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Exploring space by julia


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Exploring space by julia

  1. 1.  1957 Sputnik 1 was the first satellite Sputnik 2 sent a dog named Laika into space
  2. 2.  the space race was between the United States and the Soviet Union For almost 50 years, the United States and Russia took part in the cold war Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin blasted off in his space craft On May 5 1961 astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American in space
  3. 3.  Apollo 7 carried 3 astronauts into space They tested the spaceship that would soon take men to the moon 3 astronauts traveled to the moon first time They orbited the moon ten times , but did not land Apollo 9 astronauts stayed in orbit around Earth The crew of Apollo 10 flew all the way to the moon
  4. 4.  The United States made it to the moon first They were ahead in the space race Sientists hoped to build a space station This would be a laboratory in space were astronauts could live and study more about space
  5. 5.  No human has ever gone to another planet But many unmanned space crafts have Mariner explored the atmosphere of Mars In 1976 Viking landed on Mars Saturn’s largest moon is Titan
  6. 6.  1.Space travel is very dangerous and very expensive is it worth it? I think it is worth it ,because you get to see what is out in space 2. was Laika’s death a waste? I think it was a little good in some ways, and a little waste, because we learned a little but the Rushens killed a dog 3. would you be a good astronaut? I am not sure if I would be a good astronaut 4. if you could explore space or the deep sea which would you explore and why? I would explore the deep sea , because I like to swim.
  7. 7.  Space is a great place but dangeres ,and expensve great to some of us but not all of us.