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Paul Christiansen - Architecture Portfolio

  1. 1. Architecture Paul Christiansen 1
  2. 2. Paul Christiansen E: P: 619.971.0066 W: A: 10832 Quail Canyon Road, El Cajon CA, 92021 I am currently a undergraduate student at Northeastern University majoring in Archi- tecture Design. I have a strong passion for architecture design and technology. The following portfolio is a compilation of the work I have produced in my fresh- men year as an architecture student with projects ranging from the study of spaces, materiality, and the overarching funda- mentals of architecture design. 2 | Paul Christiansen
  3. 3. Contents 4 Spaces Project 8 Museum Project 14 Miese Courtyard House 18 Villa Savoye Transformation 24 Jacobs’ House Study 26 Website Design 3
  4. 4. Spaces Project Assignment: This project was a simple project that focused on the study of creating spaces using only 9’ and 15’ walls to create overlapping, interlocking, and adjacent 4 spaces. I elected to design my building with one roof covering a circulation path that flows around two 15’ U shaped wall pieces 4 | Paul Christiansen
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. The light diagram below shows one of the main ideas of this project, which was my decision to leave the two 15’ U shapes unroofed to let a great deal of light into the circulatory spaces that they create. I wanted the circulation around the two U shapes to blur the line Parti Diagram between inside and outside spaces. The parti diagram above shows the overarching idea of my project; to use two U shaped unroofed walls that would serve as the basis for creating a circulation path that moves around them in a way that creates interlocking and overlapping spaces that work with eachother Section 1 Light Diagram 6 | Paul Christiansen
  7. 7. The image below is the final floorplan of the space, and by using a strict rectilin- ear grid I was able to achieve multiple spaces that incorporate quality of spaces, circulation through them, and an overall sense of connectivity through the use of 4 wall pieces that do not touch. The above rendering shows the south 1 side of the building which acts as an entrance to the space, but encloses the circulation path through the use of transparency between the two spaces. The tall wall shown is the back of the central U shape N 10 feet 5 1 7
  8. 8. Museum Staircase Project Assignment: This project focused on the design of a staircase for a museum gallery that would house two paintings: John Singer Sergent’s Daughters’ painting and Saint Luke paint- 8 ing the Virgin and Child by Rogier van der Weyden. The staircase would act to cre- ate spaces that worked with the composi- tional elements within the paintings. 8 | Paul Christiansen
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. I started by analyzing the artistic elements John Singer Sergent used in the painting of the Daughters and spe- cifically looked at the directionality and use of light. The top right diagram shows the main idea behind his painting and how he used the daughters as objects in their respective fields of the painting. I incorporated how he created a well lit foreground with a mysterious dark background that leaves the viewer curious as to what lay behind. In my design for the stair I made a literal recreation of this by placing the painting on the bottom gallery next to the entrance to the staircase, which emulates the mysterious dark space in the back of the painting to pull the viewer towards the stairs. 10 | Paul Christiansen
  11. 11. The second painting dealt with use of perspective, framing of objects and the idea of multiple layerings of spaces. Again, I took a literal approach to recreate the idaes behind the painting by eroding the wall in the upper gallery and placing the painting in the upper space. The viewer looking at the painting sees the layering in the painting and then realizes that the painting is used as an object in the composition of the view toward the main gallery and to the outside. The way to approach the painting makes it so that guests coming up the stairs to view the painting are moving objects in the composi- tion of the view out from the space. Framing Diagram 11
  12. 12. Circulation Diagram 12 | Paul Christiansen
  13. 13. Another important element I incorpo- rated in the creation of this project was quality of light as the visitor moves through the spaces to the second floor. I incorporate the layering present in the two painting and create literal represen- tations of it by layering spaces through the use of light directionality. In section, there is a mezzanine level created that allows views to the outside, views of the main gallery, and creates a middle layer between the main space and upper gallery. 13
  14. 14. Mies Courtyard House Assignment: This was a short project that dealt with the analysis of Mies van der Rohe courtyard houses. I looked at his use of materials, simplicity and light quality and produced 14 a series of renderings of the spaces to il- lustrate some of his main ideas behind the courtyard houses he designed. I also cre- ated a few short movie clips of circulation paths through the houses to show how these ideas are related in physical motion. 14 | Paul Christiansen
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. The rendering to the left shows a summer day in the courtyard house where I was analyzing how Miese created transitional spaces that act as circulational space, but create views of other spaces and outside and blur the line between inside and out. The rendering to the right shows the house at dusk. This specific rendering shows how the materials Miese chose to use work with eachother to create interest- ing spaces. I used Kerkythea Rendering to add in polished chrome, marble textures, contrasted with the simplicity of the roof. 16 | Paul Christiansen
