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Online Marketing Service - CX Interactive


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At CX Interactive we focus on performance based online marketing strategies designed to deliver results.

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Online Marketing Service - CX Interactive

  1. 1. Search Engine Marketing Capabilities Presentation
  2. 2. Company Snapshot• 200+ full-time staff headquartered in Toronto (offices in Halifax, Waterloo, and Los Angeles)• 2009 Best Company of the Year - Canadian New Media Awards• 2009 Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50• 300+ web properties with 35 million monthly unique visitors• Large affiliate advertising network with 11,000+ affiliates that generates 1.4 billion gross impressions per month 2
  3. 3. About CX Interactive“Assess, Strategize, and Execute Technology and Digital Marketing solutions that drive organizational performance” Practice Areas Business Performance Applications Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Usability Design Performance Marketing Performance Media 3
  4. 4. What Makes Us Unique?We Eat Our Own Dog Food • Our own online web properties driven by SEO and SEM tactics(300+) • Launched our own Social Media Apps (1M+ Users) • Our solutions are tested and optimized on our own businesses before clients 4
  5. 5. What Makes Us Unique? Performance Marketing DNACost Per Action Marketing (CPA)Cost Per Click Marketing (CPC)Targeted Display (CPM)Search MarketingSocial Media 5
  6. 6. Search Marketing ServicesServices Offerings:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)Search Engine Marketing Management (Paid)Sample of Current SEO/SEM Clients: 6
  7. 7. College Pro’s Current SituationTell Us About Your Situation 7
  8. 8. SEO Approach & MethodologyA systemic and customized Approach…Site AnalysisKeyword AnalysisSite OptimizationContent DevelopmentLink DevelopmentMaintenance and Monitoring 8
  9. 9. SEM Approach & Methodology• Keyword analysis• Keyword/Phrase research – Volume & relevance 1 2 – Bid pricing• Set budget Targeting &• Build comprehensive keyword list and ad groups Optimization Platform• Create ad copy and Calls to Action• Set keyword bids• Set up conversion tracking mechanisms 3• Daily/weekly optimization Establish and track to a CPA Goal 9