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Loiret nature environnement


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Loiret nature environnement

  1. 1. Projet Ecolycée Lycée en forêt LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  2. 2. Energy Conservation Project• Resources and the risk of depletion• Energy disparities and their geopolitical consequences• Air pollution• Impact on climate• Proposals and alternatives LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  3. 3. Energy Resource and Depletion risk Primary Energy Demand S o u r c e : In t e r n a t io n a l E n e r g y Ag e n c y – w w w .ie a .o r g Coal Petrol Gas Nuclear Power Hydroelectric Biomass Other LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  4. 4. OECD Countries: Germany, Italy Australia Japan Austria Luxembourg Belgium Mexicom Canada Norway Chili New Zealand Korea Holland Denmark Poland Spain Portugal USA Slovakia Finland Czech Republic France United Kingdom Greece Slovenia Hungary Sweden OECD Middle East Ex-USSR Ireland Switzerland Non-OECD Europe China Asia (excluding China) Iceland Turkey Latin America Africa Others IsraelDeveloping countries with strong economic growthPopulation increase (+ 70 % in 30 years)Rapid increase in transport LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  5. 5. Physical limitations Peak Production Depletion Petrol 1st half 2nd half ‘easy’ oil ‘difficult’ production oil production LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  6. 6. Energy Use in France (2003)NuclearElectricityGasPetrolCoal So urce : w w w .n e g a w a t t .o r g LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  7. 7. Regional disparities in energy use2.6 billion people do not have access to modern forms of energy. LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  8. 8. Geopolitical impact of energy disparities1990 : Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the start of the Gulf War 2007 Red carpet treatment of a dictator to get nuclear contracts LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  9. 9. PollutionApril 2010 March 2011Gulf of Mexico oil slick Explosion of the Fukushima nuclear reactor LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  10. 10. Impact on climate LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  11. 11. Global changes observed in 20th century An increase in average global temperatures of 0.74ºC and accelerating! A rise in average sea levels of between 12 and 22 cm LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  12. 12. Global changes observed in 20th century An increase of between 5 and 10% in continental rainfall in the Northern hemisphere and a decrease of approximately 3% of the Mediterranean and North and West Africa A reduction in cloud cover (around -10% since the end of the 1960s) and a retreat in mountain and non polar glaciers LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  13. 13. Predictions for the 21st century Global CO2 emissions Changes in temperature (in millions of tons) (ºC) LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  14. 14. Environmental and human impact LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  15. 15. Climate change and its effect on other global issues LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  16. 16. Energy use in your school LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  17. 17. Solutions? LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  18. 18. The Négawatt option S o u r c e : w w w .n e g a w a t t .o r g LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  19. 19. The Négawatt option Energy Sobriety Sob Energy Efficiency Renewable EnergiesS o u r c e : w w w .n e g a w a t t .o r g LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  20. 20. The Négawatt option S o u r c e : w w w .n e g a w a t t .o r g LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  21. 21. Eco actions! LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  22. 22. Renewable energies LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  23. 23. In the homePassive housing in the Vauban Quarter in Fribourg LYCÉE EN FORÊT
  24. 24. In companies and in towns Vocational training centre FribourgSolar powered building in the Fribourg station quarter LYCÉE EN FORÊT