Sustainable development marphise, hapsa


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Sustainable development marphise, hapsa

  1. 1. * Definition : Meeting the need of today’s population without harming the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. *
  2. 2. Energy that can’t be replaced once run outRenewable energy sources such as sun andwindthey will never run out *
  3. 3. -Pollution-Pesticides farming-over consumption of electrical energy-carbon emissions from companies
  4. 4. Less water. Melting ice cap.We breath bad air. *
  5. 5. * Treaty of Kyoto: Making countries promise to reduce carbon emissions It made countries use more renewable energy-wind turbines-hydroelectric power-solarUSA DIDN’T SIGN: they said it might cause a decline in theirstandard of living.* Use public transport or renewable biofuels* Recycle* Reduce electrical consumption* Use cycle or walk *
  6. 6. * If we want to protect the future generations we need to keep our planet safe. *