27 facts and 20 examples about social media


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Reflections about social media, after the Social Networking World Forum in London

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27 facts and 20 examples about social media

  1. 27 FACTS + 20 EXAMPLES ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA Reflections after Social Networking World Congress
  2. Things are changing … Is the moment of the individual capitalism… Ask not what you can do for your customers, but what your customers can do for you!
  3. Example 1: The Motrin case 1.400 tweets after 1.400 tweets after 395.000 search results 395.000 search results 90.000 views video 90.000 views video
  4. We’re overload by the information … People searches what is relevant for them … People feels comfortable with their similar recommendations
  5. Example 2: Be relevant my friend
  6. Social media, allows a new kind of consumer… the proactive one… 1. It has freedom of choice 2. Wants to customize his experience 3. Has and wants the scrutiny of the experience 4. Wants to collaborate in the experience 5. Wants to share it with his similar
  7. Example 3: The prosumer London run, New York run… be part of the brand experience… www.runlondon.com
  8. Example 4: The prosumer Consume, create and share… Take best practices and adapt them
  9. There two ways for understanding social media … Connect people to people & Connect people to content create by other people
  10. Example 5: Kinds of social media People to people People to content PICKING PICKING STATIC STATIC POINT POINT TOO TOO MUCH… MUCH… People to people & content
  11. Social media turns around of… Connecting people… but also A lot of helping them to create their own personality …
  12. Example 6: Building personality More than 13M of emails collected More than 5M fans(#1) More than 500 groups More than 0.6M photos His wife more than 0.4M fans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY More than 160.000 subscribers More than 17M of views More than 21M of views More than 89000 favourites More than 14.5h of content More than 0.5M followers & And still on the road… 0.45M following
  13. Example 7: Building personality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg More than 116M of views A world tour A professional contract +0.9M views And then… Evolution 2… +0.6M views http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inLBPVG8oEU +0.4M views +4.4M views in two months More than 700 related versions … More than 700 related versions …
  14. For been successful in your approach to social media you must … 1. Act with humility 2. Accept change 3. Don’t inspire dullness 4. Be prepared to surf tsunamis 5. Take care of the user experience
  15. Example 8: Act with humility Some Blog roll … http://alt1040.com/2008/12/keteke-haciendo-spam-en-twitter http://www.alejandrosuarez.es/2008/11/keteke-keteden/ http://www.caspa.tv/archivos/001234.html http://etc.territoriocreativo.es/etc/2008/12/keteke-y-twitter-aprendiendo-como-no-hacer-de-elefante-en-una-cacharreria.html http://cerkdti.blogspot.com/2008/11/keteke-experiencia-surrealista.html
  16. In Social media has no sense… Having a closed attitude … because … People, does, says, relates, connects, shares, …
  17. Example 9: People talk…
  18. For many people… social media has taken… A simple & static view of individuals interests and personality 1 for all is impossible … We don’t do it in the off world… why in the on? There is a future for niche social media …
  19. Example 10: Niche Social Networks Parents community Divorce people community Build your network in 2’ & 3 steps… Planning weddings TV Extras community Sports team… Sports team… School friends… School friends… Fan club… Fan club… hobbies… hobbies… Family… Family… Small business… Small business… Public association… Public association… Employment… Marketing launch… Employment… Marketing launch… Know-how sharing… Know-how sharing… … // … …… Guayana people community Janet Jackson fan community
  20. Social media changes way brands and consumers interact… Before… brands said “I’m a great lover” and customers believe it … Now… customers don’t believe that… and wait for… “Ei! He is a great lover” said by one of their friends… Then they believe it…
  21. Social media turns around conversation & interaction… We desire depth C&I’s… so we need engagement… and so… we need friends!!... Build friendship relations, my friend 20% 15% People becomes fan of a People becomes fan of a brand because of the brand because of the “free” stuff exciting & attractive profile 40% 49% People searches People considers social interactivity- something to media as a space to do with the brand express themselves- air their talent 25% 33% 64% People would like that the People forbid advertising profile of brand was run by of brands they consider 1 identified person non-honest People need to feel that 40% 22% a brand is trustworthy People that are friends of a People that are friends of a brand, spend more money and honest to WOM it brand remember it when with it buying un the street Source: adtofriends study
  22. In social media, brands have to… Search and build “Brand Ambassadors” Potential value Core buyers Ambassadors Dispensable influencers Social value The only way to do that is to target interactions… not only behaviour or context… specially demographic and relevance moments… 63% pay more attention Brands must know their followers… 52% more likely to interact know their interests… connect with them… feel like them… 66% brand interaction less intrusive
  23. Example 11: Amazon Kindle
  24. Example 12: Coke FB Fan Club +3.300.000 fans 2 most popular nd page in FB … The Fan club managed by the fans … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TGkDHzqUaQ
  25. Social media, changes the way things are measured… We can’t stop only in traditional KPI’s… we need to have a 360º view of the user experience… It’s not a question of number of users… is a question of level of engagement with our proposal- time spent, depth of interaction, type of it, spread of it,… A combination of hard & soft metrics …
  26. Example 13: New ways to measure New media, new KPI’s… new kinds of dashboards…
  27. Social media sites, in fact… Are media platforms … Basically their offer you tools to listen, interact, test, populate, engage with your 3f’s - followers, friends, fans… “They allow to socialise & humanise your brand”
  28. Example 14: Socialise the brand BLUESHIRTNATION- BEST BUY SOCIAL NETWORK D’STREET- DELOITTE SOCIAL NETWORK BLUESHIRTNATION- BEST BUY SOCIAL NETWORK D’STREET- DELOITTE SOCIAL NETWORK Create collaborative marketing Retain talent, approach the company to campaigns. Has personal profiles and the employees, share know-how,… groups of content created by employees Collaborative customer care… a place to R&D Help to develop the brand…
