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  1. 1. JOBS
  2. 2. He is a postman ,he works in the post office, he delivers letters.
  3. 3. She is a secretary, she works in an office, she answers the phone.
  4. 4. He is a doctor, He helps ill people, He works in a Hospital .
  5. 5. He is a Chef, He is good at cooking, he works in a French Restaurant .
  6. 6. He is a Fireman. He puts out fires, and works for the fire brigade.
  7. 7. He is a teacher, he teaches maths, he works in a school.
  8. 8. She is Phoebe Buffay and she is a musician. She is a Good at playing musical instruments ..
  9. 9. He is a tennis player, he plays tennis, he works for the national tennis team.
  10. 10. He is a soccer player, he plays soccer, he works for a famous football team.
  11. 11. THE END