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Let's talk about sowing


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How do you know when you have a harvest on your seed? Find out!

Published in: Spiritual
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Let's talk about sowing

  1. 1. 1© Church Training Platform
  2. 2. 2IntroductionOur universe was framed by words. Psalm 33:9 states… For He Spoke, and it was done; HeCommanded, and it stood fast.Dispute it all you like, but it God’s thumbprint that is upon creation. It is God who created allthings. In order to understand how things work in our universe, you MUST consult the one whocreated it.Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 (KJV)4. He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shallnot reap.5. As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow inthe womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of Godwho maketh all.6. In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: forthou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they bothshall be alike good.© Church Training Platform
  3. 3. 3One of the most powerful weapons we have available to us is the power of seed-sowing. Unfortunately, it is often, that which we know the least about, that will benefitus the most. The reason we must sow and gain understanding of why and how to sow,is so that the harvest may be correctly identified.Why Can’t We Prosper?How many meetings have you gone to, in which you were told your financial pictureswas going to change in let’s say…7 days? And You found yourself in a holding patternfor those days hoping and praying! Praying and hoping!! Probably more than once!!The thing is, we know how crazy it sounds, but WE KEEP DOING IT, THINKING THERESULT WILL BE DIFFERENT – IT WON’T.So why don’t you ask God what’s Up? You see the stuff on the page in the bible, butwhere you don’t see it, is in your life. Why? Because we are not IN!You have to get IN. We stand ON THE WORD, but not IN THE WORD.© Church Training Platform
  4. 4. 4Christians seem to think, if I say “In the Name of Jesus”, that will do it. That’s thebeauty of being IN vs. ON. God’s system is so precise, that if you are not IN it you won’tget it, no matter how hard you try. That is why Jesus said you strain at a gnat andswallow a camel. Our brows get wrinkled trying to figure it out, when it really issimple.What is so interesting is that this information in the wrong hands can destroy you ifyour agenda does not meet universally set standards. Christians have been given asense of entitlement that is false. Put it all in Jesus hands – you do not have to beresponsible BECAUSE Jesus paid it all. How broke are you?There is nothing wrong with having things. Most ministers that don’t have anythingpromote poverty because they do not know how to get it themselves, so they talkagainst prospering or being prosperous. And if you are in their line of fire, you aregoing to stay broke and poverty is going to destroy your life. The spirit of poverty’s jobis to make you disappear.A lot of you grew up in the church, I mean the back in the day, tongue talkin’, holyghost walkin’, fire baptized church of Jesus Christ and today CAN’T stand the church!© Church Training Platform
  5. 5. 5Let me segway for a moment and bring something the forefront; Literacy.I am using the definition found at if you want to look it up. Thedefinition they give is….1. the quality or state of being literate, especially the ability to read and write.2. possession of education: to question someones literacy.3. a persons knowledge of a particular subject or field: to acquire computerliteracy.According to the US Department of Education as of 2.20.2012, there are 32 millionadults in the United States who cannot read and 774 million worldwide. That’s right inthis Technically Savvy era, almost 1 billion people worldwide CANNOT READ!!!That means that at least 774 million people have not read the bible, because theycannot read. But, less than 10% of professing Christians who can read ALSO have notread the bible.Question…who comes to steal, kill & destroy?? Since I am pretty sure you got that© Church Training Platform
