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MPEG-DASH Reference Software and Conformance


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MPEG-DASH Reference Software and Conformance

  1. 1. WE MAKE YOUR VIDEOS FLOW Industry Leading Streaming Solutions DASH Reference Software and Conformance 2014 NAB Show DASH Talks NAB 14 April 8, Las Vegas, NV, USA Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christian Timmerer CIO | bitmovin GmbH & Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
  2. 2. Scope of Reference Software and Conformance • Conformance and reference software of MPEG-DASH serves three main purposes: – validation of the written specification; – clarification of the written specification; and – conformance testing for checking interoperability for the various applications against the reference software which aims to be compliant with ISO/IEC 23009 • ISO/IEC 23009-2: media presentation conformance, test vectors, DASH access engine reference software, sample software Scope 1
  3. 3. Components • Media presentation conformance – MPD validator: xlink, schema validation, add’l validation rules – Segment conformance: check ISOBMFF, M2TS against DASH specification – Dynamic service validator: dynamic updates of the MPD • DASH conformance sequences • DASH access client reference software – libdash: access to information contained in the MPD + schedule download of segments • Sample software – Sample player: utilizes libdash, GUI, manual adaptation logic – GPAC player: integrated player or embeddable DASH engine – MP4Box segmenter: create segments + MPD based on encoded content • Computing Now theme – Recent MPEG standards for future media ecosystems – Components 2
  4. 4. Cloud-based MPEG-DASH Transcoding and Streaming for Broadcast Scenarios • Using scalable & flexible cloud infrastructure • MPEG-DASH representations for mobile devices (320p) up to PC/TV (1080p) • MPEG-DASH playback on multiple devices using HTML5 & Flash clients • Live / Timeshift / OnDemand using the same MPEG- DASH content CLOUD-BASED TRANSCODING & STREAMING MPEG-DASH CLIENTS CUSTOMER PORTAL SHOWCASE  Live  Timeshift  Catchup using EPG Data Cloud-DASH 3
  5. 5. Conclusions • MPEG-DASH Reference Software and Conformance – Comprehensive toolset for conformance testing – Verification and clarification of the written specification • Complementary DASH-IF software tools – Reference client, sample players, sample segmenters and packagers, libraries, manifest and ISOBMFF validator ➪ Conclusions 4
  6. 6. WE MAKE YOUR VIDEOS FLOW Industry Leading Streaming Solutions Bitmovin We make your media flow Bitdash/Libdash bitmovin GmbH Lakeside Science and TechnologyPark Building B01 9020 Klagenfurt Austria | Europe T +43 463 27008747 E| @bitmovin