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Bathroom designs melbourne


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Complete makeovers of your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and wardrobes is our specialty. Your new bathroom renovation, kitchen, or en suite is just a phone call away. Whether you want to renovate, or remodel.

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Bathroom designs melbourne

  1. 1. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In- Home Consultation. Bathroom Renovations Professionally Designed, Built and Project Managed Quality bathroom renovators, smarterBATHROOMS guarantee an amazing finish for your bathroom or kitchen renovation:  Full Interior Design service by qualified designers  Specialist Bathroom and Kitchen Renovator  Guaranteed Completion Date - Or WE pay YOU $100 per day until its done!  See what you will get at our Showroom and Selection Centre - Open 6 days per week.  Superb quality workmanship  10 Day fast-track option.  7 year guarantee on workmanship  10 Year Guarantee on Waterproofing  Detailed, well laid out professional design and itemised costing within a week.  Structural Work  Value for Money Get started on your award winning design today, with Melbourne's largest bathroom renovator. Complete makeovers of your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and wardrobes is our specialty. Your new bathroom renovation, kitchen, or en suite is just a phone call away. Whether you want to renovate, or remodel.
  2. 2. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In- Home Consultation. Design Tips For Your New Bathroom Bathrooms are more than just a room for grooming or for personal hygiene. It is not only for shower, soaking in a tub, or for toilet use. There are some homeowners who put their exercise machine, TV and, and music system in it. The design of the bathroom will depend on you. It is up to you what style you want to incorporate or what amenities you want to include. The important thing in this is that it is functional yet stylish enough that you will want to stay in it. To get more ideas about how to decorate it, read magazines and watch home decorating shows on television. Have a notebook where you can list down your ideas and to store your clippings. By doing so, it will be easy for you to scan and refer to it when the time comes that you have the funds to build your own bathroom. Here are few design tips that you can apply to your future planned space: WALL, DÉCOR, AND COLOR If the walls have soft or earth tones, either choose a dark or light colored floor mats, towels, and curtains. Choose fixtures that have modern touch. You can purchase contemporary accessories from the local stores like de- constructed chandelier, fancy towel holders, and artsy wall decors. If you choose traditional designs, do not incorporate modern-looking fixtures to the conventional items. The room will look better if you will add fresh blooms and scented candles to create a romantic ambience. TILES Tiles can be used for the floor as well as on the lower half of the walls. Choose a bigger-sized for the floor so that there will be less grout lines. This is where most of the dirt hides and it can be hard to keep them clean. You can choose a different size for the walls but you can be creative by laying them either diagonally or you can add a different color or design between two similar tiles. This is a simple way of decorating yet practical for people who are not creative enough to think of ways how to beautify their space. LIGHTING You can choose a natural light or an artificial one. Lighting is utilized to brighten the room or create a mood. If you want to save on electricity, have bigger windows and have a skylight installed. This will bring in natural light and you will get to see the view around your property while you bathe. An artificial lighting can be an overhead light or you can have a few of it installed around the vanity mirror. STORAGE Utilize spaces like the walls or underneath the sink. Have cabinets installed in the wall for linens, towels, and toiletries. The one underneath the sink can be used to store cleaning agents. A medicine cabinet can also be installed over the toilet. Make use of the different resources that you can find around you to help you when you plan for a new bathroom. Read magazines, watch TV shows that are about home decorations, and ask professionals for tips to help you get started with your plan.
