25 Way's to increase, engage, and grow your Facebook presence.


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Christian Karasiewicz shares 25 way's to increase, engage, and grow your Facebook presence with this free social media marketing ebook.

25 Way's to increase, engage, and grow your Facebook presence.

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  2. 2. As Facebook continues to grow (there are roughly 1 billion users using the service to date) and 42 million+ Facebook Pages, it is becoming a key area for businesses to connect with customers and to reach new prospects. So what happens after your business has set up shop with a Facebook Page and the number of “Likes” you’re receiving isn’t growing? Rather than give up, we’ve compiled 25 ways to increase, engage, and grow your Facebook Page Likes, helping grow your presence online and offline and get your business booming on Facebook. Enjoy! Sincerely, Christian Karasiewicz
  3. 3. www.christiankonline.com Facebook “Like” box How to get started: ¡ Create your “Like” box ¡ Install on your website/blog ¡ Need help? Contact me 1 To help you bring more of your network in from your website, Facebook created social plugins. Social plugins include the Facebook “Like” box. The benefit to having the “Like” box on your website is that it makes liking your page frictionless. This means users don’t have to leave your website to like your page - they can do it anywhere you place the “Like” box at on your site.
  4. 4. www.christiankonline.com Link a profile to a page How to get started: ¡ Watch: How to link your Facebook Profile and Page ¡ Need help? Contact me 2 Most users often overlook adding their Facebook Page to their Facebook Profile. When you add your Facebook Page to your Facebook Profile, not only does it show up on your profile for anyone to see (a great way to get the word out), but when you update your profile, your friends also get notified (another great way to get the word out and grow those “Likes”)! So how do you take advantage of this overlooked feature? Check out the “how to get started” section below for instructions.
  5. 5. www.christiankonline.com Share your page with friends How to get started: ¡ Watch: How to share a Facebook Page on your Profile ¡ Need help? Contact me 3 You’ve launched your Facebook Page for your business, but have you invited your friends to “Like” it? In most cases, the best way to give your “Likes” a boost and to start building buzz for your business is to ask your friends (which you probably have more of than you do fans). Another added benefit – when your friends like your page, it will show up in news feed for their friends to see. Here’s an example of how it looks in news feed when your friend likes a Facebook Page.
  6. 6. www.christiankonline.com Comments box for feedback How to get started: ¡ Create a Facebook comments box ¡ Install on your website/blog ¡ Need help? Contact me 4 Facebook has created a comments box that you can easily add to your website. The benefits to using the Facebook comments box are that you can keep the conversation going and also grow your website presence in the process. Comments made in the Facebook comments box are shared on your website and in a visitors news feed (meaning their friends will see their activity). This means more traffic to your website and more opportunities to reach new customers and prospects!
  7. 7. www.christiankonline.com Tagging posts 5 If you’re posting content about another business on Facebook, be sure to tag their page. This notifies the business that you have posted about them and helps to increase the exposure of your content to others on Facebook. In addition to tagging a Facebook Page in a post, you can also tag a Facebook Page in comments too. Watch: Tagging posts on Facebook Pages
  8. 8. www.christiankonline.com Photo tagging 6 If your customers and fans take photos and post them on Facebook, be sure you have them tag your Facebook Page. When fans tag your business, this shares the photo with their friends. When they tag themselves or other friends in the photo, this notifies that person and increases the exposure the photo and your business receives. How to get started: ¡ Watch: Tagging photos on Facebook Pages ¡ Tag your business in photos ¡ Have your fans tag themselves
  9. 9. www.christiankonline.com Analyze & Optimize 7 When you’re running your Facebook Page, it is important that you know how your content is doing at all times. This is why you should constantly analyze your Facebook Page to see which areas are working and not working on your Facebook Page. I recommend looking at your Facebook Page analytics at least 2x per week. To analyze your content, be sure you check out your Facebook Insights. After analyzing your content, be sure you optimize it to increase engagement with your fans. The better engagement, the more chances you have of your content getting shared with their friends. More sharing means more opportunities to bring new fans to your Facebook Page. How to get started ¡ Read: Facebook Insights Glossary ¡ Check out your Facebook Insights ¡ Need help? Contact me
  10. 10. www.christiankonline.com Facebook Advertising 8 If your Facebook Page is having a difficult time getting new “Likes” and you’ve tried posting different types of content (posts with links, images, videos, etc), it might be time to spend some money on advertising. When running Facebook Ads, you have a number of types of ads to consider: • Facebook Ads - great for bringing in new fans. • Sponsored Stories - reach someone through news feed who isn’t yet a fan. • Promoted Posts - have a specific post shown to fans in their news feed. Remember, each of the three types of Facebook Ads offers a unique way to reach fans (both current and new fans). How to get started ¡ Decide on which type of Facebook Ad to run ¡ Create your ads ¡ Monitor and tweak your ads to lower your cost ¡ Need help? Contact me
  11. 11. www.christiankonline.com Guest post on other blogs 9 One of my favorite ways to grow your Facebook presence is to guest post on other blogs. Not only is this a way to get your name in front of people who are not familiar with you, but it is a way to amplify your skills to a diverse audience. For example, if you’re knowledgeable about a particular subject, reach out to blogs that write about that topic and ask if you can contribute. Once your guest post is up on their site, be sure to promote it on your Facebook Page and through all of your relevant social media channels. This way you let fans know about it. On my own website, I include a guest post submission form. This way if someone wants to be a guest blogger, they can fill out a brief form. How to get started ¡ Google your subject ¡ Visit the website and contact the site owner ¡ Write your post – include links to your Facebook Page / website ¡ Promote your guest post on your Facebook Page
  12. 12. www.christiankonline.com Make it easy to “Like” posts 10 One easy way to get more of your content seen and ultimately, more fans to your Facebook Page is to include a Facebook “Like” button on your blog posts. Here’s an example. This way you make it easy for readers to share your content. When they “Like” your posts, this also shows in their friends news feed, leading to more visitors back to your website. How to get started ¡ Add a like button to posts ¡ Need help? Contact me
  13. 13. www.christiankonline.com Text to Like! 11 Out of 2.7 billion people, 40% of the worlds population is using mobile. If you know someone who lives on text messages, let them know that they can “Like” your Facebook Page and even receive updates via text message. To “Like” a Facebook Page via text message, watch this short video. Pro Tip: “Text to like” is a great feature to share with users when you’re at a conference and want to make it easy for them to Like your Facebook Page.
