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Computer amir, amandine


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Computer amir, amandine

  1. 1. What is a Computer ?A computer is a programmable machine
  2. 2. The screen and monitor
  3. 3. The system unit
  4. 4. The printer
  5. 5. The mouse
  6. 6. The hard drive(or disk drive)
  7. 7. Hardware componentsThey are: Disk drives, Screens, Key board, Printer, Motherboard, Chip
  8. 8. Software components They are computerinstructions or programmes
  9. 9. RAM (random-access memory)It refers to read and write memory
  10. 10. ROM (read-only memory)It contains instructions to start up the computer
  11. 11. Mass storageIt is composed of : -Hard disk -CD -DVD
  12. 12. CPU (central processing unit) Its the brain of te computer, where calculations take place . Its the microprocessor
  13. 13. The key board