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Social Media Week 2013: Tips from the Top


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I recently spoke at Social Media Week 2013 Singapore- at a session called "Tips from the Top" to inspire people who want to build their career in Social Media.

Here's what I shared:

1. Looking Back: The 1 thing I wish I knew when I started my career.
- I should have learnt how to say No.

2. What Makes a Good Social Media Practitioner:
- Be a good sailor
- Don't just ask what is happening ; ask what isn’t happening. Ask the right questions
- Be an architect of value. Explore unusual paths
- The best conversationalists are the best listeners
- My favourite quote from Gattaca: "Never save anything for the swim back"

3. What keeps me going
- Travel
- Family
- Growth

4. Remember to listen to your inner voice and be your own competition

5. What I wish can improve:
- Distinguishing between signals & noise
- Being less myopic

Ending off with this quote from Transformers,
"50 years from now when you look back at your life, don't you want to say you had the guts to get in the car?"

Other great speakers for this session included:

Jamshed Wadia - Asia Pacific Social Media Strategist at Intel (@JamshedWadia)
Rod Strother - Director, Digital and Social Centre of Excellence at Lenovo (@rodstrother)
Gerald Ang - Global Digital Marketing Leader at GE (@geraldang)
Damien Cummings - Regional Marketing Director, Digital & Social Media at Samsung Asia (@damiencummings)
John Kerr - Managing Director, Asia at Zeno Group (@johnkerrnz)
Katherine Liew - Social Media Planner at Arc Worldwide (@katherineliew)

This event was hosted by Simon Kemp, Managing Director of We Are Social Singapore .

Social Media Week 2013: Tips from the Top

  1. 1. MY JOURNEY & MY TIPSChristel QuekGlobal Social Marketing ManagerHavas Media Group
  2. 2. a brief snapshot
  3. 3. L o o k i n g b a c k . . . I s ho u l d ha v e l e a rn t ho w t o s a y “N O ”
  4. 4. you k n ow wha tma k es a rea lly good s o cia l me d ia p ra c t i t i o n e r?
  5. 5. 1. Be a good s a ilo r
  6. 6. 2 . AS K “W ha t is n ’tha p p e n in g ?”a s k t he right q u e s t io n s
  7. 7. 3. b e a n a rchit ect o fv a lu e . exp lo reu n u s u a l p a t hs
  8. 8. 4 . t he b e s tcon v ers a tion a lis ts a re t he b es t lis teners
  9. 9. 5. n ev er s a v ea n yt hin g fo rt he s wi m b a c k
  10. 10. what keeps me going travel family growthchristel quek @ladyxtel
  11. 11. listen to your inner voice & be your own competitionchristel quek @ladyxtel
  12. 12. A s n a p s ho t o f 2 0 12
  13. 13. wha t I wis h ca n imp ro v e :d is t in g u is hin g b e t we e n s ig n a ls & n o is e
  14. 14. wha t I wis h ca n imp ro v e : b e in g l e s s myo p ic
  15. 15. THANK YOUtweet me: @ladyxtel