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Institutional funding opportunities & strategies during Covid-19


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What are institutional donors doing in response to Covid-19?
What are their priorities and strategies?
What does that mean for funding for contractors and implementers?
What funding opportunities do exist and how are current funding opportunities impacted?

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Institutional funding opportunities & strategies during Covid-19

  1. 1. WEBINAR: INSTITUTIONAL FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES & STRATEGIES DURING COVID-19 MAY 2020 A look at funding opportunities and donor strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic
  2. 2. Christian Meyer zu Natrup Managing Director EU & Germany Michael Short Senior Consultant USA TEAM Pallu Modi Non-Profit Strategy Consultant UK Joseph Nelson Non-Profit Finance Consultant UN & Worldbank
  3. 3. TALKING POINTS TODAY What are institutional donors doing in response to Covid-19? What are their priorities and strategies? What does that mean for funding for contractors and implementers? What funding opportunities do exist and how are current funding opportunities impacted?
  4. 4. COVID-19 FUNDING OVERALL Health 55% Inclusive Development 19% other 26% WHAT Bi-lateral Government Notices 22% World-Bank 18% Private Sector 15% Foundations 13% EU 11% US 8% other 13% WHO East Asia & Pacific 16% West Africa 14% South Asia 10% North Africa Middle East 10% Other 50% WHERE Source: UK Dev-tracker, IATA and Word Bank, analysis by MzN International
  5. 5. DFID & the FCO are repurposing existing programmes UK playing pivotal role in the international response to Coronavirus (pledged £744m of UK Aid) Package of £200m for charities/international organisations to help mass infections annouced Pandemic is particularly dangerous for countries with weak health systems who are already struggling to fight preventable diseases Pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities exposing vulnerabilities in social, political & economic systems – people who experience chronic hunger & who lose access to food support, camps & hospitals who have critical supplies cut off Pandemic also creates challenges - for women & girls who become more vulnerable to abuse WHAT IS THE UK DOING DURING & AFTER CRISES IN TERMS OF NEW FUNDING
  6. 6. Everyone expecting a shift through the forthcoming Integrated Review & the Spending Review A key question is what does post-Covid ODA look like? Secretary of State for International Development stated ‘whole of mission’ response, global collaboration and use of networks Short-term focus on humanitarian and health sectors and the vulnerable & longer-term focus on economic recovery and growth Gender equality to be embedded across all programmes FCO spend continues to be mostly through the CSSF & the Prosperity Fund Growing interest thought to be in finding areas where spending ODA is of mutual interest to the UK WHAT IS THE UK DOING DURING & AFTER CRISES IN TERMS OF NEW FUNDING
  7. 7. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR STRATEGY AS A GRANT APPLICANT TO ACCESS SOME OF THAT FUNDING Focus will be on humanitarian, health & the vulnerable At present DFID will continue with the current tender programme Continue to use DFID/FCO portals and Development Tracker to check opportunity pipelines Approximately 60% of programmes are being repurposed Ensure relationships with partners and networks are strong and use country experience/track record/networks/outreach as a leverage - where larger firms may not have the abilities to reach out in the field 1 May SoS wrote to its Supply partners on ‘Responding to Covid-19’
  8. 8. EU Corona Response pledge started 4th May, now EUR7.5 billion pledged Increased services procurement through existing framework contracts and new projects. Existing programmes are maintained,. Focused on Health Sector strengthening and fighting disinformation 26th March: EU establishes global initiative on pandemic preparedness and response, Corporates & NGOs are about to be invited to partake. 24th April: EU launches collaboration focused on „shared and equitable global access to innovative tools to fight the COVID-19 virus” Expect increased grants & services contracts from June onwards. Get your funding team ready! EU RESPONSE
  9. 9. EU RESPONSE WHAT THE EU RESPONSE MEANS FOR UK NGO’S EU funds are largely untied, though not always pracmatically so. EU focus on Health Systems and Migration curbing continues Apply with EU partner if you can Source: EU website Source: EU website
  10. 10. GERMAN RESPONSE CONTINUES FOCUS ON MARSHAL PLAN AND COMPACT FOR AFRICA WITH KEY PRIORITIES IN: Youth entrepreneurship Agriculture Anti-corruption Private investment support & investment climate improvement Current projects are being refocussed on health Combating fake news Digital vocational training Health sector strengthening squads All announced in English here Source: BMZ website Source: giz website
  11. 11. WHAT ARE THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCE INSTITUTIONS DOING TO FACILITATE PROGRAMMES DURING THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC? Increase in Funding – 1500 New COVID Initiatives across Intergovermental Org. Flexibility and Re-assignment – 20% of Development Funding Can Be Repurposed Various UN Bodies have continued funding programme costs, salaries and even in some cases ICR Whilst the pandemic is dominating the news, humanitarian and socioeconomic action are mutually reinforcing and continue to be funded and implemented where possible - The existing pipeline is to be maintained if not increased Procurement Contracts have rapidly increased – NGOs with distribution networks have opportunities to facilitate the supply chains Philanthropists and Private Foundations are growing increasingly active in the funding of both research and response.
  12. 12. THE OPPORTUNITIES UN COVID-19 RESPONSE AND RECOVERY FUND - INTER-AGENCY FUNDING MECHANISM Window 2 and 3 – Mitigate and Recover (Window 1 aimed at Government Agencies) Administered through UN MPTF Office > > UN GM AND UN PROCUREMENT Significant increase in volumes Frameworks and related country plans communicated through partner arrangements with UN agencies, through pooled funding mechanisms, and through direct donor funding. CHECK YOUR REGISTRATIONS! > > > > WORLD BANK Continuation of core funding activities Contracts and Procurement Up on 2019 > >
  13. 13. THE OPPORTUNITIES FOUNDATIONS Gates Foundation: Increase of $250Mil through strategic investment fund MasterCard Foundation: Innovation/Seed Funding for Innovations Wellcome Trust: Epidemic Preparedness Fund
  14. 14. USAID (US DEPT. OF STATE) COMMITTED US$ 780 million FOR THE COVID-19 RESPONSE US $200 million : Global Health Emergency Reserve Fund for Contagious Infectious- Disease Outbreaks and Global Health Programs US $300 million: International Disaster Assistance (IDA) US $150 million: Economic Support Fund (ESF) US $130 million: Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA) New Resources Modify existing and pending Annual Program Statement (APS) Shifting existing Resources Increasing Public-Private Partnerships Accelerate getting resources into the field in response to localized need (EPP)
  15. 15. LESSONS Funding flow is shifting but certain to continue (in some form) New and existing NGO partners will be key to implementing USAID’s COVID-19 response strategy at the country- and community-level Multi-focus approach: research, mitigation, health infrastructure, humanitarian assistance, public education, etc. GET READY! Complete no-cost NGO registration with STAY INFORMED! Monitor on-line resources for new funding opportunities: USAID Quarterly Business Forecast NETWORK! USAID country offices, local NGO/ Government committees, UN agen
  16. 16. THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS? Speak to a MzN funding consultant in your area here for proposal writing support and strategic funding development support Need some support?
  17. 17. STAY IN TOUCH! Joseph Nelson Christian Meyer zu Natrup Pallu Modi Michael Short This free WEBINAR will be repeated on May 15, 202012-1pm Sign up here Join a THINK2030 session for an supportive place to think about the decade of delivery. Sign up for free here Read our BLOG about leading through the new world disorder here