  6. 6. 6I’m sure you got the answer to that, but just in case you don’t know it is satan who hasthat honor.Now what does all this have to do with the price of tea in china or what I am talkingabout? A lot.You see as long as you are illiterate, you dishonor your God heritage. Just to go tochurch and you never, ever see anything change. Just a little trickle here or there is notGod’s best for us. But to access the goods requires, personal commitment from youwhich goes against what the Christian Church is teaching us oopsss sorry “telling” us.You send your kids to school to receive education, but only 4 hours are required perday for learning. The rest of the times is filled with “fillers”. Recess, breaks, etc.That is how the church does business, with Conferences, meetings and revivals thatdon’t bring change to your life. Theses type functions make the church money, nothingwrong with that, but what changes are you seeing after the meeting. What are theresidual affects.© Church Training Platform
  7. 7. 7Now I know there are many people who would say, oh no God healed me and I havebeen healed ever since and you cannot take that from me. I wouldn’t dare! I am thefirst person to have known and seen the power of God, evidently in my own life so…ifthe life you got is working for you, awesome!But there are many who don’t get it and want to. Who have not experienced greatthings from God and would like to. So let’s get to it!With regard to sowing, many people believe they are sowing but have never seen thefull return on their investment; mainly because they have not yet learned how toidentify a harvest. When it comes it sowing in God’s system, the Harvest CAN beidentified!!Jesus taught sowing to us, using the “the laws of progression” spoken of in Mark 4.26…26. And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into theground;27. And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and growup, he knoweth not how.© Church Training Platform
  8. 8. 828. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, afterthat the full corn in the ear.29. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle,because the harvest is come.Now Let look at this, line by line...And he said, So is the Kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into theground;In the process of sowing the first thing you must do is determine WHY YOU ARESOWING. Once you have done that, you should label your seed by placing on theenvelope which contains your seed, the details of what you are planting.‘THOUGHT’If you were planting in your yard, would you label your seedor just throw it irresponsibly to the ground?© Church Training Platform
  9. 9. 9After you have done this, you place your seed into a ministry that understands sowing.One the will water your seed.‘THOUGHT’God is concerned about widows and the fatherless. FIND ministriesthat you KNOW are giving to these projects OR DO IT YOURSELF!!!It is VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND, not every ministry understands the processof sowing, though they may ask for or receive your seed. It is YOUR responsibility toensure that the ground on which you are planting is prepared to receive your seed.I was speaking at a church one weekend on sowing. There was a woman in the audience who anxiously wanted her lifeto change for the better. She talked with me after the workshop further. The next day she contacted me amazed atwhat had happened in her personal life in just 24 hours. There were others at this workshop who had the same thingshappen – because it is not just about money! Anyway, the Pastor of the church, tried to “preach” about sowing andliterally “killed” the crop that had sprung up in the ministry. Sowing is a skill, not a gift. I am anointed to teach onsowing, tithes, offerings, vows and overall giving. No doubt, I can prophetically help you move your life out of itsnegative cycle. Anyone who knows me knows that. When people get in a tight, they ALWAYS call me, but when thingsget straightened out, they tell me about it and they are gone. Sadly, they never get all God’s got for them. If youdecided to go forward, don’t let your crop die out, sowing is a way of life, when you do it with understanding, you willALWAYS do it - it’s your right. It is a part of your kingship.© Church Training Platform
  10. 10. 10Let’s use a simple scenario to help you understand seed progression as it relates to theKingdom of God. Let’s say there is a debt you owe of $2,000.00, and you want tounitize the system of sowing to clear it up.To begin, you will need...An envelope - on which to begin recording the details of your seedA monetary amount – just to blow your mind, let’s use a penny, yep that’s what I said1 cent!Now you will begin a daily sowing campaign.You can begin this sowing campaign with any amount let’s say you can faithfullycommit to sowing 0.01 cent daily. Each and every sowing envelope you submit shouldcontain the same amount and details.See my example on the next page…© Church Training Platform
  11. 11. 110.01Why am I using this scripture? To jump start your sowing and help yourecognize when you get a receipt. YES, YES, YES you will get a receipt.© Church Training Platform