  17. 17. The series of images shown above repre- sent one of the videos I created to show creation of views as a visitor moves through the house. The movie starts in the very dark kitchen and moves out to the main living space, bordered on both sides by long glass walls. It then shows the views of the outside and quality of light created by moving toward the front door. 17
  18. 18. Villa Savoye Transformation Assignment: One of the main projects of my fresh- men year, this was a long project where I deeply analyzed the successful elements present in Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye. I 18 then recreated a new Villa Savoye on a site given to me by my professor and had to incorporate shifts in the program and placing of elements on the new land- scape 18 | Paul Christiansen
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. These three axonometric diagrams are studies of some of the main ideas behind the villa savoye, and the image on the left shows how I incorporated them into the programatic design of my villa on the elongated landscape. I spent a great deal of time diagraming the different ideas behind creation of space, light, circulation, and program before even starting my project so that Ro of Ga rde n I could create a villa that had the same functionality as the Savoye, and once I had developed a deep understanding I started to design my villa. Kit ch en Liv ing Ro om Pa tio Ha ng ing So Ga ns rde Be n d Gu es tB Ma ed ste rB ed Se rvic eR oo ms En tra nc e 20 | Paul Christiansen
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. The diagram shown at left is an exploded axonometric of my final design. Since the site is so long and one half of the bottom floor is buried i moved the entry to the unburied side and made it a curved ramp to replace the sculptural service stair present in the Villa Savoye foyer so that the service stair could still serve the same functionality it does in the Savoye. The bottom diagram is a light study and shows how I use the patio as a central field to bring light into all the spaces of the house. 1st Floor West 2nd Floor M Aftern or n in g oon on No Af te rn oo n No on Mo rnin g East 22 | Paul Christiansen
  23. 23. The comparitive diagrams at My Savoye left show an analysis of how Private the Villa Savoye and my villa share the same programatic ideas and that even though Circulation 2 1 the site is elongated, the ideas behind circulation and sepa- Public ration between public and private spaces is not compro- mised. The section cut shown below is cut through the ramp at the center of the house to show 1. Section looking West the circulation path that one Villa Savoye would take through the house. Once proceeding up the curved ramp, a guest enters on the second floor at the junction between the patio and living room, as it is in the Villa. 2. Section looking East 16 x 5 1/4quot; = 6'-11 3/4quot; 23
  24. 24. Jacobs’ House Study Assignment: The first project I completed in my fresh- men year was a study of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Jacobs’ house. I was given a plan of the building and using online images 24 and research I created multiple section cuts through the house and using these, diagramed various elements present in the house. 24 | Paul Christiansen
  25. 25. Living Carport and Utilities Grid vs Wall Social Alignment Parti Backyard The three images above look at various elements Wright incorporated into the plan of the Jacobs’ House. The section cut shown below, created in Autocad, demon- strates the layering of the project in section from the public street to the private wing of the house and backyard. As a first project in architecture, this study helped me understand some of the fundamental principles in architecture and how they are physically implimented in a house. Private Public-Private Public 25
  26. 26. Website Design I went to a high school called High Tech High, and as the name suggests there was a strong influence from technology in the projects I did throughout my four years there. Two of the projects displayed 26 at right are digital portfolio’s I created to showcase my work online. The third was a website I designed while taking an internship with the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego 26 | Paul Christiansen
  27. 27. The website at left was one of the Digital This website was another Digital Portfolio that I creat- Portfolio’s I created in my four years ed in my senior year that showcases all the important at High Tech High. I used Macromedia projects I did throughout my four years as a student Flash to create an interactive website to at High Tech High. I used this as a basis for a thirty showcase the projects I had worked on minute presentation I gave as a thesis at the end of throughout my sophmore year. By elect- my senior year showing how much I had learned in ing to create my portfolio in a software the four years at HTH. I used Dreamweaver again for that allowed me to create an interac- this site but used a lot more of the functions I had not tive page as opposed to a static page previously experimented with. It can be viewed at: with text and images I learned a great deal about the possibilities of website design. The image shown left is the website I designed for the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County, who works in association with the Resource Conservation District which I took an internship with. I worked with the president of the organization to create a template for what they wanted in a website and then used Macromedia Dreamweaver to cre- ate a website that could be handed over to an employee and would be easy to maintain after the end of my internship. 27
  28. 28. 2009 Architecture Paul Christiansen 28 | Paul Christiansen