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AVSTP2P: Welcome Message from the Chairs


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AVSTP2P: Welcome Message from the Chairs

  1. 1. iii Welcome Message from the Chairs It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 2010 ACM Workshop on Advanced Video Streaming Techniques for Peer-to-Peer Networks and Social Networking, held within ACM Multimedia 2010, in Florence, Italy. The call for papers attracted 30 submissions (two redirected from the main conference) from Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States of America. The program committee accepted 15 papers covering a variety of topics, all in the context of P2P: Multi-source video distribution; modeling end-to-end delay; piece-picking for layered/scalable content; prefetching and upload strategies; QoE improvements for multiple description video transmission; cache optimization; network coding improving packet jitter; analytical approach to model adaptive video streaming; access control to BitTorrent swarms; group communication with layer-aware FEC; streaming with LT codes; design and evaluation of an optimized overlay topology; APIs and library; Furthermore, George Wright (Head of Prototyping, BBC Research and Development) provides an invited talk entitled “Audio/visual content and metadata delivered over the open Internet using P2P-Next: some experiences from a broadcaster's perspective”. As workshop chairs, we would like to thank all people who have contributed to the success of this workshop: the authors, the invited speaker, the program committee members and all reviewers, the best paper award committee, and the members of the organizing committee of ACM Multimedia 2010. The support of the workshop sponsors is also greatly acknowledged, in particular RADVISION ( for sponsoring the best paper award. We sincerely hope that the carefully crafted technical program we have arranged for, the scientific discussions that the workshop will hopefully stimulate, and your additional activities in Florence, will make your participation worthwhile and a memorable experience. The workshop organizers: Gabriella Olmo Politecnico di Torino, Italy Christian Timmerer Klagenfurt University, Austria Pascal Frossard EPFL, Switzerland Keith Mitchell University of Lancaster, UK General Chairs Program Committee Chairs