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HTTP Streaming of MPEG Media

  1. 1. HTTP Streaming of MPEG Media<br />Christian Timmerer and Christopher Müller<br />Klagenfurt University (UNIKLU)  Faculty of Technical Sciences (TEWI)<br />Department of Information Technology (ITEC)  Multimedia Communication (MMC)<br />  <br />STreaming Day, 17thSeptember 2010, Udine, Italy<br />Acknowledgments. This work was supported in part by the European Commission in the context of the ALICANTE project (FP7-ICT-248652). <br />
  2. 2. Outline<br />Introduction / Background <br />What and why HTTP streaming?<br />Related work<br />Use cases, context & scope, requirements<br />Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) <br />Outcome of the MPEG CfP evaluation<br />MPEG DASH prototype in VLC<br />Conclusions and Future Work<br />2010/09/17<br />2<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />
  3. 3. What and Why HTTP Streaming?<br />HTTP Streaming ::= delivery of continuous media + HTTP + consumption w/o downloading the entire content<br />HTTP & TCP not efficient: required bandwidth = 2 xbitrate of media due to TCP overhead<br />Still, HTTP streaming has become a “de-facto standard” on the Internet for two reasons<br />Reasonable Internet connectivity (i.e., in terms of bandwidth for media content) is nowadays available anywhere, anytime, and almost on any device<br />HTTP does not cause any NAT/firewall issues as it is the case with other media transport protocols like RTP/RTSP<br />However, no standard available but …<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Related Work<br />3GPPs' Adaptive HTTP Streaming (AHS)<br />Media Presentation Description (MDP)<br />Extensions to ISO Base Media File Format (ISOBMFF)<br />Adobes' Dynamic HTTP Streaming<br />Flash Media Manifest File (FMF): XML (similar to MPD)<br />F4F file format: MP4 fragment files, i.e., also based on ISOBMFF<br />Apples' HTTP live streaming<br />Well known for quite some time and implemented in the iPhone<br />M3U playlist file which serves as manifest<br />Each media file must be formatted as an MPEG-2 Transport Stream or an MPEG-2 audio elementary stream<br />Microsofts' Smooth Streaming<br />Server manifest file (i.e., SMIL document) and a client manifest file (i.e., proprietary XML document)<br />Smooth streaming format (ISMV) as an extension of the ISO Base Media File Format<br />Open IPVT Forum (OIPF)<br />Published on Sep 7th, 2010 including "HTTP Adaptive Streaming" which adopts 3GPP AHS and adds support for MPEG-2 Transport Stream<br /><br />Low overhead container format for adaptive streaming: alternative to the MPEG family with good performance<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Requirements for HTTP Streaming of MPEG Media<br />Use Cases<br />Emerging applications and contents such as Ultra-HD (UHD) content, 3D video, and interactive 3D<br />Adaptivity concerning different network and device capabilities and conditions<br />Delivery in terms of progressive download, peer-to-peer (P2P), multi-channel (multi-pipe) delivery, and relaying of content<br />Convergence and transparency to content protection<br />Objectives and Scope<br />Efficient delivery of MPEG media over HTTP in an adaptive, progressive, download/streaming fashion<br />Support of live streaming of multimedia content<br />Efficient and ease of use of existing content distribution infrastructure components such as CDNs, proxies, caches, NATs and firewalls<br />Support of integrated services with multiple components<br />Support for signaling, delivery, utilization of multiple content protection and rights management schemes<br />Support for efficient content forwarding and relay<br />Requirements on<br />content, delivery, decoding and presentation support, service control, adaptation, and content protection<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)<br />CfP issued in April 2010 & evaluated in July 2010<br />15 submissions from 20 companies/institutions/universities<br />Submissions received in the following areas<br />Manifest File (MF): Playlist, Media Presentation Description, … mostly XML-based<br />Delivery Format (DF) as extensions/specializations of<br />ISO Base File Format (ISOBMFF)<br />MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS)<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />6<br />
  7. 7. DASH System Architecture<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />7<br />Server<br />Client<br />MF<br />MF<br />DF<br />DF<br />ISOBMFF<br />ISOBMFF<br />easyconversion<br />easyconversion<br />M2TS<br />M2TS<br />Legend:<br />MF … ManifestDF … Delivery Format<br />ISOBMFF … File Format (extensions)<br />M2TS … Transport Stream (extensions)<br />
  8. 8. MPEG DASH Prototype in VLC<br />Extended VLC to support MPD (.3gm) and .3gp/.3gs files<br />Added composition layer on top of MPD based on MPEG-21 DID Choice/Selection<br />Demo video available on<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />8<br />Server<br />VLC<br />Req for CMP<br />CMP download<br />User selection basedon choices in CMP<br />Req for MPD (.3gm)<br />MPD download<br />Dynamic Adaptive Streamingover HTTP based on MPD<br />.3gp/.3gs requests<br />
  9. 9. MPEG DASHPrototype in VLC<br />Open DASH stream dialog<br />feat. MPEG-21 DID<br />Choice/Selection<br />Download CMP file<br />General description<br />Additionaldescription for choices<br />URL for MPD<br />Play .3gp/.3gs files based onMPD (.3gm) <br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />9<br /><br />
  10. 10. Conclusion and Future Work<br />DASH ::= Emerging MPEG standard for HTTP Streaming with wide industry support<br />Timeline<br />Committee Draft (CD): 2010/10<br />Final Committee Draft (FCD): 2011/01<br />Final Draft International Standard (FDIS): 2011/07<br />Currently, evaluation experiments conducted<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />10<br />
  11. 11. Special Session at ACM MMSys’11<br />Special Session on Modern Media Transport<br />Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)<br />Topics<br />Efficient delivery of modern media over HTTP in an adaptive, progressive download/streaming fashion,<br />Support for streaming of live multimedia content,<br />Efficient and ease of use of existing content distribution infrastructure components such as CDNs, proxies, caches, NATs and firewalls;<br />Efficient mapping from existing formats (e.g., MPEG-2 TS, MP4) to delivery formats specifically designed for HTTP streaming.<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />11<br />ACM Multimedia Systems 2011<br />February 23-25, 2011<br />San Jose, California<br /><br />Important Dates<br />Submission: Oct. 22nd, 2010<br />Notification: Nov. 26th, 2010<br />Camera-ready: Dec. 17th, 2010<br />
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention<br />... questions, comments, etc. are welcome …<br />Ass.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christian Timmerer<br />Klagenfurt University, Department of Information Technology (ITEC)<br />Universitätsstrasse 65-67, A-9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA<br /><br /><br />Tel: +43/463/2700 3621 Fax: +43/463/2700 3699<br />© Copyright: Christian Timmerer<br />12<br />2010/09/17<br />Christian Timmerer, Klagenfurt University, Austria<br />