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basic research versus applied research


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this presentation differentiate the concept of basic and applied research

Published in: Education
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basic research versus applied research

  1. 1. Types of Research Presented by: Christian Orsolino
  2. 2. What is Research???? - Research involves a purposive, organized and planned program of activities that result in  The acquisition of new knowledge  Application of the theory to solve problems
  3. 3. Types of Research Applied Research ◦ Obtain knowledge for practical application ◦ Also know as a practical research ◦ It is for the sake of the technological advancements Ex: ◦ Studying the factors that would enhance participation for college students in the co- curricular activities ◦ Modern techniques of tooth treatment
  4. 4. Types of Research Basic Research ◦ Also known as Theoretical Research ◦ Driven purely by curiosity to expand our knowledge/ for the sake of knowing ◦ but without any particular practical purpose.
  5. 5. Relationship between Basic & Applied Research Basic Research feeds Applied Research, and Applied Research feeds Basic Research  Basic Research provides the theory that produce the concepts for solving educational problems  Applied Research provides the data to support theory, guide, and revise the development of theory
  6. 6. Example of Basic Research ◦ Operant Conditioning of B.F. Skinner ◦ Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence ◦ Studies on relationship and comparative analyses  Relationship between emotional quotient and leadership skills
  7. 7. Basic Applied Additional to Knowledge Solution to existing problems Discovery / Invention Innovation / Application Mere Academic Practical use for solving problems
  8. 8. Thank you for listening   