue.com to register. Upon approval to take the exam, you will receive a  candidate identification number. Then schedule the exam date (space available only) by  contacting the POC above. Service/Event: CLEP and DANTES Testing Center at Fort Stewart and HunterDate: OngoingPOC: Columbia College 767‐7588 (Stewart) 352‐8635Target Market: Soldiers and Spouses Brief Description: Both sites now offer Spouses the opportunity to earn college credit by administering  computer based College Level Examination Program and DANTES Subject Standardized  Tests. CLEP tests are $92 and DSSTs are $100 for non‐military examinees (includes the  $20.00 processing fee). The Hunter Test Center requires pre‐registration:  www.ccis.edu/nationwide/main.asp?Hunter.Service/Event: Test preparation software availableDate: OngoingPOC: Lori Caputo: 951‐256‐4067, LoriCaputo@eknowledge.comTarget Market: High‐School children, Soldiers and Spouses Brief Description: In alliance with the Department of Defense and supported by patriotic NFL and MLB players,  eKnowledge is donating their unique $200 SAT and ACT PowerPrep Programs to military  Servicemembers and their extended families. Eligible recipients include active duty,  retired, Veterans, Guard, Reserve, DOD employees, and civilians performing military  support. Also eligible are dependants of anyone who otherwise qualifies. Each program  comes in a single DVD and includes more than 11 hours of video instruction and 3,000  files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools,  sample questions, practice tests and graphic teaching illustrations. Students select the  training they need and study at their own pace. There is a small fee of $13.84 per  standard program and $3.71 for shipping. This nominal charge allows the sponsorship  program to continue helping tens of thousands of students every year. To order, go to  www.eknowledge.com/USA or call951‐256‐4067. Public Affairs Office:Service/Event: Savannah Theatre’s free showsDate: now through 21 AugTime: 1500 and 2000Location: 222 Bull St., Chippewa Square, SavannahCost: Free for militaryPOC: Leisure Travel Office, FS, 767‐1791; Hunter, 315‐3674; www.savannahtheatre.comTarget Market: All Brief Description: Enjoy two productions: Country Start Revue, a two‐hour salute to the music of the great country starts of the past 50 years; and The Beat Goes On, featuring beach blanket parties to break‐dancing, big hair and big fun. Enjoy the greatest hits from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Directions: Take I‐16 E. to Montgomery St ; right on Liberty St; left on Bull St; down several blocks to 222 Bull St. at Chippewa Square. Service/Event: A Civil War Journey to Freedom Dinner Cruise Date: Thursday nights throughout AugustTime: 1900‐2100Location: River Street Riverboat CompanyCost: $49.95, adults; $27.95, children
  22. 22. POC: www.savannahriverboat.com; 800‐786‐6404Target Market: AllBrief Description: Take a step back into Savannah history ‐ back into the Civil War Era. Enjoy a performance, storytelling, dance and music presented by the Gullah Geechee Institute. Enjoy a delicious, authentic, and truly southern, civil war era buffet as we continue to celebrate this remarkable time in our countrys history. Reservations required and tour group discounts available. The cruise includes: a 2‐hour cruise, an authentic Civil War culture, truly southern buffet, a musical journey and dinner performance. Directions: Take I‐16 E. to Montgomery St.; left on Liberty St; right on Martin Luther King Blvd., to River St. Service/Event: First Friday Fireworks on the River in SavannahDate: 5 AugustTime: Approximately 2130Location: River St.POC: 912‐234‐0295; www.riverstreetsavannah.comCost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees and Civilian employeesBrief Description: Fantastic Fireworks display. Free and open to the public on Historic River St., over the Savannah River. Directions: Take I‐16 E. to Montgomery St.; left on Liberty St.; right on Martin Luther King Blvd., to River St. Service/Event: First Friday Oyster Roast and FireworksDate: 5 AugustTime: 1930‐2230Location: Riverside at The Westin, SavannahCost: Free Admission . A la carte.POC: www.westinsavannah.com; 912‐201‐2000Target Market: AdultsBrief Description: The first Friday of each month, The Westin Savannah Harbor hosts a riverside evening celebration with live music, libations and hot fresh grill items & oysters, at a relaxed resort setting. Directions: Take I‐16 E. towards Savannah; take slight right onto US‐17 N. (signs for GA 404 Spur/Louisville Rd/Charleston/Gwinnett St); take exit toward Hutchinson Island/Convention Center; merge onto Wayne Shackelford Blvd; take slight left to stay on Shackelford; continue onto Hutchinson Island Rd; turn left toward Resort Dr; take 1 st right onto Resort Dr. The Westin is on the right. Service/Event: First Saturday on the RiverDate: 6 AugustTime: 0900‐1800Location: Historic River St.POC: 912‐234‐0295; www.riverstreetsavannah.comCost: FreeTarget Market: Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees and Civilian employeesBrief Description: Arts and Crafts, entertainment and fun for the entire family. Free and open to the public. Directions: Take I‐16 E. to Montgomery St.; left on Liberty St.; right on Martin Luther King Blvd., to River St. Service/Event: Old Fort Jackson Auction & Low Country BoilDate: 27 AugustTime: 1800‐2100Location: Old Fort Jackson Auction, SavannahCost: Free admission; food/concessions available to purchasePOC: 912‐232‐3945Target Market: AllBrief Description: This fortification and National Historic Landmark includes a silent auction, music, a low country boil, and programs for kids and adults. Directions: Take I‐16 E. to Montgomery St.; left on Liberty St.; right on Martin Luther King Blvd., to Bay St.; take a right on Bay; a left onto President St. The fort is about three miles on your left. Hunter Golf Club:Service/Event: Sweltering Summer SpecialDate: Start Date 13 June 2011 Time: Monday – Friday after 1100
  23. 23. Location: Hunter Golf Club Building 8205POC: Tommie McArthur (315‐9115)Cost: 18 hole Gr Fee and Car Fee Mon Tue Wed Thu FriCAT 1,2,3 $16 $18 $20 $22 $24CAT 4 $20 $22 $24 $26 $30Target Market: All Brief Description: Combat the Sweltering South Georgia Heat. Events/Classes/Activities: HUNTER POST CHAPEL, Bldg 145, and RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CENTER, Bldg 129, Hunter Army AirfieldPOCs: Chaplain (LTC) John Molina, HAAF Garrison Chaplain, 315‐5111Chaplain (CPT) Curtis Sutherland, Protestant Service Chaplain, 315‐6174Chaplain (CPT) Patrick VanDurme, HAAF and 3/17 CAV Catholic Chaplain, 315‐3153SGT Thompson, HAAF Chapel NCOIC, 315‐5515Mr. Charles Archer, HAAF Director of Religious Education, 315‐5934Chapel Non‐Denominational Community Events:Service/Event: HAAF Chapel Youth Ministry Club Beyond MeetingsDate: Every Wednesday Time: 1800 – 2000 Location: Religious Education Center (Starting at the Chapel Fellowship Hall) POC: Charles Archer (315‐5934) or Jimmy Bryan (344‐6612)Cost: FreeTarget Market: All Military Affiliated TeenagersBrief Description: This is a weekly Club meeting for middle and high school aged military youth to plan  activities, have fun and learn positive lessons based on basic Ministry Principles. The  meeting will start in the Chapel Fellowship Hall with a dinner provided by the Chapel;  the teenagers will then move to the Religious Education Center adjacent to the Chapel.  CLUB BEYOND is an Ecumenical Christian Youth Organization that supports the FS/HAAF  Chapel’s Youth Ministry Programs. Service/Event: Historic Savannah Church TourDate: Friday, 26 August 2011 Time: 1000 ‐ 1600 Location: Hunter Post Chapel POC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515)Cost: FreeTarget Market: All Brief Description: Come join us as we visit various historic churches in downtown Savannah Georgia.Service/Event: Hunter Chapel Back to School Bash Date: Saturday, 10 September 2011 Time: 1000 ‐ 1200 Location: Hunter Post Chapel POC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515)Cost: FreeTarget Market: All Brief Description: To provide assistants to families who may need extra school supplies for their children. Roman Catholic Services/Activities:Service/Event: Roman Catholic MassDate: Every Sunday Time: 1100 Location: Hunter Chapel
  24. 24. POC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Come join us as we gather to worship God every Sunday and celebrate Roman Catholic  Eucharist. We offer free childcare for the little ones. Following Mass there will be light  refreshments in the Fellowship Hall. Service/Event: Weekday Roman Catholic MassDate: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Except on National/Training Holidays)Time: 1145Location: Hunter ChapelPOC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: The weekday Mass is held in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of the Hunter Chapel. Service/Event: Roman Catholic RCIA Instructions Date: OUT FOR SUMMER VACATIONS Time: 1900Location: Religious Education Center, Bldg #129 POC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153) Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Instructions for individuals wishing to become full members of theRoman Catholic Church or anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.Service/Event: Roman Catholic Holy Hour of PrayerDate: 1st Wednesday of every month.Time: 1800Location: Hunter ChapelPOC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153) Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Eucharistic Adoration and Prayer for the members of our Military Services and their Family Members.Service/Event: Roman Catholic Religious Education (CCD) Classes Date: OUT FOR SUMMER VACATIONSTime: 0930 ‐ 1030Location: Religious Education Center, Bldg #129 POC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153) Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Classes will teach Catholic Doctrine to Catholic Children of HAAF Chapel Community. These  classes will help prepare children to receive the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic  ChurchService/Event: Roman Catholic Baptism ClassesDate: As needed coordinated by Catholic PriestPOC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Baptism classes are provided for preparation of parents and godparents of children wishing  to celebrate this Sacrament. These classes are also for those preparing for the  Sacrament at other facilities other than HAAF. Service/Event: Roman Catholic Marriage Preparation Classes
