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The banque de france (by estelle, axel & laura)


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The banque de france (by estelle, axel & laura)

  1. 1. Money and Us
  2. 2. What is Money?-Means ofpayment-Necessar y to buy-Used as a storeof value
  3. 3. Money-How is money created?-The different forms ofmoney.
  4. 4. InflatIon-Value of moneydeclines .-Currency andPrices increase.
  5. 5. The Banque de France -The role of The Ba nque de Fra nce
  6. 6. The Central Bank T he r ole of centr al Banks?
  7. 7. The Eurosystem-What is theeurosystem ?-Theobjective ofeurosystem