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My life!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1.  I loved these books because they made me go night night my mother loved to read and to see me because sooner or later my going mom would be going back to the army it wasn’t so fun she was gone for three years..
  2. 2.  After kindergarten we moved to Arlington Texas into a town house
  3. 3.  I loved this book sometimes I would cry if I haven’t had it read to me I’m spoiled right.
  4. 4.  My nana knitted me a quilt when I was still in my moms tummy I can not sleep without it and if I didn’t I would my nana would say its just a blanket why are you crying I would say because I love it and she made it for a very special reason I love my nana!!!!!!!!!
  5. 5.  I loved this t.v show I still do I don’t care what my friends think of me I still have the whole series at my nana’s house.
  6. 6.  I loved going to it every day as I grew up it helped me grow as a child I am this day as I should say I my oppinion
  7. 7.  This was my first elementary it name was gandy I loved it so much!!!!
  8. 8.  I love this school even if their drama I still love it because its a loveable school everyone can be mean and nice so thats how it goes
  9. 9.  Ive been through a lot but I would never but it on my friends or family this all you have to know about me I’m a nice girl I am helpful and I care about you more than you think I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!