  25. 25. Date: As needed by Catholic PriestPOC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515 or 315‐3153)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Marriage Preparation classes are provided for those preparing to celebrate this Sacrament  within the Roman Catholic Church at HAAF or another parish. Please contact the POC to  set‐up an appointment. Six months in advance is considered the minimum allotted time.Service/Event: Roman Catholic Youth OrganizationDate: OUT FOR SUMMER VACATIONS Time: (Temporarily suspended)Location: Hunter ChapelPOC: Charles Archer (315‐5934 or 315‐3153)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Catholic TeenagersBrief Description: Second and last Sunday’s of the month teenagers in the Catholic Youth Organization hold  meetings to plan activities and have lessons with the Catholic Priest and Adult  Volunteers. There are also monthly activities such as lock‐ins, community service  projects, special trips and etc. Service/Event: MCCW ‐ Military Council of Catholic WomenDate: Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of each monthTime: 1800 Location: Religious Education Center, Bldg #129POC: Marilyn Stephens (912 355‐7276)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: The MCCW is a gathering of Roman Catholic Women as they follow a series of prayers and  readings. They discuss and share their thoughts and ideas in reference to that week’s  choice. They share in a meal provided by the Catholic Community. Material and supplies  are provided. Childcare is also provided for infants to 4 years old. The women are  invited to attend Southeast and National Conferences. They plan yearly retreats and  collect donations for the needy and the less fortunate. Protestant Services/Activities:Service/Event: Protestant Worship ServiceDate: Every Sunday Time: 0900Location: Hunter Post ChapelPOC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: Participate in an uplifting and encouraging Christian Worship with contemporary and  traditional flavor. There is a nursery for birth to 3‐years‐old and Children’s Church for 4  year olds thru 5  grade. Following the service please join us in the Fellowship Hall for  th light refreshments/fellowship.Service/Event: Protestant Children’s ChurchDate: Every Sunday Time: 0900 (During Protestant Service)Location: Chapel Fellowship HallPOC: Charles Archer (912 315‐5934 or Charles.Archer1@US.Army.Mil)Cost: FreeTarget Market: Children
  26. 26. Brief Description: Children 4 years old thru 5  grade begin in the Sanctuary with their family, and later to the  th Fellowship Hall for Christian lessons on their level.Service/Event: PWOC ‐ Protestant Women of the ChapelDate: Every Thursday Time: 0930 – 1130Location: Hunter Post Chapel Fellowship Hall Cost: FreePOC: Rachel Eugene (843‐263‐5812) or homeskool4@gmail.com Cost: FreeTarget Market: All ‐ Child watch is provided. Brief Description: Join other women in Christ centered discussions, fellowship, and support. Service/Event: Soldier and Family ‐ Bible Study/Club Beyond/Fellowship NightDate: Every Wednesday EveningTime: 1800Location: Hunter Post Chapel Fellowship HallPOC: Chapel Staff (315‐5515)Cost: FreeTarget Market: AllBrief Description: A weekly Wednesday evening program with dinner free of charge – Adult Bible Study;  Children’s Bible Study (4 years old thru 5  grade) and Club Beyond for Teenagers. Child  th Watch is provided for younger kids. If you would like to be a volunteer teacher on  Wednesday evenings or Sundays for Children’s Church, please contact Charles Archer at  912 315‐5934 or Charles.Archer1@US.Army.MilCHILD, YOUTH AND SCHOOL SERVICES CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTERS: CDC 1284Service/Event: Kite Day Date: 1 Aug Time: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC Brief Description: On this day the children will bring their kites and fly them outside on the playground. Parents are invited to participate. Service/Event: Water Fun Date: 4, 11, 18, & 25 Aug Time: 0930 ‐ 1030Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC ChildrenBrief Description: On this day the Staff will bring their swimming gear and they will have a water day outside in  their playground with water sprinklers. Summer is here!! Service/Event: Parent/Child Bowling Date: 5 Aug Time: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children and parents