  14. 14. www.christiankonline.com Post a status update 12 Want to get more “Likes” from your current Facebook fans? Be sure you keep them involved. How can you keep them involved? Post interesting content that they’ll want to comment on and share. A few examples; exciting news about your business, a link to an article that’s related to your industry, even a (related) photo. Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to try new content. Also, don’t be afraid to ask fans and customers what they want to see. This will help you hone in on what content you should be posting that they’ll be interested in and want to share.
  15. 15. Run contests 13 Contests are a great way to get free marketing and advertising, and for growing your number of Facebook Page Likes. One of my favorite ways to run a contest is using Rafflecopter. In order to enter the contest, users must “Like” your Facebook Page. Remember, when someone likes your page, it shows in their news feed for their friends to see! How to get started ¡ Rafflecopter ¡ Need help? Contact me www.christiankonline.com
  16. 16. www.christiankonline.com Add a bumper/lower third 14 When you’re creating videos to post on YouTube, don’t just tell viewers to go find you on Facebook. Provide them with a direct link. How do you do this with video? Take things up a notch by adding a video bumper or a lower third to your video. Here’s an example of a lower third that I often include in my videos. Adding a video bumper or lower third is a great way to incorporate a call-to-action strategy in your online videos such as liking your Facebook Page. Pro Tip: Keep it simple. Your bumper/lower third just needs one action and an easy to remember URL.
  17. 17. www.christiankonline.com Create a fan reveal promo 15 Instead of giving away all of your content, sometimes you have to tease fans. A great way to do this is with a fan reveal promo. This is where you entice visitors to get something – a coupon, a download, etc. The catch, they must “Like” your Facebook Page. If you’re not a graphic designer no problem! There are tools that can help you do this. How to get started ¡ Select a service ¡ App: ShortStack ¡ Wordpress users: WP4FB ¡ Create contest & test it! ¡ Share contest on your Facebook Page ¡ Need help? Contact me
  18. 18. www.christiankonline.com Facebook Signs 16 Just because your business is on Facebook doesn’t mean your brick-and-mortar customers know you are too. Fortunately, there are free Facebook signs you can print and post in your store to advertise your Facebook presence. Once you’ve printed them, make sure to include your Facebook URL. Pro Tip: Don’t just put these at your register. Add them to your dressing rooms, tables, even your store windows. How to get started: ¡ Choose a sign ¡ Option 1: Free Facebook signs ¡ Option 2: Free Facebook signs ¡ Add Facebook Page URL ¡ Post signs at your business
  19. 19. www.christiankonline.com Email signature 17 If you are serious about getting more quality likes on your Facebook Page, be sure you promote it in the obvious places such as in your email signature. If you communicate a lot over email, don’t overlook this valuable piece of real estate. Pro Tip: Mobile devices and tablets are equally important communication devices. If you update your email on your computer, be sure you also create a consistent email signature for mobile devices and tablets you use too. If you use an iPhone, you can have multiple signatures. Watch this short video on how to setup multiple email signatures. Recommended tools: ¡ Wisestamp ¡ Mail: Creating an email signature in Mail ¡ iOS: How to setup multiple email signatures ¡ Android: K-9 Mail
  20. 20. www.christiankonline.com Facebook Vanity URL’s 18 Ever wonder how businesses create customized Facebook URL’s? They’re called Vanity URL’s. Facebook vanity URL’s are a great way to share your Facebook Page – so make it catchy, but not too difficult to remember. This way you can get fans to your page quickly. Facebook vanity URL’s can be used for both Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages, so before choosing your new name, be sure you have a strategy. For example: My Facebook Profile URL: http://www.facebook.com/christiankarasiewicz My Facebook Page URL: http://www.facebook.com/askck Pro Tip: Choose wisely because you can only change your Facebook vanity URL once. How to get started: ¡ Watch: How to change your Facebook vanity URL ¡ Read: Check your current Vanity URL’s ¡ Need help selecting a vanity URL? Contact me
  21. 21. www.christiankonline.com Twitter + Facebook Page 19 Although Twitter and Facebook are two separate social networks, don’t forget to tweet out a link to your Facebook Page from time to time. USe the two as a force multiplier for your content. This is a great way to tell your Twitter followers about your Facebook Page and encourage them to connect with your business on Facebook. It’s also a way to leverage your audience from one network to build another! Pro Tip: When composing a tweet, be sure you leave space for people to retweet you – I suggest composing a tweet of about 120 characters.