  12. 12. 12How will you know? Oh you will know, my friend Heaven MUST give you a receipt.Who do you think is in charge of your account? See Phil 4:17No man can keep your account. Of the deeds done of good except The Lord. That iswhy you should not feel ashamed if you do not have a big offering. If all you honestlyhave is a small amount, that small amount shows up big in your account. Let me stayfocused on sowing though…© Church Training Platform
  13. 13. 13Name: Believer JaneDate: 10/11/2012Giving Type: Sowing Amount: $0.01Scripture Reference: Isaiah 55:1Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; comeye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without priceLord, I Thank You for Favor in my life, I am sowing into your Kingdom for the harvest Ihave requested.Above is an example of what your daily sowing envelope should look like. About 2months later, after you begin your daily sowing, you receive a check from yourgovernment for $750.00.Well Hallelujah, but don’t forget about your sowing because you have just received“FIRST THE BLADE” in the sowing progression.© Church Training Platform
  14. 14. 14This is the beginning of the sowing process. It is your proof (receipt) that the Kingdomof God is in receipt of your seed (request). This is a very exciting moment, because youwill see for yourself how the sowing system operates.Okay, back to the $750.00. Remember your request is for $2,000.00 so this is NOT yourharvest.So you take that $750.00, tithe on it, and then place the rest of the monies back intothe same depository that is getting you these results, and continue to faithfully sow0.01 per day.Let’s say about *4 months later, you receive *$1,575.00 from an unexpected source, anold bank account you forgot existed. Hallelujah, the Kingdom of God has done it again,acknowledged an increase by sending... “THEN THE EAR”, but REMEMBER this is NOTyour Harvest.© Church Training Platform
  15. 15. 15This is usually the stage at which most people blow the process. They believe themoney is needed for something else right now. If you do, spend it frivolously, you WILLinterrupt or abort the progression of your harvest. YOU WILL KILL YOUR CROP!If you choose to press on, you will continue your daily sowing of $0.01, you will tithe onthat $1,575.00 check you received and put the rest back into the same soil. Next youget a check from your mom for $2,500.00 for your birthday, a $300.00 bonus from yourjob and $85.00 you loaned a friend 2 years ago. This is “AFTER THAT THE FULL CORNIN THE EAR”.How DO YOU KNOW??!!Let’s call to remembrance your initial request. You have been diligently sowing toreceive $2,000.00 to pay a debt. Can you see your $2,000 in the monies you have justreceived?© Church Training Platform
  16. 16. 16The way to know is this...Once you have tithe, and THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE LEFT exceeds the amount youoriginally were sowing to receive, “THE HARVEST IS COME”. The process will proveitself every time, as long as your heart is sincere. This is a benefit and can be applied toany area of your life.To KNOW if you have your “NATURAL HARVEST”,you must first know how to identify your “SPIRITUAL HARVEST”.You have a Harvest...WHEN YOU CAN SUBTRACT THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT REQUESTED AND THE TITHE.THE HARVEST IS IDENTIFIED BY THE FRUIT.THE FRUIT IS…THE EXCESS AMOUNT AFTER SUBTRACTINGBOTH THE ORIGINAL AMOUNTAND THE TITHE.© Church Training Platform
  17. 17. 17The progression....Harvest Tithe Original Amount Fruit brought forthRequestedDaily Sowing Campaign of $0.01 per dayWe are the only ones, God has created, who are authorized to use His Word in theEarth. We are Kings who rarely, if ever write decrees that protect our borders.Developing daily sowing habits is as easy as developing prayer habits. It is yourrelationship and understanding of your inherent rights in the Kingdom of God that willmanifest the blessing.© Church Training Platform
  18. 18. 18You have been sowing all your life anyway, isn’t it time to do it purposely, expectingresults. Why not allow the Lord to prove this to you, as only He can.REMEMBER: Whether you sow good seed or bad seed you WILL get a Harvest. Learnto sow the good seed naturally and you will see amazing returns…SpirituallyPhysicallyFinanciallyMentallyBlessings!Church Training Platform provides secondary level training in an Churchbased environment. Designed to train in-house and create productivity thatwill engage your membershipFor more information contactchurchtrainingplatform@yahoo.com678-712-4395© Church Training Platform