  27. 27. Brief Description: On this day the children from our Pre‐School class will go bowling. Parents are invited to  participate. Service/Event: Sunglasses Day Date: 9 AugTime: All DayLocation: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children and staff Brief Description: On this day the children and staff will their sunglasses and wear them to entire day.Service/Event: Pajama Day Date: 17 Aug Time: All Day Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children and staff Brief Description: On this day the children and staff will bring and wear their pajamas all day long.Service/Event: Let’s Make Music Date: 19 AugTime: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children Brief Description: On this day the children will create music and sounds with different instruments. Parents are  invited to participate.Service/Event: Green Day Date: 22 Aug Time: All Day Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children Brief Description: On this day the children and staff will dress with a green shirts or pants.Service/Event: Bicycle Day Date: 24 Aug Time: 0900 Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC childrenBrief Description: On this day the children will bring their bicycle and ride them on the playground. Parents are  invited to participate. Service/Event: Lemonade Day Date: 31 Aug Time: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children and staff 
  28. 28. Brief Description: On this day the children and teachers will make lemonade and have it with snack. Parents  are invited to participate.Service/Event: Family Arts & Craft Day Date: 2 Sep Time: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children Brief Description: On this day the children and their Families will make arts and crafts to decorate the  classroom. Service/Event: Family Song Day Date: 7 Sep Time: 0900‐1030 Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children Brief Description: On this day the children and their Families will sing a song which the child picked out. Each  classroom will have a different song. Service/Event: Story Time with Parents Date: 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29 Sep Time: 1200 Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC parents Brief Description: A parent will volunteer to read a story to the Hunter CDC children over the intercom. Service/Event: Classroom Quilt Date: 12 Sep Time: 1430Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children and parentsBrief Description: On this day the children and teachers will make a quilt from differentpatterns. Parents are invited to participate. Service/Event: Pizza Day Date: 15 Sep Time: 1400Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children and staff Brief Description: On this day the children will have pizza as a snack. Service/Event: Children Bingo Date: 16 Sep Time: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: Free
  29. 29. Target Market: Hunter CDC children and parents Brief Description: On this day the parents will play bingo will the children. This activity will be very fun family  activity. Service/Event: Popsicles Day Date: 20 Sep Time: 1430 Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912_315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children Brief Description: On this day the children will have popsicles with snack. Service/Event: Poetry Day Date: 26 Sep Time: 0930Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC childrenBrief Description: On this day the children and teachers will make a poem. Parents are invited to participate.Service/Event: Jump Rope Day Date: 30 Sep Time: 0930Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC childrenBrief Description: On this day the children and will bring their jump rope and participate in different activities  with the jump rope. Parents are invited to participate. Service/Event: Pumpkin Patch Date: 4 OctTime: 0900 Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912)315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children Brief Description: On this day the staff will talk to the children about what a pumpkin patch and will makes  drawings.Service/Event: Teddy Bear DayDate: 5 OctTime: All dayLocation: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912) 315‐6115Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC ChildrenBrief Description: On this day the children will bring their teddy bears and talk about them.Service/Event: Story Time with ParentsDate: 6, 13, 20, & 27 OctTime: 1200Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 1284POC: Jennifer R. Jefferson‐Director/ Jannia Kittle (912) 315‐6115Cost: Free
  30. 30. Target Market: Hunter CDC parentsBrief Description: A parent volunteer to read a story to the Hunter CDC children over the intercom.CDC 8807:Service/Event: Wheel’s Day Date: 2 AugTime: 0930Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807POC: Amarys Martinez‐Director/Dorca Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: Free Target Market: Hunter CDC –children/parents/staffBrief Description: The children will bring anything with wheels to the center, like bicycles or scooter, roller  blades, skates. Every child will need their helmets, knee and elbows pads.Service/Event: Story Time with Parents Date: 4,11,18,25 AugTime: 1200Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys Martinez‐Director/Dorca Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: Free Target Market: Hunter CDC‐ children/parents/staffBrief Description: A volunteer parent will come to the center every Thursday to read to the children.Service/Event: Finger Print/ with Military Police Date: 18 Aug Time: 0900Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys Martinez‐Director/Dorca Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: Free Target Market: Hunter CDC –children/parents/staffBrief Description: The Military Police along with the staff will be taking the children’s Finger prints with their  pictures also, to have it on record. This is for safety.Service/Event: Tye Dy Shirt Day Date: 24 Aug Time: 0900Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys Martinez‐Director/Dorca Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: Free Target Market: Hunter CDC –children/parents/staffBrief Description: The Children will bring a shirt from home and we are going to decorate it at the center.  