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MPEG Extensible Middleware Poster


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MPEG Extensible Middleware Poster

  1. 1. Accelerating Media Business Developments with the MPEG Extensible Middleware Acknowledgments: W. Allasia, I. Arsov, W. Bailer, F. Chiariglione, L. Chiariglione, J. Delgado, A. Difino, V. R. Doncel, M. Eber- hard, M. Gauvin, T. Huang, W. Lee, S. Matone, M. Preda, E. Radica, C. Timmerer What if … MPEG Extensible Middleware (MXM) … one does not need to have in-depth knowledge of specific MPEG • A set of APIs to access possibly all MPEG techno- technologies / standards? logies … one is able to start with application/business development as soon • Simple methods to call complex functionalities as some (reference) software becomes available? inside MXM engines • “Thin” applications because the complexity is in … one is able to exchange applications’ underlying (reference) soft- the MXM engines ware with optimized one at no cost? • Replacement of MXM engines with better perfor- ming ones at no cost The MXM Vision • Creation of a global market of MXM Engines, MXM Applications and MXM Devices MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework The MXM Approach “every human is potentially an element of a network in- Standards: around 11 000 pages, 1,5 m high when printed volving billions of content providers, value adders, packag- 1. Creating wrapping libraries, ers, service providers, resellers, consumers ...” they are called engines 2. Opening the engines at ESSENTIAL points only Interoperable DRM Platform (IDP) 3. Documenting the IN/OUT points in another … MPEG stan- … respecting dard: 23006-2 MXM API • creator and rights holders rights to exploit their works • end user wish to fully enjoy the benefits of digital media • various value-chain player interests to provide products and services MPEG Extensible Middleware Current list of MXM Engines • ContentProtocolEngine • LicenseProtocolEngine • ContentSearchEngine • MediaFrameworkEngine • DIAEngine • MetadataEngine • DIDEngine • MPEG21FileEngine • DISEngine • MVCOEngine • DomainEngine • OrchestratorEngine • EREngine • RELEngine • IPMPEngine • RenderingEngine • IPMPToolProtocolEngine • SecurityEngine MXM APIs of each engine divided into… • Creation, e.g., encode a raw audio track, create an MPEG-7 metadata description • Access, e.g., get data from a Digital Item, decode a Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT) video • Editing, e.g., add an elementary stream to a mul- • ITU-T: definition of IPTV infrastructure and components tiplexed content • MPEG: development of enabling technologies for IPTV • Engine-specific, e.g., RELEngine: authorise(license, AIT: a set of Basic Services + protocols and APIs to enable any user in query), LicenseProtocolEngine: requestLicense an AIT value chain to access those services in an interoperable fashion (licenseID, serviceURL) Basic Services: identification, authentication, description, storage, adaptation, posting, packaging, delivery, presentation, interaction, aggregation, management, search, negotiation, and transaction