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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics
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  1. 1. CTR: CHOOSE THE RIGHT By. Christian lima , Yadira Campos
  2. 2. C T R : C H O O S E T H E R I G H T. W H AT D O E S T H I S M E A N ? Choosing the right means choosing to do what is correct. Knowing that something is wrong, and refusing to act upon it, is an example of choosing the right.
  3. 3. POEM ABOUT CHOOSING THE RIGHT Choosing To Walk On The Right Path Is going to have its obstacles. Temptations will be there to tease, With attempts to weaken. And faces familiar... Will appear to critique. Choosing to walk on the right path, Isn't an easy decision one makes. It takes one to break away, From barriers attached... That are difficult to unlatch. Yet... Can be done to escape those traps. Choosing to walk on the right path, Is going to have its obstacles. And some days will seem impossible. But that path chosen, By the one who knows it is correct... Will never bring to one regret. If a faith kept is strong. And an accepting felt within belongs, Choosing to walk on the right path, Will prove there to be nothing to fear. Doubts disappear! And those things wrong that prick like thorns, From this right path... Eventually, Will be gone! -Lawrence S. Pertillar
  4. 4. EXAMPLES OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT  Helping mom/dad with the chores at home  Doing your homework and turning it in on time  Getting to school early  Helping others in need  Dressing appropriately  Doing as told
  5. 5. EXAMPLES OF CHOOSING THE W RO N G  Cheating on a test  Spreading rumors about people  Use of drugs and alcohol  Use of foul language  Bullying others
  6. 6. R E S T O R I N G FA I T H I N HUMANITY People are choosing the right everywhere in the city, right at this moment. Whether it’s from helping our each other, to helping others in need like animals
  7. 7. C E RTA I N P E O P L E W H O CHOOSE TO DO THE RIGHT Whether it’s Paul Walker to Nelson Mandela to Martin Luther King, these people helped out the community to make it what it is today. They all contributed to stop racism, and help people in need. In memory of them, we should all decide to do the right and follow their steps.
  8. 8. REASONS WHY TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT There are plenty of reasons why to choose to do the right. For example:  You’re doing the right thing  You get good feelings in your heart  You conscience is free of any regretful thoughts  You are respected by others
  9. 9. AYUDANDO  Hacer las cosas correctas es como ayudar ala gente cuando lo necesita. Hacer cosas buenas como ayudar alos mayores, alos ninos, hacer algo bueno para la comunidad, alas personas que lo necesitan como los que no tienen de comer, darles apoyo o donde vivir, darles aunque sea algo para que pase la noche ayudar alos invalidos no aserlos de menos .
  10. 10. HACER LO CORRECTO  Hacer lo correcto tambien es no hacer trampas, ser justos con los demas . Hacer algo justo podemos hacer como donar alos internados, acilos, o a citios que no tengan buenos recursos , al igual escojer el lado correcto, no el lado incorrecto.
  11. 11. DROGAS O SALUD? Que escojerias si te darian a elegir las drogas o salud? Las drogas te llevan por un camino donde hacemos las cosas malas se nos vuelve un bisio y nos vamos en camino incorrecto . La salud lleva hacer un joven saludable, sin ningun problema de salud.
  12. 12. P O R QU E E S I M P O RTA N T E H AC E R L O C O R R E C T O Es importante hacer lo correcto porque asi eres una mejor persona. Te reconosen como la persona que siempre anda ayudando a los demas y que nunca anda hablando de nadie. Hacer lo correcto te hace sentir bien, y sabes que no has hecho nada malo. Siempre escoje lo correcto, y que no importe lo que tus amigos de mala influencia digan.