  3. 3. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In- Home Consultation. How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger Evenasmallspacecanstillbestunningandfunctional.It requireslessworkbutwouldneedutmostcreativity.This meansthatyouhavetomaximizeeveryinchofthe space.Thereshouldbeareasforstorageaswellasfor thebasicamenitiesthatyouwillneed.Tobeableto achievethese,carefulchoosingiswhatyoushoulddo, fromtheaccessoriesandtothefixturesthatwouldadd charactertotheplaceandalsohavetheconvenienceof abiggerbathroom. Herearesomestepsthatyoucouldfollowwhenyou planforthedesignofyourbathroom:  Decidewhereyouwillplacethelargestfixture. Thiscanbeashowerenclosureorabathtub. Trytoestimateifitwillfittheareawhereyou plantohaveit. Pickingaglassshowerdoorsforthiswillmake thearealookbigger.Ifyouwilluseacurtainor adoor,thevisionofthepersonwhowillgointo theroomwillbeblocked.Whereinifclearor glassdoorsareinstalled,eyeswilltravelfurther totheothersideofthearea.  Shopforatoiletthatisnottoobulkyinsize. Installitwhereitwillnotblocktheentryofthe door.Makesurethatwhenyouopenthedoor, itwillnotbumpintotheedgesofit.  Sinceitisasmallspace,chooselightcolorsfor thewallsandfortheflooring.Ifyouwilloptfor adarkershade,itwillmaketheroomlook moreconfined.Choosepastelcolorsto brightentheambienceorgowithlightearth tonesforaspafeel.Palegreensandblueswill invigorateyouinthemorningsandwillrelax youatnight.Neverpickwallpaperswithbusy patterns.Itcanoverpowerthespaceandmake itappearevensmaller.  Chooseasinkthathasaninstalledcabinet underneathit.Thiscanbeusedtostore toiletriesorcleaningagents.  Haveopenshelvesinstalledonthewall.This willmaketheroomappearbigger.  Amedicinecabinetorashelvingunitcanbe mountedabovethetoilet.Youcanchoosethe onewithmirror.Thisdoesnotonlysavespace butitalsoservetwopurposes.  Havewindowsorskylight.Thiswillbrightenthe roomandyouhavetheoptiontoopenthe windowstolettheairin.Also,ifthewindows arebigandwide,itwillgivetheillusionthatthe bathroomisspacious.  Don’tputtoomuchstuffintheroom. Crowdingitwithunnecessarythingswillmake itlooksmaller. Itcanbequiteachallengetodecoratesmallbathrooms. Althoughyouonlyhavelimitedchoices,youcanstill makeitfunctionalandlookluxurious.Thisiswhycareful choosingshouldbedonewhenyouplanforthelayout, paintcolor,fixtures,andaccessories. Simple Design Tips For Bathrooms The bathroom is as important as any of the rooms in the house. This is a private space for grooming and hygiene purposes. Some homeowners put up music systems, TV, and even their exercise machines. Most people
  4. 4. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In- Home Consultation. consider the room as their resting place. They can unwind in it by taking a hot shower and a bath while listening to soothing music. Renovating it will make it more efficient. Of course you have to consider the aesthetic appeal of it so that it will be inviting to anyone who will be using it, but you also have to give importance to its true purpose. If you plan on redesigning it, determine first the style that you want and the fixtures that you wish to add. Bathrooms come in different sizes and this should be considered when you are in the planning stage.  For the master bathroom, you can make it look luxurious by incorporating everything that you need and you can afford. It should be big since it will include the toilet with bidet, two sinks for his and hers, a separate tub, shower, some spa facilities, and maybe more if your budget will permit it. If there is still more room, move the exercise equipment in there so that before you take a shower, you get to perspire first.  The ones for the kids can be smaller by a quarter than their parents. This will also depend on the number of children that you have. Their own bathroom should be colorful and have plenty of storage spaces for their toiletries, towels, and cosmetics.  The guest bathrooms do not have to be big but it should not also be too small. Here are some more options to help you decide:  Full bathroom- includes the important amenities like the toilet, tub and shower, and sink. The typical dimension for this is 5x8 or you can make it bigger than this.  Half-sized- this is usually placed in the main floor for guests. It only has toilet and sink.  Small type- this has the basics like toilet, sink, and a shower stall. To make the room more efficient, storage spaces will be a great addition. This will save you a lot of room for other important things. Opt for a sink that has a cabinet underneath it. You can store in it the cleaning materials that you often use for the upkeep of the place. You can also have cupboards installed on the walls. These are ideal for towels and some unused toiletries. For the lighting, use a skylight to let in natural light and this is also cost-efficient. Artificial lighting will add mood to the area. It will enhance the ambiance to make it cozier. Add to that the decorations, which will give character to whole room. Designing your own bathroom can be fun. You get to choose the materials to use as well as the layout of the amenities. Do research about this to learn more about the various designs that you could incorporate to your ideas.
  5. 5. Call Smarter Bathrooms now on 1300 66 28 38 to arrange your Free In- Home Consultation.