Valle poetry anthology


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Valle poetry anthology

  1. 1. PoetryAnthology By: Christian Valle Lit 2 - Period 2
  2. 2. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
  3. 3. AMANDA…Her friends call her MandarkSince it sounds like her name and she likes to fartAfter class, she sprints to the snack line to get beef jerkyWith her boots and her personality all quirkyShe buys the beef jerky and is filled with immense joyThen she goes to her lockers to talk to the boysAfter snack she goes to mathBut beforehand she takes a bathWhen she’s done with math her brain gets deadAll these numbers and equations in her headShe just wants to go and eat more beef jerkyWith her friend Digne who is perkyAmanda also likes to model for funAnd when she’s not doing that, she likes to shoot gunsOne day Amanda broke her ankle while playing soccerHer team, coach, and family thought it was a shockerAmanda loves spending time with her best friends Mariahand ChristianThey make her feel happy, loved, and meanAmanda’s birthday is on November Thirteenth!
  4. 4. Winter TimeWinter time is full of light,Winter time is big and bright,Winter time is full of fun,Winter time has lots of sun,Winter time is full of fruits,Winter time is time to be free,thats why Winter time is forme.
  5. 5. A family like no one can seeA family everyone wants to be Family love comes from aboveFamily love is softer than a dove Family means a lot Life will never rot Family means a lot You will sometimes get caughtA family loves you for you And you love them very much tooWithout them you wouldn’t know what to do
  6. 6. Here is home Home is home No place like homeHome is where you are welcome Come home, Come back home You yearn for their zone But it cant be your home, Your relics are here, You are only there Where you can only desire But can never acquire.They quit you when they pleaseFor you are only there on lease. Come home with your cream, Come home with your dream, Come lets build ours In these fleeting hours.
  7. 7. Happiness is bliss Happiness is when you get a new puppy Happiness is when you get married Happiness is when you go on your first dateHappiness is making your own decisions Happiness is graduating Happiness is getting your first job Happiness is falling in loveHappiness is being proud of who you are Happiness is bliss Happiness is glowing Happiness is fun Happiness is an amazing feeling Happiness is when you smile all dayHappiness is when you get an A on a test Happiness is when you try your best