  22. 22. www.christiankonline.com LinkedIn + Facebook Page 20 LinkedIn is mostly for business, so why are you not advertising your Facebook Page? Be sure you’ve added a link to your Facebook Page in your LinkedIn profile. This way if someone is looking at your profile, they’ll know that you have a Facebook presence too. Pro Tip: Promote your Facebook Page on LinkedIn Profile > Edit Profile > Contact Info > Edit Contact Info
  23. 23. www.christiankonline.com Business Cards 21 While LinkedIn is a great professional social network, it’s important to continue to connect with people offline. When you’re networking and making connections with other influencers, be sure to keep updated business cards handy. On your business cards, here’s what you should include: •Name •Phone number •Email address - don’t use your personal email address. Instead, use your business email address. •Website •Social networks - don’t list all of them, just the main ones. Pro Tip: When sharing your Facebook URL in a business setting, be sure you share your Facebook Page URL and not your Facebook Profile. How to get started: ¡ Business card review: Contact me
  24. 24. www.christiankonline.com Facebook “add interest” lists 22 Want exposure for your business? Consider creating a Facebook “add interest” list. Add interest lists are a way to create lists of…friends, pages, resources, etc. Pro Tip: Create an “add interest” list for your industry and add others to it – relevant businesses, public figures, even friends people should follow. Don’t forget to add your business too. When you add someone to an “add interest” list, they get notified. Once you have a list created, be sure to share the URL with your friends and especially your fans. Remember, it’s not just about your business, it’s the value you add that encourages people to want to recommend you to others. How to get started: ¡ Watch: How to create add interest lists on Facebook ¡ Read: Facebook “add interest” lists ¡ Create: Facebook “add interest” lists ¡ Questions? Contact me
  25. 25. www.christiankonline.com YouTube channel profile 23 If you’re a YouTube rockstar or just getting started with your channel, one area you definitely don’t want to overlook is your profile. YouTube recently updated the look of YouTube channels and added in a host of new features - the main one being a unified design. View example of the new YouTube layout. In addition to putting more of an emphasis on your profile, they have also added YouTube channel art, a way you can market your business and your online presence. Pro Tip: Learn about YouTube channel art with this comprehensive guide + template.
  26. 26. www.christiankonline.com Newsletters My favorite newsletter tools: ¡ Aweber ¡ Mailchimp ¡ Feedburner 24 If you’re not using a newsletter to communicate with fans and customers, you’re overlooking an important area. Email newsletters are a powerful tool to use to segment out your message to specific audiences. For example, users who signed up through Facebook vs. Twitter. They can also complement your marketing efforts by incorporating content from blogs, along with photos and videos you posted across various social networks into one message. This way, if your newsletter gets forwarded (which is what you want to happen), people who don’t know you can receive your newsletter from a friend and connect with you across your social channels. In the process, this will help grow your online presence. Pro tip: Be sure to link directly to your social media accounts instead of telling people to search for you. This will save your readers and customers time. Also, make sure you test your links before hitting send to ensure they take readers where you want them to go.
  27. 27. www.christiankonline.com Presentations Connect with me: ¡ www.christiankonline.com ¡ www.facebook.com/askck ¡ www.youtube.com/ckarasiewicz ¡ www.twitter.com/ckroks 25 If you’re giving a presentation, I cannot stress this enough. Let everyone know how and where they can connect with you. You’re not limited to just your email address. Share your Facebook Page, website, display your Twitter username in your footer, or even promote a conference hashtag to encourage dialog to spillover onto your networks. This way you spell out exactly where you want people to connect with you. For example, if they have questions, encourage conference attendees to post them on your Facebook Page and you can answer them there. This will encourage dialog, boost the engagement on your Facebook Page, and get people talking and wanting to know what event you’re at if they’re not there. Pro Tip: if you’re on a network, but are not active, don’t share it.
  28. 28. SHARE IT! Connect with Christian Karasiewicz: Web: www.christiankonline.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/askck Twitter: www.twitter.com/ckroks YouTube: www.youtube.com/ckarasiewicz LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/christiankarasiewicz Google+: http://plus.google.com/101529982402722005507/ Know someone who has a Facebook Page for their business who could benefit from knowing these 25 creative ways to increase, engage and grow your Facebook Likes? http://www.christiankonline.com/grow-facebook-page-likes What did you think about this ebook? Feel free to leave feedback on my Facebook Page.