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The Essentials of Brand Building



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A brand is like a positive prejudice people have towards your product or organization. It helps your business build preference, loyalty and recommendation. But a brand is also a management tool, helping your organization to speak with one voice across the many touchpoints. And finally, a brand is the purpose that unites your employees around a common cause beneficial for customers. This presentation shows what what is needed to become a great brand, create a solid brand strategy, and a branded customer experience.

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The Essentials of Brand Building

  1. 1. Essentials of Brand Building Creating lasting relationships with customers
  2. 2. Prolog Brand as impression Brand as guideline Brand as purpose Brand building Epilog
  3. 3. The world today through 
 customer’s eyes #Prolog
  4. 4. Ziel der Marke: Ein Image mit einzigartigen Assoziationen / Bedeutungen
  5. 5. available time 
 & attention number of 
 competing offers
  6. 6. Brand as impression #1
  7. 7. Messages Design Products CX Brand 
 Impression Business Whenever people encounter your business they shape 
 an impression of it – you can not not leave one
  8. 8. The impression determines how people behave towards your business in the future – just like a prejudice Preference vs. seeking competitors Loyalty vs. shopping around Recommendation Messages Design Products CX Brand 
 Impression Expectation
  9. 9. #2 Brand as guideline
  10. 10. A clear guideline helps you to actively manage your customer’s impressions Brand Where we are good at What we believe in How we relate to the world How customers benefit when “hiring” us
  11. 11. Your brand guideline helps you to speak with one voice 
 across all your touchpoints and channels Corporate Design Partner selection Recruiting Product/Service/
 Customer experience Internal communication Product innovation Advertising Employee behavior Channel selection Tone of voice Naming Brand Claim / Tag line Digital interfaces/UX PR story Organizational culture Events Corporate architecture
  12. 12. Brand as purpose #3
  13. 13. A brand lives from the inside – your employees are responsible for your business’s experiences & impressions
  14. 14. Your brand provides direction and a motivating purpose for your team: to help customers achieve their goals
  15. 15. Organize the world’s information and make it useful Empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business Empower everyone to be an athlete Customer benefit-driven brand purposes
  16. 16. The process of defining a brand is also a uniting 
 experience for the management team: A well evaluated and commonly agreed direction cuts repeated discussions and sets free the energy for moving forward fast.
  17. 17. #4 Brand building
  18. 18. Your brand needs to make clear the value it brings to your customers – functional, emotional or social* * It’s about what they get from you, not how cool you are
  19. 19. Your brand needs to make clear how it is different and special compared to competitors
  20. 20. Your brand needs to build on your authentic strengths – and make them clearly experienceable
  21. 21. This is where you find your brand desirable 
 and relevant 
 to customers authentic 
 for your business differentiating 
 to competitors here
  22. 22. How do you grow a strong brand?
  23. 23. Focus on one clear concept – the brand idea care fueling a daring life safety for you and your family
  24. 24. Define relevant aspects of the brand and implement it across the organization Superpowers Where we excel (product, process, service, team, …) Shared Beliefs Mindset, values, or struggle we share with our customers Tonality & Manner Our character, how we speak, act and treat others Brand Idea Our contribution to the world
  25. 25. Deliver a consistent brand impression across channels and over time, through communication & experience number of consistent impressions across the customer journey years of communicating the same benefit / story strong brand
  26. 26. 26 An investment worthwhile #Epilog
  27. 27. Growing a strong brand is a long term project – but an investment worthwhile investment of time and dedication increase in revenue Advertising, 
 marketing Building up a sales channel Growing a 
 strong brand
  28. 28. It protects you from copycats (they can copy the product but not what it means to people)
  29. 29. It has the power to change perception Source: De Chernatony & McDonald (1992) Pepsi or Coke - which tastes better? Blind testing (brand unknown) 5 % 44 % 51 % same Pepsi Coke Brand known 12 % 65 % 23 % same Pepsi Coke
  30. 30. It creates lasting relationships with customers
  31. 31. Ultimately, it creates financial value 0,80€ 3,40€
  32. 32. Need help?
  33. 33. Humanizing Businesses all intellectual property rights reserved Rlevance Consulting GmbH Berlin, Germany