  29. Social media sites are media platforms… but… That doesn’t mean that are brands playground … Social media galaxy is were users interact with their similar … so brands when they approach to them must take care and add value to them … Social media sites aren’t easy free traffic places … they must be seen as a environment where to develop add value customer strategies …
  30. Example 15: Not a playground Vs. Where is the value?... And the conversation?... Don’t spam me… Doesn’t matter you’re gaudy… but not be and non-useful spammer
  31. In social media successful advertising is different… “Banners are R.I.P in social media” People don’t see banners in UGC sites… we have to act different? We have to forget our averse to the change… People search for conversations, relations, content that is relevant for them… Volume Approach Evolution Contextual Behavioural approach Approach Demographic approach
  32. Social media changes the way we consume content The First way Brands generate content Brands populates it The Second way Consumers generate content about brands Users populates it The Third way Brands prepares content Users remix it Together we populate it
  33. Example 16: The 3rd way First Way Second Way Third Way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMhJkhQZLUM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_ZQFn97ooM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGjQ__10Vzs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7T58LqeAEs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk-TsM14Aws http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_qAty-ujTc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyedtGQIPME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1dYv_gKTA8
  34. The goal for a brand in social media has to be… Be where consumers are… And once there… listen interact and learn from them… After that… you’ll be able to try to engage them… “The diver must be where fish are …”
  35. In social media… you can’t decide to hide your brand… People talks, says, comments, shares, rates, populates … and you can’t control it… You can decide to be active or inactive part of it… but… be sure that social media will find you …
  36. Social media changes the way we must look at the net … We must think in a web space way instead of a website one. Social media generates a delocalisation of the content & activity in the Net. It requires a omnipresent strategy and an effort to link the content/ activity and allocate it to be relevant and useful to the users.
  37. Example 17: They will find you How represents them in Slideshare… How represents them in Flickr…
  38. When now very few of the capabilities of social media, so… We must be always open to… Collect + Learn + Analyse + Share + Scale & then repeat what works … “Social media is the new marketing school… and our teachers are the users”
  39. Example 18: Users teach you quot;We think our brand is going to be different because we Interacting with users to create want people to feel there's a real person they're connecting with, whether it's when they call us or through better products, improve Twitter or any way they come in contact with us,quot; (Tony existing ones…- building the Hsieh CEO) brand together For Tony Hsieh, CEO at Zappos, meeting up with a customer at a bar in midtown Manhattan was perfectly natural. Most execs with 1,600 employees and doing over $1 billion in annual sales would probably pass on having drinks with an individual THESE BRANDS customer, but Hsieh is not your typical CEO. In the past week alone he had given away shoes on Twitter, sent out an open invitation to a company barbecue and solved a service problem a customer left in a blog comment. If this seems BUILD COMMUNITY exhausting, Hsieh sees it as part of a larger strategy to build Zappos into a brand on par with Virgin. …
  40. In Social media the typical mistakes brands make are … 1. Lack of time and resources For a CEO, there’s no such dedicated thing as a “little mistake” 2. Put at the front of it a team under-skilled 3. Don’t shift the mindset 4. Defining the strategy after the launch 5. Don’t make easythe users the participation of 6. Don’t help to initiate the conversation 7. Bomb the users with mkt. messages instead of useful content & tools 8. Try to control& interaction the conversation
  41. Virtual worlds are social but different to social media sites 1. The biggest ones are 1/10 the size of the biggest SMS 2. Virtual worlds are much more than Secondlife and WOW 3. The engagementthe rest of theAsia with them in is higher than in world 4.From are used for:view of the user the point of VW’s Gaming-competing: helps to initiate Meet and make friends Allow the self-expression Liberate the fantasy- dream 5. From the point of view ofitthe monetisation VW’s base in: User revenue- fees + virtual stuff Advertising- Embed as part of the world
  42. Example 19: Much more than SL…
  43. Example 20: Much more than SL…
  44. The challenges of any social media space to take off are… The basics…. Be able to organise the information Be able to raise relevant content Be able to create relation tools Be able to open the space to 3rd parts that can add value The wish ones…. Be able to push the relevant content not only wait they pull it Be able to follow them far from the defined space and be beside them when they need you
  45. Social media had been… Very Able to attract users Where is the and engage them with their business?? stuff proposal Facebook: 3.5h x user (mobile: 20’) Tuenti: 3.2h x user Facebook: 14.5 visits x user Tuenti: 16.6 visits x user Somehow able to encourage users to create content Youtube: 0.16% of users upload content 2008: 42% of users generate content 2013: 51% of users generate content Not very able to monetise their audience Twitter: 0$ revenue x unique visitor Facebook: 1$ revenue x unique visitor Cnet: 2.1$ revenue x unique visitor Policeone: 3.5$ revenue x unique visitor Source: realitydigital, nielsen, e.marketer
  46. Social media is in constant evolution… the next transformation… 1. Cross- platforms 2. Multi-regional 3. Vertical extensions 4. Making other genes work
  47. Social media is changing the marketing… but the bases doesn’t change… Always… as WHY? Before doing anything Take care… SM adds more complexity to the planning- more niche sounds So is basic to have a strategy, define objectives and have clear that different objetives require of different medias and creativity implementation…
  48. Social media is the web space of the new generations… If you want to communicate, interact and engage them… and so guarantee de future of you business… you must be there…
  49. THANKS!! Christian Palau Sanz christianp@infojobs.net Innova Thinker