Parents are welcome to participate. Service/Event: Necklace’s Day Date: 31 AugTime: 0900‐1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys Martinez‐Director/Dorca Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: Free Target Market: Hunter CDC –children/parents/staffBrief Description: The children will use different kinds of material to do their own necklace. The Center will  provide all the supplies for the different age groups. Parents are encouraged to  participate. Service/Event: Story Time with Parents 
  31. 31. Date: 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29 Sep Time: 1000/1200Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807POC: Amarys Martinez‐ Director/ Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: Free:Target Market: Hunter CDC parentsBrief Description: A parent will volunteer to read a story to their child’s classroom.Service/Event: Fun with finger printsDate: 2 SepTime: 0930 /1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys A Martinez – Director/ Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC parents‐ children –staffBrief Description: The children will use finger paint and will use their finger prints to do their art work and  collage. The final product will be display around the classroom.Service/Event: Fire Department Visit Date: 6 Sep Time: 1000Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys Martinez‐ Director/ Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC parents/childrenBrief Description: The Fire Department will be talking to the children about safety and what they can do in a  fire emergency. The children will play with Sparky the Firefighter dog. Pictures will be  taken.Service/Event: Teddy Bear Day Date: 13 Sep Time: 1000/1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807POC: Amarys Martinez‐ Director/Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC childrenBrief Description: On this day the Children will be allowed to bring their Teddy bear from home and will be  telling their friends why the bear is so special for them.Service/Event: Fruit Day Social Date: 15 Sep Time: 1800‐2000Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807POC: Amarys Martinez‐ Director/Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC parentsBrief Description: The center will provide different kind of fruits to the parents in which they can eat it at the  center or they can take it home.Service/Event: Dress up Day Date: 21 Sep Time: All day LongLocation: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807POC: Amarys Martinez‐ Director/Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018 Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC children
  32. 32. Brief Description: The children will dress up as doctors, policemen, Firemen, etc., with the clothes from the  Dramatic Play area. They will have a fashion show in their rooms displaying the clothes  that they choose.Service/Event: Bubble Day FunDate: 27 SepTime: 1000 /1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys A Martinez – Director/ Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC parents‐children ‐staffBrief Description: The children will be playing outside with bubbles. The staff will demonstrate to the children  the way to do bubbles at home. We are having music and pictures will be taken.Service/Event: Yellow DayDate: 30 SepTime: All DayLocation: Hunter CDC Bldg 8807 POC: Amarys A Martinez – Director/ Dorca I. Colon (912)315‐9018Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC parents‐children‐ staffBrief Description: Parents, children and staff are encouraged to wear something yellow in support for our  Soldiers.CDC 148:Service/Event: Arts & CraftDate: 11 Aug Time: 1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 148 POC: Davona Fallin – Director (912)315‐1067Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC Children Brief Description: Children will create a puzzle with sticks, let’s have some Fun!Service/Event: Fun Hat DayDate: 16 AugTime: 0600‐1800Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 148 POC: Davona Fallin – Director (912)315‐1067Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC Children Brief Description: Children and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite fun hat or they will create one.Service/Event: Purple DayDate: 19 Aug Time: 0600‐1800Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 148 POC: Davona Fallin – Director (912)315‐1067Cost: FreeTarget Market: Hunter CDC Children Brief Description: Children and staff are encouraged to wear purpleService/Event: Ice Cream PicnicDate: 24 Aug Time: 1430‐1500Location: Hunter CDC Bldg 148