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Outsource Data Mining Services - Cogneesol


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Cogneesol provides data mining services to help you to know latest trends and make accurate predictions. Many companies with a strong focus on customers, among marketing, retail, communications and financial organizations, avail our data mining services.

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Outsource Data Mining Services - Cogneesol

  1. 1. Data mining process involves extraction of data and related patterns from large volumes of raw data and convert it into useful information to use it for important business decisions. Nowadays, importance of data mining has increased in various businesses sectors like Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing and many more…. What is Data Mining?
  2. 2. Outsourcing data mining services enables business firms to make accurate forecasts and predictions. Many companies with a strong focus on customers, among marketing, retail, communications and financial organizations, avail data mining services. Why Outsource Data Mining
  3. 3. Data Selection Processing Transformation Data Mining Interpretation & Data Evaluation Data Mining Process
  4. 4.  Predict accurate future trends  Understand customer’s wants and needs  Useful in decision making  Generate more profits for companies  Competitor growth analysis and tracking  Market trend monitoring  Fraud detection How Businesses Can Benefit From Data Mining?
  5. 5. Standard Techniques Used Association Regression Clustering Classification
  6. 6. Important Areas Where Data Mining Widely Used  Financial Data Analysis  Retail Industry  Ecommerce  Telecommunication Industry  Intrusion Detection  Health Industry
  7. 7. Detection of money laundering and other financial crimes. Financial Data Analysis
  8. 8. Retail Sector Identifying customer buying patterns and trends to improved quality of customer service and customer retention.
  9. 9. Ecommerce Analyze the customer needs provide better services . This will eventually help to keep former customers and attract new customers.
  10. 10. Super Market To identify loyal customers and to understand the shopping habits of all their customers in order to better target their marketing and promotions.
  11. 11. Telecommunication Industry Recognizing the patterns, detect fraudulent activities, make better use of resource, and improve service quality.
  12. 12. Fraud & Criminal Detection Use Data Mining to assist in detecting money laundering schemes, human smuggling operations, narcotics trafficking, and exposing fraud patterns.
  13. 13. Why to Choose Outsourcing Data Mining Services ? • Savings in operational costs • Top notch Services at affordable rates • Cutting-edge infrastructure • Offer wide range of services • 24 hours support service • Strong policies for audit of quality • Data mining professionals with extensive experience • Automated data extraction, data collection and data capture processes
  14. 14. Cogneesol Pvt. Ltd. 12648 Agave Bay St Victorville, CA 92392, USA Contact Number: +1 646 688 2821 Website: